Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Visit To Bottle Tree Park

Sunday, 6th Feb, 2011 ~ Since Bottle Tree Park was opened in 2005, I had wanted to visit & see the unique Bottle Trees. However, other events took priority, the visit was put off & forgotten. Last Saturday, when a friend mentioned about Bottle Tree Park, I was determined to visit the place. Another factor in deciding to visit the park is coz I recently got myself a new camera, a Canon SX30 IS which I wanna test it on some nature or wildlife shots. A park is as good as any place to start with, not as unfriendly as the jungle. =P
So, we started off the next day & arrived at the park at about 3 pm.

Bottle Tree Park

What? Only 2 Bottle Trees?!? I'd expected many more & was quite disappointed. My friends told me that 2 trees is already a bonus as it is Bottle Tree Park... tree as in singular. Geez... =(
Is that crater in the ground(below pic) reserved for a new Bottle Tree or a Bottle Tree had been removed?

Bottle Tree Missing?

After visiting the park, I went to their online site. Only then, silly Hamster me realized that the company which own the park imported only 6 Bottle Trees & those trees are very costly. The rest of the trees must be at their other site, the Bottle Tree Village.

Nevertheless, the park has many other types of uncommon trees, palms & I especially like the fruit trees.

Star Fruits & Pomelo

Flowering plants everywhere & a pond full of beautiful water lilies.

Flora In The Park

On display are a few caged animals. Rabbits, geese, jungle fowls, parrots & the grandest of them all, the Chinese Pheasants of elaborate colors. They are actually Golden Pheasants & mixed breeds. When we were there, the male Golden Pheasants were putting on their best mating display trying to impress the females.

Male Golden Pheasants(below) impressing a female(above)

Beside the plants & caged animals, there are plenty of nice spots for photo opportunities... for a camhog like me. =P

CamHogging Hamster xD

Nice Settings

But beware not to draw too much attention to yourself coz there is a tiger lurking in the forest nearby the stream. You don't want to get its attention. LOL! =P

Peeping Tiger

Of other activities, you can immerse yourself in the park's recreational facilities. Pond fishing for fresh water fish or prawns. Kids will enjoy the longkang(drain/stream) fishing in an artificial stream.

Parks Facilities

Pond Fishing

For the RC car enthusiast, there are 2 circuits, 1 sandy & 1 paved. Or if you are into pain balls... I mean paint ball, there are 2 arenas for war. Me? No, no... I'm afraid of pain. I rather spend the time relaxing with a cold drink at the cafe with its cool village rustic ambience.

Paint Ball Arena & Relaxing At The Cafe

Or I rather be shooting at wildlife with a camera. Insects, reptiles((no, I'm not really afraid of creepy crawlies), mammals & birds... all are fair games to me armed with a camera. Surprise that a girl like Hamster me loves photography? It had being my hobby for many years. Not only I love to be the model, I also like to be the photographer & my favorite subjects are animals, birds especially. Finally, with my new super zoom Canon SX30, I can do some serious hunting! LOL! =P

Ant nest, some kind of fly or wasp & a damselfly

Dragonflies & Damselflies

At the small stream in the park, I spotted fishes, tortoises & lizards on the rocks nearby.

Fish, Tortoises & Lizards

And a big lizard sun-tanning on a fence.

Little Dragon

Plenty of birds too, common & not-so-common ones.

From left to right, top to bottom ~ Rock Pigeon, Indian Myna, Water Hen & White Collared Kingfisher

And the best catch of the day, a vibrant color Stork-billed Kingfisher which was sitting on a tree above the small stream.

Stork-billed Kingfisher

Therefore, despite my disappointment of not seeing many Bottle Trees, the day was quite rewarding in nature photography.

Bottle Tree Park Sunset



At Thursday, February 10, 2011 5:09:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

The kingfisher pics certainly look the most striking of your nature shoot, not just for his colouring but also the tangle of branches, making a nice setting. As for the Hamster shots, those look quite good too and it seems like you came across the bones of a dinosaur or something. Good job he wasn't still walking around eh? He was a bit bigger than you and might have viewed you as a tasty snack. Bite-sized and yummy!

A pity there were only the two bottle trees, which I agree seems like quite a swindle, but at least they had a tiger and a friendly giant swan. I'm surprised the swan let you pet him like that, because you've got those scary space-age goggles on, like you just beamed in from the future. Come to think of it, they remind me of Cyclops from the X-Men. If you were an X-Hamster, what would your mutant power be I wonder? Maybe you'd be able to take pictures just by focusing your zoom-eyes and blinking, and later you'd be able to transfer them to a computer by sticking your finger into a USB socket. No need to lug a camera around for your photography! You could call yourself Snapshot.

At Wednesday, March 30, 2011 10:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niki... I don't usually look at your Blog but I should. You are a very impressive woman... beautiful... sexy... creative and so very much fun!!! It's fun to see how you spend your day and what you think about.

(Photos_by_R on flickr)

At Wednesday, March 30, 2011 10:08:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niki... I love your blog. You look so sexy and you have so much fun. I just love it!

Your friend,




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