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Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

5th Dec. 2009 ~ One of the national hobbies of Singapore is eating. Many locals love to eat. All over the country, food courts, hawker centers, restaurants & cafes are almost always crowded with diners. Inevitably, food will always be 1 of the main topics in conversations & I hate it! Eat, eat, eat makes more & more fat, overweight people. Fatso lumbering around with walking pace like snail, blocking doorways or escalators & occupying 2 seats in public transports. In clubs, I'd seen herd of dancing elephants on rise-up dance area. What a horrible eyesore it was! And horror of horrors, there were these 3 pigs squeezed into a small dance cage meant for 2 slim girls! Monstrosity! Some of those fatso love to eat & yet keeps complaining about getting fat! They don't even want to do anything about their condition or have the determination of trying to lose weight. Worse are those who consoled themselves or telling each other that it's ok to be fat & fat is cute or hot/sexy even! OMFG! Talking about taking self-denial or delusion to the highest point! Sorry, I just have to say that. Now that I got that out of my system, lets go back to food. LOL! =P

First of all, I'm NOT a 'food person'. Secondly, I rarely blog about food & this entry is NOT a review of food, just my personal experience. With food, once in a blue moon, I like to indulge myself. Of all the food, my favorite are Japanese cuisine. Sashimi being my top favorite & I love beef too! xD

My favorite - Sashimi & beef!

My favorite food is also my soulmate's choice. We had heard quite a lot about the Japanese restaurant called 'Sun With Moon' & thought we give it a try. Went to the 1 at Wheelock Place. He be my Bright Shining Sun & I'll be his Cool Darling Moon. LOL! xD
From the menu, we ordered:

Sashimi Mori

Foie Gras Lettuce (Teriyaki Foie Gras canape).

Kaki Bacon Yaki (Teppan grilled oysters with spinach & bacon).

Wagyu Karubi Aburiyaki (Grilled sliced Australian Wagyu Kalbi beef).

and for dessert, Pumpkin Tiramisu.

Had some apprehension regarding the Foie Gras. I dislike eating offal. Even the thought of eating them gives me the creeps. Was once 'forced' to eat a piece of goose liver at a business dinner in China & OMG! I nearly vomited! This time, I was persuaded by my soulmate to try the Foie Gras at Sun With Moon. Was told it would be different. When the Foie Gras came, I looked at it with utter suspicion. Seems fine. Doesn't look like the 1 I nearly vomited out. Crispy fried on top of a piece of bread & lettuce. Alright, here goes nothing...

Eating Foie Gras With Apprehension xD

Gathering my courage, I bite into Foie Gras & bravely, I managed to swallow it all even though I had to drown it with lots of ocha. Didn't really taste as bad as I had expected. LOL! =P
My soulmate told me I ought to try the French version. According to him, it taste like nothing in the world. We shall see about that. xD
Foie Gras, I might be wary about, but Tiramisu is another story. I love Tiramisu & the one at Sun With Moon didn't disappoint.

Keep away from my Yummy Tiramisu! =P

All in all, Sun With Moon was a delightful experience with great ambience & wonderful food. However, I have 1 complaint. The delicious sashimi for 2 pax is too little for the price! Only 2 slices for each of us! Simply NOT enough! I want more! LOL! xD
If it's not for the place being a little too pricey, I would like to dine there more often. xD


At Sunday, January 03, 2010 3:04:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Are you socking it to the tubbies again Nikita? Poor tubbies. With you around they have nowhere to run. Then again, even if they did have somewhere to run, it would probably take them too long to get there, and there's no guarantee they'd be able to squeeze through the door anyway, hee hee! You know, you're a very bad influence on me. Being terribly polite and British, I wouldn't normally make fun of fat people. But then you come along and start laying into them with your no-nonsense attitude and pointed jibes, and before I know it I'm falling off my swivel chair with the giggles. So hey, to any tubby people reading this, my giggles at your expense are not my fault! Blame that nasty Hengbok girl! Oh, and make sure to get out of her way quick if you see her coming, otherwise I think she might bite you to shift you along a bit quicker. And just look at her teeth in that last photo! Yikes. You don't wanna get a nip from those!

As for the food Nikita, I'm sure I'm even less of a 'food person' than you, so I can't comment with any sort of expertise, but sashimi would be right off the menu for me I'm afraid! If I ever went to Japan I'd be petrified of finding myself in a social engagement which obliges me to eat raw fish. It would be like you with your goose liver episode in China. Bad news! Not sure I could do it. I certainly don't think it would agree with me at all, and I've had some pretty dubious experiences even with cooked fish sometimes! Talking of dubious experiences, you don't look too keen in that fois gras shot! But apparently you're still alive, so that's something we can be grateful for (except the tubbies, who were probably hoping the foie gras would finish you off). I just read a bit about fois gras on Wikipedia. Oh yuk! That's put me right off - and I didn't even like the sound of it in the first place!

I'm ending with a link to some Japanese music for you. Ok it's not really connected to your post aside from being Japanese, but I think it's beautiful and maybe you'll like it. I first heard it many years ago on the radio, on the John Peel show. This New Year's Day I had the idea of looking for it on YouTube, and I was amazed and delighted to find it! It's by Inoyama Land and is called Glass Chaim. Ignore the visuals - just close your eyes and let yourself get carried off by the music!


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