Monday, March 10, 2008

10,000 BC

8th Mar. Saturday - Sometimes when choosing to watch a movie, I ignore totally whatever reviewers or critics wrote about it. I mean, we're all individual, no? What others may like or dislike might not be mine. Reviewers... bet many are wannabes of famous movie critic. Most time, I'm selectively blind to their words. And critics are supposedly harsh to whatever comes their way. I suspected that even if a genie gives one of those critics a wish, bet that critic will even write harsh comments about that genie... & of his own wish! Or if the world is ending, critics will proclaim that it's ending the wrong way or whatever... Bleah! =P

So, despite all the bad reviews about the movie 10,000 BC, I went & watch it. Glad I did coz I love it! This is how I feel about the movie & couldn't care less about what others said. You can keep your opinion to yourself. xD

10,000 BC movie poster

Got my tickets at Golden Village cinema at Plaza Singapura. Before the movie started, I wandered down to basement 2 & saw an eatery selling sausage. Drool... love sausages... am such a sausage person(no dirty jokes please!). So at Bratwurst Shop, I tried out their Spicy Beef & Pork sausage. Bought a set which comes with soft drink & soup. Love their minestrone soup, lots of veggies in it. The sausage came in a toasted roll with mustard & sauerkraut... YUMMY! xD

Me & my yummy sausage meal

Tummy filled, went up to the cinema & encountered a saber-toothed snarl. Oh... nice little kitty is hungry! xD


Movie started... screen shots time!

Prehistoric romance Hollywood style

Historical inaccuracies... who cares...

Prehistoric Terrors!

One thing in any action movies which make me rolling my eyes are rescue scenes... why the hell must they stop & talk immediately after rescuing the victim/prisoner?!? C'mon man... the enemies are nearby & time is crucial! Hey you stupid movie director, not enough work for script writers is it?!? In any crucial moments, your bloody hero/heroine ALWAYS have to pause & talk!?! STFU & run, sneak away, hide or do something useful instead of yacking away like some @#$%!* idiots! Your stupid heroes/heroines deserve to die! Historical inaccuracies, fine... Stupidity, NOT GOOD! Hahaha! I'm over reacting, but still, I hate it when they pause & yack, yack, yack! =P

Other than those stupid rescue scenes, I love the movie. Historical inaccuracy be damn! You want historical accuracy? Go watch a documentary. Yayaya... I know the trek that goes from freezing mountain to humid jungle to dry hot desert, in what seems to be a scant few days is totally unrealistic. And I also know pyramids or the mighty Egyptian civilization may not exist yet in 10,000 BC & some featured prehistoric animals are out of their known geological habitat or period, especially those flightless terror birds. Some reviewers refer to them as prehistoric ostrich... WRONG! See? That's why I don't really trust reviewers' words when it involves prehistoric movies. I love prehistoric animals & have the DVD set of Walking with Prehistoric Mammal by BBC. Terror birds as they're commonly known, belong to the Phorusrhacid family & biggest of them all is Titanis walleri. Mammoths are NOT elephants, saber-toothed tigers are not tigers, belong to different family. Google for them if you wanna know more. Hahaha... guess I simply love 10,000 BC coz of the romance between the lead actor & actress plus those prehistoric animals action scenes. A rather too simplified shallow-minded view of a movie? You drink your tea & I drink my coffee, ok? =P


At Tuesday, March 11, 2008 8:36:00 PM, Anonymous kah ching from hp~^^ said...

2morrow i wil watch it~
i think it wil b very interesting~

At Wednesday, July 23, 2008 11:24:00 PM, Blogger Ginseng Kyong said...

Yeah this movie looks so cool and because of it's fantasy quality and it's historical inaccuracy it might be work watching.

haha.. yeah that is true about the excessive chatting going on in escape scenes... hmm if you are running from an enemy adrenaline rushing through your system, I doubt you will even have the ability to think logical enouph to converse intelligently.

cute pic of you eating.

At Wednesday, May 20, 2009 9:15:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

I haven't seen this movie yet Nikita, but you're so right about rescue scenes and I don't think you're overreacting at all. It takes away the credibility and drives me mad, just like you. No point kissing and hugging if it's just gonna get you eaten by a large pursuing monster just behind you, or whatever. You need to RUN! And how is it that the pursuer is really close for most of the chase, but as soon as the hero gets to the girl there's enough time for a pleasant chat including tea and biscuits? Suspiciously convenient! If I was the hero, I'd be like "Hiya girlie, nice to see you!" and PHOOOM! straight past without stopping. Poor girlie would be most confused as this was not in the script. "What, no kissy-kissy?" No, not with large pursuing monster arriving shortly, thank you very much.

Hey, not many style-pics in this entry! Yes I'm a bad boy for complaining, but I do love to see how you dress. I tracked down three shots taken on the same day in one of your Flickr photo-sets however, and you look so stunning. All striking poses, but my favourite shot is the third one, Proud & Tall. I'm guessing they were taken sometime before you went to the cinema. A fantastic outfit, photographed in gorgeous jungle-like greenery that looks much in keeping with some of the movie, to judge from one of your screenshots. Can't think why you didn't include these shots in your blog. Too shy? No, surely not you! Love the boots and the way you wear them with socks like that. So sexy. Well, same goes for the rest of the outfit too! Shiny handbag matching the boots, and a sleek metallic bangle with what looks like two matching rings… you put things together so beautifully Nikita. Wish there were more than just the three shots!

Hey, liked the look of that 'yummy sausage meal' too! It's making me peckish acually. Seem to be looking more at the food than the Hengbok behind it, which just proves how yummy it must look! I think that 'nice little kitty' was mad at you because you didn't save him any sausage. I look forward to watching the movie sometime Nikita, to see if I enjoy it like you did. I certainly enjoyed your write-up of it. And yeah, nuts to the critics of course. I'd much rather hear what you've got to say!


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