Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Went with a group of forumers to watch the 3rd sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean last evening at Cineleisure. Had been waiting eagerly for this ever since part 2.

PoTC: At World's End

Don't care about what others' opinions of Pirates of the Caribbean. I really enjoyed the movie, same as to the first two! Plenty of swashbuckling action & overwhelming splendor of CGI special effects in those madcap adventures of the charismatic Captain Jack Sparrow. Really love that witty Captain Jack Sparrow's character! Totally insane, devil-may-care & eccentric! Laughed out damn loud at all those funny scenes! Love those charmingly goofy characters & Captain Barbossa's monkey is so cute! Some disappointment in the movie are: Those pirate lords. Dunno what they are doing in the movie except dressed fancy & fought among themselves... "It's politic." They didn't even engage the enemy except by shouting a lot... That Sao Feng character portrayed by Chow Yun-Fat is also confusing. What the hell is he doing all those time other than talk a lot, fight a little, run away & then die so fast? The most memorable thing I remember he said was "Welcome to Singapore" & " More steam!" Duh... Anyway, look like there's going to be a part 4. Was hinted at the end of the movie when the camera zoomed in on the map Jack is holding. I'll be waiting...

Parley... again? =P

Booming sea battle

After the movie, we went to the food court at Youth Park to chitchat. Discussion range from the serious to ridiculous as always...

The 3 Musketeers?

While the rest of us chat, this bored fellow who brought along a laptop with wireless internet was updating the forum of our outing in real time! He was also chatting with people(girls?) on MSN. I think many forumers find the virtual world easier to deal with than the real. =P

Simply couldn't live w/o the internet.

Virtual chatting in preference to real.

And there's this pretty girl who always complained she don't look good in her pic. She looks very pretty what! So pretty till so many guys noticed & kept asking who is she lor! Also, she has this weird habit of always lugging a huge bag around. Said she's too lazy to sort out things in her bag. So she needs a big bag to just dump them in. I've seen the inside of her bag & it's like... woah... You need a screwdriver? No problem! USB cable? Sure! Full make-up kit? I think so... Maybe she even have her whole wardrobe inside her bag! Magic Bag of Endless Wonders? Hahaha...

Ugly me, Pretty her... this should boost her confident! =P


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