Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How my nick 'hengbok' comes about.

행복 (Full of Happiness) by H.O.T (disbanded)

Whenever people see my nick, they will ask, what does hengbok mean or why hengbok?
It all began back in 1996 when a Korean pen-pal introduced me to her favorite Korean boy band - H.O.T when they were just releasing their first top hits album.
Initially, she sent me pictures of them, till one day she mailed me their 3rd album - Resurrection.
Was quite surprised, but thought it would be pretty interesting experience listening to some foreign music. After listening, it was like "Hey!!! They sound not bad! Pretty good in fact!"
Love the beat and the rhythms. Hang the lyrics which I don't understand a single word! For a period of time, I kept listening to that particular album every moment of my life, even when sleeping.

Then come internet access. First thing I did was to search for H.O.T and guess what?!? Stupid search engine leaded me to sex sites as I was an internet noob at that time. ("-__-)
I was screaming in frustration, irritated & annoyed!
Really was impatient with enthusiasms to check out my favorite band! *screams*
Later, still a internet virgin, I managed to have a few cyber glimpse of them. Despite the fact that most sites were in Korean back then, which I couldn't understand a tiny weeny bit, I was thrilled.

I also got to know quite a number of H.O.T fans from Singapore and even Malaysia. Somehow, I got close to a few girls from KC - Andrea, Joey, Peggy & Corrine. Ah... those were the days of the crazy five.
We were so wild over H.O.T that whenever we met up, we imitated H.O.T dance moves. Hehe...
In retrospect, we look pretty dumb although at those time, we thought we are sooooo cool! :P
We went around sharing the stuffs which we have collected (too many to be listed & they're all jumbling around in my head *rolleyes*).
After a while, after the crazes was over, we lost contact. I wonder if they still remember me. :)
Not forgetting my friend (kor kor) from Malaysia.
An ice-hockey player in Malaysia, Team: Inferno Ice if I remember correctly. He too, is a fan of H.O.T & so coincidental that I also love ice-skating. Hah! I got to say... I'm really good at ice-skating... on my butt! Haaaa...

Anyway, that's how my nick happened.
Comes about from my love affair with Kpop songs, especially H.O.T.
There's a song in one of their album titled 'Hengbok' which mean happiness in English. It's one of my favorite & when registering a nick on the internet, I love to use hengbok.
Still do as I'm quite nostalgic for those happy carefree crazy days.
Have yet to get over Korean pop songs.
Am still listening to them and they remain as my favorite songs.
I am hengbok, hengbok is me! Hengbok me Forever!


At Thursday, March 22, 2012 10:29:00 PM, Blogger chester said...

oh, i noe what is hengbok. wish u hengbok always :D


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