Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Polar Hamster@Kallang Ice World

4th Oct. 2008 ~ Ice-skating is a hobby which held my interest the longest, 10+ years. I even have my own ice-hockey boots which I bought so long ago & still in good condition. With busy working schedules, I can't indulge in this hobby as often as in my school days. However, once in a while, the Polar Hamster flies across ice! Yes! The Polar Hamster is @ Kallang Ice World again! Squeak, Squeak, Squeak! Hahaha...

Can you spot Polar Hamster me? =P

This occasion, I went with 2 groups of friends. Nath, her classmates, Josh & the other group are some of my ex-primary classmates whom I'm quite surprise & delighted that we didn't lose contact after so long.

Nath, her classmates & Josh

Ex-primary classmates

We had a great time on the ice, going round & round in circles... just like hamsters running an ice wheel. xD

Friends on ice

Inevitably, same old question gonna be ask of me... "Don't you feel cold dressing so little in an ice rink?" Me: "Nope, I am a Polar Hamster & love the cold!" LOL! I did brought along a jersey, but didn't even need it. xD

Among our group, many are first timers on ice including Nath which had an painful bum encounter with the ice. She was gliding along & oops, went unbalance, arms flailing, disobeying legs slipped out under her & her butt kissed the ice, hard. No Nath, I wasn't laughing at you. Unfortunately or fortunately for you, Mouse was too far away to get a shot of you butt skating on ice with legs thrashing the air. And that would be a great pic to blog about! Okok, I'm sorry... don't kill me! I'm not laughing, serious! Josh is the one laughing away when you fell. Look... I have proof! =P

Josh laughing at Nath after her fall & comforting friends

Well... Nath being a brave, sporting girl, was up & going right after her fall without distress, except for this memory of a foto. xD

Nath, the expert butt-skater =P

Had a really wonderful time, especially with so many friends! Many thanks to all who joined me! Love you guys! Hope to meet up with all of you again! Till next time when the Polar Hamster flies on ice again! xD


At Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:06:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

That blog entry is so funny Nikita; funniest I've read so far. You have a real way with words. I especially liked the imagery you painted with "Mouse was too far away to get a shot of you butt skating on ice with legs thrashing the air". Poor Nath… *tee hee*. Also loved the phrase "painful bum encounter with the ice". That gives me an idea. I plan to join Flickr soon so I can add comments on your photos there, and I'm going to need a name. Maybe I could call myself "Painful Bum Encounter With The Ice"? Would be very memorable and make people smile… but perhaps it's a bit long. Yeah, maybe have to think harder. I hope Nath is better by now. Been seven months so it seems a pretty good bet - unless she went butt skating again without you!

Also loved the weariness with which you reported the following: Inevitably, same old question gonna be ask of me... "Don't you feel cold dressing so little in an ice rink?". Can just picture it - very funny. I can see why you get that a lot, but hey, you're the best-dressed skater there! Saw you looking even more stylish on the ice in your Guangzhou 2007 photos, wearing white shorts and vest with a big tartan cap. Also looking spectacular in yellow and white at Kallang, April 2008. You've got built-in central heating, is that the Hengbok secret? Secret generator inside. Or maybe it's just power of mind. You become Polar Hamster and then nothing can chill you. Yeah, just like you said: "I am a Polar Hamster & love the cold!". Can glide across the ice real good too I bet.

Anyway, really enjoyed your report Nikita and I hope to see Polar Hamster squeaking happily onto the ice again sometime. Maybe one day you should have a 'Polar Hamster' Flickr set just for ice-skating? Hope so. More lovely icy pics for us! :) Thanks for sharing.


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