Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Female Spider

Pic taken at Pulau Ubin

Lethal huntress, mistress of stealth and cunning.
Among mindless insects, weave her domain.
Invisible sticky threads, she deploys.
Patiently she waits, careless victims will fall.
Unwary preys, blindly following wind currents.
Deadly threat, oblivious to them all.
Blunder into her trap, none will escape.
Slowly she creep, poison fangs stab.
Consume without mercy, satisfy her needs.
Hunger for more, gay colors she displays.
Coy she pretends, horny playboys she attracts.
Trustingly they approach, consummate they want.
Unsuspecting they are, poor flirting males.
Devour their spirits and empty their souls, she will.
Beware of the predator in the web.


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