Friday, June 01, 2007

Guangzhou Part 6 ~ People

Officially, Guangzhou's population is 9 million. Off the record, it's over 12 million as some people told me. Like Singapore, many Guangzhou residents are not natives. They flooded in from other provinces looking for better opportunities. The city natives speak Mandarin or Cantonese, but I heard a sparkling of Fujian, Teochew & some which I don't understand. These add to a colorful & noisy street culture. Too damn bloody noisy! They also have a bad habit of squatting anywhere whenever they like, stop to chat, waiting for bus or simply loitering... EVERYWHERE! Squat loitering used to be rampage, but not as bad now since law enforcement officers & property securities are getting strict about this, again due to the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games. Their worse habit is still around! SPITTING! Saw people do it in shopping malls, cyber cafe & even in restaurants! They 'kar-pui' everywhere they like! Nearly make me lose my appetite when some idiot kar-pui-ed at the next table! The street may be safer, but no cleaner! And the way they dump their rubbish... oh, never mind, just watch where you step...

I traveled the streets of Guangzhou & love watching people's activities. Many work on the street or it's pavement, legal or illegal. Erm... I think sometimes, the authorities close one eye to certain harmless activities.

Hot traffic police work, Cool carpark attendant & Noisy Hawkers

Everywhere in downtown area, many small business operate on sidewalks.

Candy-on-sticks, fresh fruits, cooked food & newspaper

Many have no license for their activities, so they are constantly on the lookout & on the run from the authorities. Playing livelihood hide & seek.

Lookout or get kickout

Well, if you have no sale talent, advertise for others.

Walking advertisements

For some, with a few pieces of items, a paper on the ground...

Masters or Tricksters?

Others turn to begging with talent...

Sing-Song, Monkey Act

All for the money to sustain their life...

Food & Drinks

What do Guangzhou people do when they have free time?

Forum gathering or triad meeting? =P

Gather around to chit-chat till someone took their pic...

Hey! Don't take my pic! I scare to be exposed!

or simply scratch back side... =P

Pro back side scratcher

Some prefer more cultured activities like...

Read the news, learn lion dance or be a traffic watching monkey

For slow thinkers, there's Chinese chess, for the hyper, inline skating.

Game & Sport

or you can turn to the most popular games in town...

Cards or Mahjong?

People are strange entertaining animals. I enjoy watching people on the streets of Guangzhou, but me think I'm more of an entertainment to them... =P


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