Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chinese Opera & Resort World Sentosa (RWS)

7th, 19th & 20th March, 2010 ~ You won't believe what I had been doing or been through the past few weeks. First, it happened when a manager of a Chinese opera troupe was short of a few people for an important upcoming performance. He approached a friend of mine for help & I was hastily roped in to cast in a supporting role. Me performing in a Chinese opera? You got to be kidding! Never in my wildest dream did I dreamt of that! LOL! xD
After just doing a 2 hours training cum rehearse sessions twice, I was pushed off to perform at Kaki Bukit Town Day 2010.

Kaki Bukit Town Day 2010

The event was a day of fun & games for the town residents, attended by the town MP(Minister of Parliament), Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim & to top it off, the guest-of-honor was none other than Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

Town MP(in black top in 1st pic) & Senior Minister(tallest guy in white top amidst a flag waving crowd in 2nd pic).

What if this little timid hamster had a flutter of nervousness, panic & do it all wrong in front of the VIPs! Geez... I Was Stressed Out! =P
Luckily, nothing went wrong. I just pretended it was just another training session & it got me through. xD
Guess which is me in the below pics? =P

Hamster in Chinese Opera! xD

Doing the Waves

The finale featuring the cast of Choy's Brothers Opera Troupe

Just after about 2 weeks after my opera performance, came another public appearance for the Hamster! This time, it was at a much classy place, RWS(Resort World Sentosa) with newly opened casino & Universal Studios theme park.

Universal Studio & Casino @RWS

This time, I wasn't in a supporting cast anymore, but the main feature. A Queen of Heart no less! What a rapid promotion! Now, can I scream "Off with their heads!"? LOL! xD

Queen & King of Heart

And that's not all. Behold! The Queen & King of Heart on stilts! xD

Towering, Colorful Queen & King of Heart @RWS

How did I do that? During the following week after the Chinese opera, I went for stilt-walking lessons, 2 hours nightly. Yep, you heard right. I'm a Hamster on stilts! Well, I'm always so short when in a crowd & now is my chance to topped everyone, looking down from majestic height! I love walking on stilts! Heeheehee... =P
And it happened that just after a week of stilt-walking practice, on Friday, 19th March, I was called to RWS as a temporary replacement for the female stilt-walker who had fallen sick. As there are so very very few local female stilt-walkers, a chance came for me to be a stilt-walking Queen of Heart, parading @RWS. xD

Parading through the crowd @RWS

With only a week of practice, I was quite nervous & a little unstable, unused to the heavy costume at the beginning of my first parade. After the first few anxious minutes, I was into my stride with no problem at all & on with the show! We were accompanied by a team of percussionists wherever we paraded. It was so fun & I was happily greeting, waving & taking picture with the visitors. Basking in glory? More like baking in that heavy costume! xD

As it was, I went back on the following day for a second performance cos the other female stilt-walker had not fully recovered from her sickness. Not that I wish her ill, but I found that I enjoyed being an entertainer very much. It was fun & the pay is not bad at all. I might not be able to sing nor dance or speak very well, but there are other acts I believe I can do. I simply love to make people happy & see them smile. Wish I could do more of that! xD
And also, I'm a lime light snatching Hamster, remember? LOL! =P

Photo taking with visitors

Anyone wanna learn stilt-walking with me? Preferably young females as there is a real shortage of such. =P



At Wednesday, March 24, 2010 12:27:00 PM, Blogger Muhammad Faishal said...

Thank you for being part of the Kaki Bukit Town Day. The residents of Kaki Bukit and I sincerely appreciates your contributions.

Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim
MP for Marine Parade GRC

At Thursday, March 25, 2010 6:31:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Chinese opera star and stilt-walking queen? Amazing. I'm especially impressed with the stilt business. I would never have thought they'd get you up on those things, and could imagine you biting anyone who even came near you with them. Didn't you once say you were scared of the thunder? But apparently you're ok with going up an extra six feet off the ground! Your unpredictable Hamster psychology is quite bewildering sometimes.

And hey, that dress probably has more fabric in it than if you combined all your other outfits for the last ten years! Must have been quite a novelty wearing so much for a change. I don't say I'm entirely in favour of that however, and although you do look quite a sight, I'm secretly looking forward to when you get back to normal outfits - which for you means boots, micro-mini, and half of a top, hee hee! Hey, you can keep the stilts on if you like, I don't mind that. Just as long as we get the Hengbok look back again soon. I mean, just as soon as your busy schedule of Chinese opera and stilt-walking allows.

I'm wondering what you could possibly do after this. Does Singapore have a space programme? You could be the first astro-Hamster! With those stilts you've already gone higher up than most girls ever will, so I think you should apply immediately!

At Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:15:00 AM, Blogger Devlish Angel said...

could i learn that too? i love learning something new.


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