Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Central "Go Japan" Matsuri Festival

Central organized a 3 weeks "Go Japan" Festival lasting from 3rd to 19th of October. The whole event is divided into 3 main periods. First comes the Japanese Cultural Week followed by Japanese Fashion Week & the Japanese Music/Dance Week.

Go Japan!

Nath & me went to watch the cosplay competition held on 11th.

Japanese Girls? =P

Some friends & classmates of Nath were supposed to meet us there & while waiting for them, we went for some mouth-watering Hokkaido Ice-cream. Nath wasn't use to the soft ice-cream & we had to help finish hers before it melts back into watery green tea! LOL! xD


Nath's friends & classmates arrived.

The Guys & Girls

Just in time for the cosplay competition...

Cosplayers getting ready

The crowd are eagerly waiting...

Jam pack off stage

The judges are impatiently waiting...

Cosplay competition's judges

And finally, the show started...

Cute event MCs

Cosplayers were called up on stage to do their stunts...

Anime on stage

Of crowd pleasing performance.

Character Acting

Competitors giving their best, aiming at attractive prizes of...
1st Prize : Luxurious trip to Bintan Island for 2
2nd Prize : S$500 shopping vouchers from Central
3rd Prize : S$300 shopping vouchers from Central

Marks were tallied, winners were announced & prizes were given.

My boss, Suyama-san, giving away prizes

And the 1st prize winner is... Ichigo from Bleach with his stage chopping act. His Zangetsu hit the stage flooring twice when he performed his chopper attack moves. Wonder what he's gonna chop up in Bintan. =P

1st price winner

My congratulations to all the winners!

Group foto with judges

The crowd were not only entertained by on-stage performances. Many frenzy photo-taking occurred at the event like this little froggie hopping out of the river to be confronted by a wall of photographers.


Nath & me too, had our fair share of photos taken by enthusiastic photographers. Those people snap at anyone who's standing still! When we posed for our own pics with friends, photographer came swamping, cameras snapping, causing puzzlement among our friends... "Why are they taking our photo for?" Well... instant celebrities, how does it feel to be in the limelight, even for a little while? LOL! xD

International Military Girls

Black Ultraman

Power Up Karma Riders!

Even my colleagues who are the organizer's crews, became targets of those snap-happy photographers when we posed for our own keepsake pic with the MC, Reiko, a Japanese radio DJ from FM96.3.

Go Japan Girls

The next event after the cosplay competition is a 'Lolita' fashion show.

Lolita Models

Followed by Japanese Idol which Nath wanna join, but she arrived in Singapore too late to practice for it. Well yah, Nath loves to sing. She's good enough to be selected for the yearly Project SuperStar(Malaysia) twice. Well Nath, maybe next year? You will have my full support! xD

Japanese Idols

Hori-san, another of my Japanese colleague was one of the judges

Putting up a roaring song & dance

Singing & dancing their hearts out

And the winner are... a pair of girls who won the heart of the judges with their song & energetic performance. My congratulations!

Winners of Japanese Idols competition

Japanese Idols group pic with judges

The whole event was a great success & we had a great time! Cya around at the next event!



At Wednesday, October 15, 2008 4:48:00 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

Hey Niki, looks like you and Nath had fun and the event, a blast! Great work!
Mouse, nicely taken pics bro!
Nice salute BTW, reminds me of Christina Aguilera's Candyman music vid. ;) LOL!
Stay safe.

At Monday, October 20, 2008 3:24:00 PM, Anonymous fanboy said...

Nice clothes!
Were you cosplaying too?
Which anime and character?
This is something different from what you usually wore from main stream fashion =)

Looking forward to more event reports!

At Sunday, June 07, 2009 1:41:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Lovely report Nikita and I think you look sensational in that outfit, which is definitely one of my favourites. I don't find it at all surprising that photographers were keen to snap away at you. Great saluting pose in that last photo by the way, and the white gloves are really effective. But hey, one sock is much lower down than the other. Isn't that against naval regulations? Hee hee. Hold on though… I've just checked all through your photos here and on Flickr (your Navy Outfit set and a sequence in Niki@Events), and in all the photos you've got your right sock lower; so I'm starting to think it was actually quite deliberate, for style! Can it be true?

On another matter, how good of you to help Nath eat her ice-cream! I bet she was really grateful for that eh? :P As for the festival itself, in your first pic (the event timetable) I see that each week included an origami workshop. I wonder if you were able to attend any, as I know origami is one of your interests. Anyway, it looked like you had a great time at the cosplay competition. The girl with the long turquoise hair looked cute, though I have no idea who she's playing. Oh, and that was a nice photo of yourself with Nath at the Japanese Idol advert!


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