Saturday, February 16, 2008

Botanic Garden

Come walk with me
Into the realm of greenery
Discover a wilderness
Strange plants, weird beasts.
Drop your concrete jungle soul
Fire up your imagination
Mundane tasks on hold
Roam in the forest of fantasy.
Hey, I know it's just the Botanic Garden, but with my high heels, that's enough rough going! xD

Screaming scarlet, blazing yellow
Flowers of psychedelic colors
Oh, my tearing eyes hurts!
Fruits with beak, little fat birds
Pink cranberry say hello
Water the cactus tomorrow

Fanciful Kingdom of Plants

Scare a squirrel out of a tree
Kingfisher laughed, lizard is geek
Bumble bee pixie, dragonflies fairy
Tortoise wobble, swan swim
Panda in the bamboo greens
Don't shoot! It's me!
I do look like a panda if I'd not enough sleep. xD

Playful Kingdom of Animals

Tired legs, weak knees seek welcoming worn-out bench

Bench of Restfulness

Love notes crafted on cactus by naughty hands

Tattoos of Love Cactus

Ugly duckling charming bashful swan

Destiny Swan, New Hope, Wind of Change

Across the enchanted lake

The Swan Princess behold!


At Monday, August 03, 2009 7:41:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

A lovely blog entry Nikita. Such a pity you didn't get any replies when you posted it! I like that shot of you in your 'Playful Kingdom of Animals' montage. Not meaning any offence to Mr Lizard and his pals but you're definitely my favourite beastie there, although Mr Squirrel is quite cute too. Couldn't find that shot of you on your Flickr, nor the final two shots of you, but I did find five other shots of you. Anyway, I thought I'd offer a little poem of my own in response, so here it is.

Denim angel

Softly into garden green
Came denim angel, so serene
Below her cap her long dark hair
Waved gently in the scented air
Eyes of mischief, full of fun
Embraced the flowers, every one
Squirrel got a little fright
He wasn't used to such a sight
Scampered back into his tree
A shy and timid fellow he
Bumble-bee went bumbling by
Perhaps to play with dragonfly
Fisher bird watched from a branch
While lizard gave a sideways glance
Turtles in the greenish water
Swam to her as if to court her
Kneeling down she waved hello
Then came a swan like gliding snow
Showed her to an island rock
To pose among a frozen flock
Time stood still for angel too
Felt peaceful like she never knew
So glad that she had come this way
To pleasure in this perfect day


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