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Just watched the movie titled '300' last weekend.
It was a stunning, awesome, amazing & incredible experience.
Ok, I knew that the movie wasn't historically accurate even though I'm no history student.
Don't think the director is going for historical accuracy anyway.
History lesson: The Battle of Thermopylae happened at around 480 B.C.
Xerxes's army didn't have calvary (it wasn't invented at that time), or that silly looking rhino nor the elephants.
The Persian Immortals did not wear those evil-looking masks.
C'mon, it's the Bronze Age, you know?
They don't have iron yet & no factory stamping out those identical masks.
Everything at that period were mostly handcrafted.
King Xerxes simply can't equip his 10,000 elite troops with that much metal masks!
Btw, Xerxes doesn't look gayish like in the movie.
It wasn't only the 300 Spartans that sacrificed to delay the Persian army.
King Leonidas also had with him, 700 Thespian volunteers & they too, fought to the death.
I have to mention those brave Thespian as a respect for their valor as these poor guys are being excluded in the movie. End of lesson.
There're many more inaccuracy, but despite that, it is still a great movie.
I was truly inspired by it. Blown away by those Spartans.
Love the way the Spartans are portrayed in the movie.
Not that I admire their biceps or masculine bodies.
But more in awe by their battle formation which incidentally was, at a later age, copied & refined by the Roman army which used this tactic to conquered half of Europe, hence jump start European civilization.
It's their spirit of honor, bravery & fearlessness that I'm overwhelmed by.
Their courage to stand against massive odds thrill my heart.
Their willingness to die for what they believe in, sexicted my soul.
No Mercy! No Pity! No Fear! No Retreat! No Surrender!
They're my heroes! They are magnificent! They are men of men!!!

Many here consider this movie as too violent, too bloody & gory.
In the cinema, when the fighting started, I heard whinings & gasps from guys!!! If you are a girl, I won't blame you. It's acceptable for girls to be soft, but GUYS?!?!
In our new age sensitive mentality, we have too many wimpy softies mother-pet guys. Products of a deteriorating society & over-protective mothers who think it's right for their boys to be soft & toughness is a sin, is barbaric.
Nowadays, I'd heard many tales of NS guys die during 2.4 km run or some toughness tests. Even with the cut-down semi-tough training in our NS now, you wimps still can't take it?
What we have here are mostly no-substance behind-the-monitor internet heroes. Too many people here live in illusion in this frog-in-the-well fairy tale pampered condition.
Where's the 'Men don't cry tears, only breed blood' thingie?
Girls now prefer sensitive, cutie, softie crying guys...
Am not interested in these type of guys!
Wimps! Stand aside please! I have no use of you!
Sorry, respect cannot be demanded. It has to be earned & I'm not your pampering mother!
People may think I'm weird or mentally deranged.
I don't have to respect their opinions & will stand by my point of view regardlessly.
We are Spartans.... NOT!!!


At Wednesday, March 14, 2007 9:57:00 AM, Anonymous Ebichu said...

Don't think you are weird or deranged. As a matter of fact, you are right. There are too many mamaboys around especially in Singapore. Mental toughness is simply not there.

It's just that most people do not hate the mamaboys with so much venom like you do. Wimps, though not very respectable, are not that offensive to most. Maybe it's because you are a girl, you feel repulsed by such suitors.

I don't much respect for wimps (or princesses) too, but I don't go around painting their faces with my phlegm.

It's important to note that it takes all kind. The world is boring if all men are Spartan-like. Not all girls like spartans. Respect diversity and people's rights to lead their lives the way they want to, just like you have your rights to demand for men of steel. It's your life.

Extremistism aside, I respect your spunkiness. Refreshingly different from the typical Singapore princesses. I know this might sound contradictory, but hope to see more of your kind around minus the "spit-in-your-face-if-I-don't approve-of-you" antics. :D

At Wednesday, March 14, 2007 10:09:00 PM, Blogger Lee said...

O/T : ebichu nice anime series @@

spartans got different lifestyle though , they start their national service from the age of 7 , while we start @ 18 mar , of cos got huge difference

At Sunday, March 18, 2007 2:22:00 AM, Anonymous zleipnir said...

I watched that show 2 days ago. Well you can't compare ppl with different times... but I must say their spirit is much admirable. :D :s22:

At Wednesday, October 17, 2007 7:58:00 PM, Anonymous jerome sunio said...

wait, there are guys who thought this movie was too violent? gees, what were they expecting? this is a movie about how the spartans faught off the persians. were they expecting a love story or something? violence is what this movie revolves greatly around, and it did a great job with it.
and i must disagree with the guy below, if every guy was like spartans... it'd be a whole lot of fun. i hate guns!! swords, bows, hand to hand, anything that takes more than just, point and pull a trigger. in a world like that, i'd be most satisfied in. there is more honor and pride in it, more skills necessary to be able to survive.
though do i go and beat people up? no. but if someone was to attack me, or the people i love/care about, there is no room for fear nor doubt.
is fighting barbaric? no, of course not. people say violence doesn't solve anything. i say violence can be used to solve a lot of things.
reading what you have written about this movie, has helped me understand a little better of what has become of this world.
i'm surprised, you seem to be very well informed/taught about what happened back then. you've a very knowledgeable person. : )


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