Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TGX 12/Cos X & M1 4G Launch @Paragon

7th, 8th & 9th Sept, 2012 ~ The annual TGX(The Games Xpo) was back & came with it, the cos-play competition known as Cos X. Movie Mania was managing the Cos X cos-play competition & as an ad hoc staff of Movie Mania, I was there as an event girl.

Army of Me @TGX 12/Cos X


Valkyrie @TGX 12/Cos X

On the first day, I was in my soldier costume, the second day as a Valkyrie & on the third day, back to being a soldier girl.

On Guard

Army Event Girl

Valkyrie In Action

The cos-play contest kicked off on the second day with the anime category. The participants pull out all the stops & the level of standard of their costumes was very high, giving the judges a hard time deciding the winners.

Cos-play competition, anime characters category.

Winners of the top 3 prizes.

Rocky as Guan Yu won the first prize for the anime characters category. He's very good, very dedicated to cos-playing & as one of the judges put it, Rocky brings out the spirit of the characters he portrayed perfectly. We were so happy for him. He & his wife, Merlin are good friends of my guy & me. Our congratulations to Rocky!

Top image: Rocky with the second & third prize winner.
Bottom image: Rocky with his wife, Merlin & me.

Beside helping out with the cos-play competition, what were my tasks as an event girl @Cos X? Help promote Movie Mania & their future events, hanging around with cos-players/costumers & basically, running around cam-hogging! LOL! =P

With Rocky as Guan Yu & Punisher.

With cos-players & contestants.

Posing with event/booth girls.

On stage with cos-players.

With cos-play contestants.

Being a busybody at other booths. =P

Sitting on & making a stand with static displays.

On the third day is the cos-play competition for the game characters category & amazingly, the level of standard for costumes went up another notch!

Contestants trying to impress the judges. 

Two of the biggest costumes at the contest, an Armored Core robot & the Mistress of Pain from the game, Diablo III.

When Mistress of Pain made her appearance, the amazed looks with the 'wow' of the crowd(me included) & the judges were apparent. The handiwork done on that costume was awesome! And also, the contestant wearing that fabulous costume did really carry it off very well. No doubting who will be the winner here.

Contestants waiting for the results.

Consolation prize winners.

3rd & 2nd prize winners.

And the 1st prize goes to...

So obvious that Mistress of Pain will walk away with the grand prize & not satisfying with that even, she tried to charm away one of the judges by biting him on the neck. =P

A line-up of cos-play contestants.

An impromptus occurrence at the event was when Movie Mania cos-players/costumers & cos-play contestants were invited by the M1 booth next to us to join them in an Oppa Gangnam Style dance performance. We weren't prepared, but tried as best as we could.

Oppa Gangnam Style dance at TGX 12/Cos X.

Oppa Gangnam Style participants at M1 booth @TGX 12/Cos X.

In closing this entry & as a fan service, I'm enclosing a few more pics of me in my costumes as an official event girl @TGX 12/Cos X. =P

An Army of Me

Combat Ready

Flight of The Valkyrie!

Viking's Dream

Soul Collector 

15th Sept, 2012 ~ Just a week after TGX 12/Cos X, Movie Mania was engaged to do a costumes appearance by the organizer for the M1 4G Launch @Paragon & they didn't told us that they wanted us to do the Oppa Gangnam Style dance again. They must had being impressed by our crowd-drawing Oppa Gangnam Style dance performance at TGX 12/Cos X the previous week. =P

Movie Mania cos-players/costumers at M1 4G Launch @Paragon.

Movie Mania female cos-players/costumers wooing the crowd.

Oppa Gangnam Style at M1 4G Launch @Paragon.

A line-up of Movie Mania cos-players/costumers.

Note: Need cos-players or costumers to liven up your events? Visit MovieMania FaceBook page at: https://www.facebook.com/moviemania.com.sg

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At Friday, December 14, 2012 12:15:00 AM, Anonymous Amanda said...

Shame on me, I never comment in here :/
I love love LOVE the Army of You photo shooting!! If I was the enemy I would surrender haha~ ♥

At Thursday, May 02, 2013 9:27:00 AM, Blogger Preston said...

Love your look. Fabulous.

At Monday, September 09, 2013 3:20:00 AM, Blogger Spyridon Kakouris said...

Seems like a great event. Hope I can catch it next time I am there ;)


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