Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Story of the 'Mornach Moisture Oil’

It happened at a retail shop at Clarke Quay Central on Tue, Jul 22, 2015 evening 6-ish.

Friend bought some stuff from a shop called Mapleaf, paid for it, received change and left. I was on my way to meet her and bumped into her mid way and she grabbed my hand and said, “we got to go back to the shop right now.” I followed her without question, then I realised friend actually received a change of SGD55, the amount that she paid for.

Upon reaching the shop, the cashier was still searching up and down fanatically around the cash drawer like she’s looking for something very important. Friend immediately called her & returned her the cash. Cashier was so thankful that she kept telling us what happened and how panicked she was wondering why her money went missing.

We left in relieve that friend returned cashier the money that was wrongly given to her. Just seconds after we left, the cashier ran after us and still thanking non-stop with 2 bottles of ‘moisture oil’ to give friend as a gesture of gratitude and to take them as souvenirs. Friend was really firm telling her there’s no need for her to do that as she has already accepted all her ‘thanks’. But cashier insisted that she must accept and placed them right into friend’s shopping bag and moved quickly back to her shop. Friend gave me a bottle.

I’m really proud what friend has done in all honesty, thoughtfulness and big heart, thou I was just a bystander witnessing what happened.

I love you my dear special friend, Tata. ❤️

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