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Licence 2 Play

Yes, I know I haven't update my blog for way too long, about a month to date. My life had been way too hectic lately. Packing, getting rid of unwanted stuffs & moving home. Unpacking, tidy up & systematizing my room. I couldn't imagine how much stuffs I'd accumulated over the years. Threw away about 50 big trash bags of nonsense. I'm a junk collector! LOL! =P
At the same time, I got a new job with different tasks to learn. And in-between all that, was engaged for events, participated in training & rehearses for upcoming events. Here's one of those events...

29th/30th May, 2010 ~ For 2 days, with fellow costumers, I was with Movie Mania which had a booth at the Licence 2 Play(L2P) exhibition which was held at Singapore Expo. The exhibition was mainly meant for games & toys, but half of the booths were of electronic companies selling computer stuffs.


As usual, online gaming & computer thingies always draws crowd or it might be due to the immensely popular Food Fair which was held at the same time just a few halls away. Nation of geeks/nerds & food lovers we had become. xD

Crowd @L2P

Toys, Games & Gaming Competition

At Movie Mania booth, we had more than our fair share of attention from the crowd whose cameras were clicking non-stop & also when we took a walkabout. Weirdoes always draw attention & weirdoes in fancy costume are top in anyone awareness. Crave for some attention? Join Movie Mania, wear a fancy costume & you got it! LOL! =P

Non-stop cameras clicking @Movie Mania

And you will definitely gets more exposure when you goes on-stage like what some of the Movie Mania members did @L2P.

Theme Terminator by Movie Mania ~ Saturday, 29th May

Street Fighters staged by Movie Mania ~ Sunday, 30th May

As the theory goes, camhogs like me are always attracted to the center of attention or perhaps it's the other way around that I'm a magnet which attract cameras making them goes auto non-stop clicking? That can be say of many members of Movie Mania too. LOL! =P

Below are proofs of me camhogging with fellow costumers... xD

From left to right, top to bottom: T-600(Reno), T-600(Patrick), Clone Trooper, Wolverine(Rocky)

From left to right, top to bottom: 1st pic ~ Resistance Fighter(Howie), T-600(Patrick), Red Army(Rocky). 2nd pic ~ HALO warriors Edwin & Tim. 3rd pic ~ A Family of Bats. 4th pic ~ Chinese General(Rocky)

From top to bottom: Wolverine(Rocky) & Freddy Krueger(Howie). An Army of 2(Tim & Roy). Warcraft & Predators.

And the Femme Fatales of Movie Mania...

From left to right: Sue(Resistance Fighter & Chun Li) & Janice(Sakura)

Beside the camhogging, we have our hilarious moments too. We should have done an epic movie, a parody. xD

Mania Epic Movies ~ Freddy Krueger Goes to College. Guns & Claws. Kitty Vendetta. Spiderman vs Terminator. Sex Laws of HALO.

Went camhogging with other vendors as well. Showgirls & mascots are definitely camhoggers or they won't be in this line of work! xD

Angel Bear, Roller Blade Angel, Starcraft Girls & Darth Vader

I had a funny moment with Elaine Yuki, a Starcraft promo girl from Blizzard. When we first saw each other, we had the same thought. We walked towards one another, point at & simultaneously saying exactly the same words to each other... "Can I take a photo with you?" We both paused & replied the same reply: "I asked you first!" And we had a little friendly argument of who asked who first & laughed at ourselves for speaking like bimbo clones. xD

Elaine(left), Me & another Starcraft promo girl

She's so cute & pretty ain't she? Well, they all are, but in my opinion, Elaine is the cutest & prettiest among them. Those Starcraft promo girls at the Blizzard booth were very popular with the crowd, especially with guys. All hoping for a pic with them to show off to their fellow geeks/nerds at the first opportunity & no doubt, loves the envious looks from their peers. LOL! xD
And Movie Mania members were not immune to the charm of those Starcraft promo girls too.

Starcraft Movie Mania

(OMG! That reminded me of something! I'm supposed to email those pics to Elaine & a month had past already! ARRRH! She's gonna kill me! I hope she's not mad at me for being so late in giving her the pics...)

Anyway, we had lots of fun at the event. In closing, 2 group pics of the cast of Movie Mania @L2P.

Movie Mania@L2P



At Saturday, July 03, 2010 3:37:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Yay, you're back again! I missed you. I figured you were busy, and it looks like you were. Good luck with moving all your junk to the new place. Threw out 50 bags of nonsense but probably still got another 50 left eh? Ha ha. Good luck with the new job too of course.

Yet again you're looking adorable in your kitty ears. Why do you do this to me? Always driving me wild with the kitty ears. At first I thought you'd forgotten your tail, but now I think I can see a bit of it in a few pics . Hope I'm not imagining it! I don't think I've seen kittycat schoolgirl with white boots before. They're gorgeous, and the stockings with little hearts on are cute! You look fab in this outfit, and I hope you enjoyed all the staring you must have got. You deserved every bit of it and I only wish I'd been there. Keep on camhogging!

Talking of camhogging, perhaps you've met your match in Elaine? Sounds a bit like it from your amusing 'bimbo clones' description, both wanting to pose with the other right away. I agree, she's cute and pretty. She has lovely eyes but I especially like her gorgeous hairstyle. I like the fringe and the way her hair goes up at the back, which is both elegant and sexy, like her name. Yikes, do you think she'll be reading this? *blush*

Sue and Janice are beautiful too. Sue looks great as the Resistance Fighter and I would seriously join that movement right away. I don't care what we're fighting; alien invasion, zombies, mutant spiders… anything she wants me to resist, I'm with her. She also looks good as Chun Li fighting on stage. I hope her martial arts was up to scratch, to fit the part! I don't actually know the Street Fighter characters very well as I haven't played the game; I've only seen the movie with a cute Kylie Minogue in it. I've played some Dead Or Alive on the Xbox though.

You also have a spicy black police outfit I see. Very arresting (ho ho). Is that an illuminated strip on your cap? It looks like it. And more saucy boots too… oh goodness. Did you get people asking what film character you were? As far as I know, you were just being your normal fabulous and unique self - but feel free to correct me if there's more to your outfits than I realized!

As usual I'm looking forward to seeing bigger pics of everything on Flickr. I hope you've finally got around to sending pics to Elaine now. How could you forget? I've got my fingers crossed that she's not mad at you, because I want you to star together in a film called Bimbo Clones From Outer Space. I'm working on the screenplay now. Sure-fire hit!


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