Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AppleSeed EX Machina

When I told people I like anime, many presumed that I watch lovey dovey school girls anime or maybe Bleach or Naruto. Wrong... I don't really go for those fantasy or horror ones either. Anime I like are mostly fast-paced, action-based sci-fi stories, but no Gundam please! I tend to lost interest or get bored fast, can't stand long-winded, multi-chapters anime, so I prefer short OVAs or movies. My favorite anime character is Rei from EVA... when I tried watching the series... couldn't complete it! =P
The first time I discovered the fabulous anime creations of Masamune Shirow was when I watched Appleseed 2004. That was an eyes opener for me! The CGI is fantastic, adrenalized explosive actions! The vehicles/mecha designs are way too cool!

Appleseed 2004

Searched the web & discovered Ghost in The Shell series is to my taste too. So after three years, when an Appleseed saga was announced, I couldn't contain my patience for it to be release. Last weekend, I spied the DVDs on the shelves of a video shop... Appleseed EX Machina! Rejoice! Gleefully, I grabbed the two-disc collector edition. ^.^

Appleseed Ex Machina 2-disc collector edition

And once again I returned to the utopian city of Olympus. This continuation of appleseed is much better than the older one. Total Sexcitment! xD

Appleseed official site & trailer: http://www.warnervideo.com/appleseed/
Review: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/appleseed-ex-machina

Olympus & E.S.W.A.T. in action

Heroes & Heroine

Oh... I fall in love with Deunan & Briareos again! xD
Deunan - Sexy female warrior, high-spirited, so confident, so cool! ^.^
Briareos - Gallant, courageous, heroic, big cutie wabbit! =P
As I already have a figurine of Deunan, now I wanna a figurine of my cutie Wabbit Briareos! xD
What if I go cos-playing as Deunan with my pet monster as Briareos?

Me as Deunan? xD


At Sunday, March 30, 2008 11:31:00 PM, Anonymous kianyang said...

Neat! I've been trying to get my hands on the DVD locally ever since it was announced but it looks like the only way I can get it is through YesAsia. I hope its not taxable though. Since you're an Eva fan, you might wanna wait for the new movie releases ;)


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