Friday, July 09, 2010

CosFest 2010 @Downtown East

Sunday, 4th July, 2010 ~ CosFest, an annual cos-play event & Singapore biggest was here again last weekend. As before, the event was held at DownTown East & this year, it featured the launch of a new Predator movie ~ Predator Femme Fatale.

Predator Femme Fatale

Hahahaa... I am only joking. xD
The fact is, I went to CosFest 2010 in a new costume, cos-playing as Machiko, a female character from the comic series of Aliens Versus Predator published by Dark Horse Comics. At CosFest, I was asked many times what character I was cos-playing. Here are some info about Machiko, the She Predator. Machiko Noguchi is a 22nd century human female who lived & hunted as an honorary member of the Predator species. She became a She Predator after befriending & helps a Predator elder, Broken Tusk in fighting a horde of Aliens. In the ensuring battle, she gains the respect & admiration of Broken Tusk who 'bloods' her with the mark of his clan. Thereafter, Machiko was accepted as a member of a Predator clan, hunting alongside them for several years. Very skilled & deadly to both Xeromorph & Predator alike, Machiko later returns to settle among humans.

She Predator Machiko

Some of the geeks & nerds who are into the sub-culture of Predator will remark that my costume is not accurate. But who cares about accuracy in a non-exsitence subject anyway? With some imagination, I applied artistic license & came up with my own version of Machiko.

Hengbok version of Machiko, the She Predator

She Predator arrived at CosFest about 2 pm accompanied by a few tough characters & security team from Movie Mania. No one will dare mess with you when you have friends like these. xD

My tough companions

My security team of SWAT & Marines

What do you do at a cos-play event? Have fun taking lots of pics with other friendly cos-players of course!

With the Star Wars team & a Golden Palm Tree?

Cute boy & girl with macho men.

Ghost Buster Team & Female Ninja

And my favorite of them all is of course a member of my clan, a baby Predator! Isn't he cute? LOL! xD

Baby Predator & Hamster Predator xD

As we hunted other cos-players for pics, there are many other hunters stalking us. At such event, there are usually more predators than preys. Semi-circles of camera-carrying, photo-capturing predators surrounding a helpless cos-playing prey are typical scene.

Surrounded by Predatory Clickers

We were so busy taking pics with other cos-players & posing for photographers that I didn't noticed much going-on at the event. I'd been to past CosFest a few times & this year's was no different. The usual lines of booths selling all sort of anime merchandise were there & so was the annual cos-play competition too.

Cos-play competition & the Winners

Stage display of cos-players

We had fun at CosFest 2010 & left at around 6.30 pm. Looking forward to attend the next one. What will I be cos-playing then? Tune in next year for the answer! xD

How about a MacNinja? =P

My sincere thanks goes to Reno, founder of Movie Mania for providing the materials & the loan of the Predator helmet, gauntlets & shoulder armor. Also thanks to Movie Mania team of Tim, Edwin & Sam for providing assistance in the production of the props. Special gratitude goes to my soulmate for doing such a superb job of making & painting those awesome props.

More & bigger pics will be up in my Flickr album.



At Friday, July 09, 2010 1:02:00 AM, Anonymous Garfield said...

no sailormoon at there?

At Friday, July 09, 2010 1:05:00 AM, Blogger Nikita Hengbok said...

RE: Garfield @ Friday, July 09, 2010 1:02:00 AM


At Friday, July 09, 2010 4:09:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

I remember a human female fighting with a Predator in the film Alien vs. Predator, and getting 'blooded' by him. From what I see on Wikipedia, her name was Alexa Woods and it sounds like the film took the idea from the comics. Anyway, that's quite an outfit you've got on and I wouldn't mess with you even if you didn't have your Movie Mania security team with you. I'd especially steer well clear of that pitchfork you've got attached to your right gauntlet, as it looks rather mean and pointy. You really need to be careful how you shake hands when you've got that thing on eh? The gauntlets and shoulder armour look great, and the necklace makes a striking feature. Also, I don't think anyone's going to forget those braces in a hurry, nor all that fishnet business. Gotta say, you look much better in fishnet than any Predator ever did! Love the picture of you surrounded by the Predatory Clickers. Hengbok in her natural element, heh heh. Lots of other nice pics here too; the first two in the 'She Predator Machiko' panel especially. Both good poses, well shown. I'm wondering what that lettering says on your top though. Maybe 'Femme Fatale PREDATOR'?

At Tuesday, August 24, 2010 11:50:00 PM, Anonymous Edwin said...

Seems you had a lot of fun.
I think you should have won any and every prize available (with exception of the 'male character' category of course)


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