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Cosplay & Movies

Hi everyone! Since it's been a long time I updated my blog, I'm going to compress a number of entries into one long memo. No... I'm not being lazy, just too busy. =P

Due to a flame thread against me in a certain cosplay forum, my blog won't be featuring much cosplayers till I identify who are neutrals, friends or foes. That thread is full of groundless allegations, prejudices & slanders. Most of the flamers are brainless kids, gutless keyboard warriors, emos, no-lifers or envious girls. Their lives are so full of miseries that they always try to ruin someone else's. The thread starter herself is a mental case with a huge inferiority complex, full of enviousness & hatred of just about anything. Age 21, a wannabe playground queen, whose followers are easily manipulated kids. She even tried to get me by pretending to be the official representative of another forum & was warned off by the management. Her boyfriend is another nut case. At the age of 27, he still wanna be a king of playground bully, a hooligan who always threaten to beat up anyone who don't agree to his point of views.
I suspected, with the lynch mob mentality in that forum, many who wanna try cosplaying had been driven out. With selfish, narrow & shallow mindsets, those losers are not contributing to the expansion of local cosplay community. Their only ability is, preventing/discouraging anyone who might have the potential to be better than them from cosplaying, in order to preserve their own status. With such idiots around, the cosplay community will remain stagnant. In fact, they already created a very negative impression of cosplayers to the public. A bunch of juvenile delinquents, bashing anyone who don't follow their warped ideology. Those imbeciles will be the death of cosplaying.
Many of my friends came to know of that flame thread. They said I'm getting popular. LOL! Some even show support by accompanying me to cosplay events. I appreciated their support, kind words & encouragements. Thank you, my friends!
So, I'm ignoring those flaming losers & still attending cosplay events. Their tactic may deter others, but not me!

9th/10th Aug. 2008 ~ WCG/Coscon.
Event was held at SunTec City for 2 days.

Gamer Girl! xD

Many racing games & real racing cars were featured as there's a F1 craze going on locally due to the new F1 racing track been build.

F1 Girl! =P

Racing Mascot? xD

Took a few photos together with people from Movie Mania, a club whose members are devoted to dressing up as characters from action or sci-fi movies. They called themselves, costumers, which I don't think have any differences from cosplayers. In my opinion, they are more mature & with professional discipline. Coolest bunch at the event!

Movie Mania's members

During the visit, a Predator wanna enslave me! I talked him out of it & show him a prettier slave. He bought it, lock, chain & Princess Leia! xD

Snare by a Predator!

Slave Mistress

Enslaving Predator

The role of the Predator was played by Reno, the founder of Movie Mania. Initially, I was offered the role of Princess Leia, but I declined. I believe that girl who played Princess Leia is better suit. She was the star of the event drawing much attention, including from the media.
Went back the next day as I was told that Movie Mania members will be in their Star Wars costumes. Arrived late & managed only to captured Boba Fett with sexy Princess Leia.

Cool Boba Fett & Hot Slave Leia

31st Aug. 2008 ~ Matsuri @ Vivo City.
A low-key cosplay event. I went because an ex-primary school classmate of mine wanna check out the local cosplay scene. Quite disappointing. Stay for about an hour plus before we went our separate ways.

Month of July & August ~ Movie Spree!
Going to the cinema 5 times within 2 months is quite a lot for me. Seldom watch movies in cinema nowadays as there wasn't much good shows. My preference in movies lean towards action, sci-fi or war movies. However, most time, when watching those movies, I dunno what's what or what's going on, till later, after much inquiring to my companion who is resigned to be prepared with after-movie explanations. But I'm a just a cute innocent hamster girl! What do I know about sinister plots, fighting, weapons & big badaboom?!? Still, I love those movies with big badaboom! Hahaha... xD

Camera! Lights! Action!

A brief summaries of my opinions of these movies:
Batman ~ Quite a nice movie, but the character of Batman was quite disappointing to me. If he had rammed his bike into Joker, I would be delighted. So obvious that the Joker wasn't just a ordinary criminal. He's an incurable psychotic murderer, so just let him have it when you have him in your sight. Yep, I'm quite the anti goodie-hero type. =P

HellBoy ~ Overall, the sequel is not very impressive when compared to the first movie. Although the plot have a few strange plot flaws, it's still quite entertaining. Guess there will be a third follow-up as Liz is pregnant with twins. Hmmm... what will the babies look like?

The Mummy III ~ It's quite sad that the third movie is a jumbled up mess as the first two are quite decent. The good guys are quite clueless when it comes to important matter, like stopping the baddies. Just need to blow up that flimsy bridge linking to Shangri-La or if all else failed, blow up the pagoda which the Eye of Shangri-La need to sit in order to find the Terracotta Army. The baddies will be up the creek without a paddle! Hahaha...! Evil hamster me! xD Well, I suppose there's gonna be a fourth try as the ending hinted with Jonathan going to South America.

Journey to The Center of The Earth ~ I guess this movie will only appeal to audience of youngsters and the easily impressed. It's more of a theme park ride rather than an epic action-adventure movie. Good special effects, that's all I can comment about this movie. Nothing sensational.

I love animation movies too & finally, comes the eagerly awaited animated film, Wall•E! In my opinion, it's the best movies of the year! It's a Mac movie after all! Am so delighted to hear the start-up chimes of Mac when Wall•E completed recharging & Eve is so iMac, white & sexy! Was thrilled to see Wall•E watching the repeating video off an iPod with a huge magnifier! And Macintalk of AUTO is so Mac! I'm so crazy over this movie that I changed my MacBook desktop picture & some applications' icon to Wall•E theme. xD
Kowtow to Pixar for producing a GREAT movie! Wall•E is soooooo cute, adorable, brave & full of jazz for everything. Love Eve for her confidence, fierce loyalty & determination. What I really love is how they both sounded. Robotic chirps and whistles, but so full of expressive emotions! My companion was really amused when I tried imitating their sound while in cinema & after the movie. An electronic hamster?!? Hahahahaaa! =P


My Cutie Wall•E!

Robotic Love

Hilarious Robots

I'm so crazy in love with Wall•E & Eve that I bought toys of them even before watching the movie. xD

Wall•E Diorama figures

Wall•E & Eve

Bigger toys of Wall•E & Eve

Buying some of those toys from Toy'R'Us got me a free poster. It's up on the door of my wall closet. Was slightly damaged by my dad when he tried to put it up again when it came loose while I'm not around. Arrrrrr.....!!! Sob, sob!

Wall•E Poster

I am so in love with Eve & Wall•E! xD


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