Monday, October 04, 2010

The Polar Hamster

The rare Polar Hamster is a white fur animal looking like a slim miniature polar bear. Not very much is known about this mysterious animal, except that it loves living in very cold habitat. Of the few rare sightings within its natural environment, the Polar Hamster is usually seen in the company of other mystical creatures. Scant knowledge of the Polar Hamster is due to its very shy & secretive nature. It detest human contact, always hiding away when there is imposing human intrusion. To survive the omnipresent of people in this world, the Polar Hamster had developed an unique trick. It had the magical power to transform itself into a human being of any gender, thus hiding itself within the human population without being detected.

The Polar Hamster & mystical friends

And surprise of surprises, on Saturday, 3rd of October 2010, a Polar Hamster was sighted in a hot & humid tropical zone as she makes an appearance @Kallang Ice World, an ice-skating rink at Leisure Park Kallang! It isn't the first time this Polar Hamster is sighted at that place. Not surprising as she loves the cold & ice-skating, reminding her of her natural home far away to the North.

Playful Polar Hamster!

The only clue to her actual identity of a Polar Hamster is a white fur cap with paws & she was accompanied by 2 pretty friends.

Polar Hamster with friends

As usual, with her out-of-this-world image, the Polar Hamster attracts fans wherever she goes & not surprising that a pair of very cute Korean twins attached themselves to this Polar Hamster, wanting her to join them when they go ice-skating again.

Cute Korean Twins with Polar Hamster

A note of interest: The Polar Hamster magical ability to change gender is very confusing to human as anyone who studied this Polar Hamster can tell you. It is referred as a 'she' in this entry cos it had chosen to portrayed itself as a female human. When she was first sighted locally, many within the regional communities couldn't agreed on her true gender. Adding to the confusion, early poor quality photos of this Polar Hamster appeared to be a male. This might also be a deliberate joke created by the secretive & shy Polar Hamster to muddled her identity to deter pesky human, especially narrow/shallow-minded people. In recent years, with better photos as proofs, this Polar Hamster is definitely a natural female. However, doubts still remains in many people who couldn't understand anything out of their conservative & constrained mindset or refused to accept the Polar Hamster non-conformist ways of life. Up to this day, the gender of this Polar Hamster is still a perplexity to many locals, commonly among the guys & there's an on-going, never-seem-to-end debate on her true sex. Never underestimate human stupidity, is all I can say.

Nikita Hengbok, The Legendary Polar Hamster

An amusing message from the cute Polar Hamster herself.

Worship me & we'll get along just fine! xD



At Tuesday, October 05, 2010 3:06:00 PM, Anonymous Personal Trainer Singapore said...

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At Wednesday, October 06, 2010 2:21:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

The trouble is, I cannot go "Ngiakkk!" (if that's how you spell it) to do any worshipping. In fact I think you may be the only one. When you made that sound it was like there was some sort of toy squeaker inside you, and you just let it go at full volume. Maybe you swallowed one as a small girl (or small boy - whatever), and it's still there inside, perhaps wedged into your windpipe, ready for you to give people a loud surprise at a moment's notice. I bet if you came up behind them, you could really make someone jump!

But wait, maybe the squeak was actually a sound effect you added to the video? That sound barely seems humanly possible to me, but I know you to be a hamster of many surprises (stilt walking Queen, Chinese opera star, spooky human mannequin, and an astronaut too I think), so maybe it was real. I would never underestimate you, that's for sure.

It was a very cute and amusing video regardless, though I think it could have even more surprise effect if you did a fast zoom-in on your image just as you do the squeak. It was also interesting to hear you speaking. I don't think I've heard you speak since your equally cute Pocky video. The two action shots of 'Playful Polar Hamster' are good too, especially the second. I definitely want to see those on Flickr! And now my closing message to you:


Nope, still can't do it sorry…

At Tuesday, December 07, 2010 9:11:00 PM, Anonymous Nathq said...

Ngiak ^_^


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