Tuesday, January 01, 2008


30th Dec. 2007 ~ Came across a new anime by the creators of Appleseed while surfing for new movies. AppleSeed! That does it! Watched & love Appleseed 2004! I wanna watch Vexille! Any action movies with tough stunning heroine whom deal out violent with smooth efficiency get my adrenaline going! I wanna be like them! Hahaha!


When Vexille opened in cinema, I went to watch it at The Cathay Cineplex.

Me at Cathay Cineplex

Got a surprise when I bought the tickets. Vexille is shown at The PictureHouse which is reserve for art films. Didn't know Vexille is some sort of arty farty film festival kinda thingie. This is the first time I'd been to PictureHouse since it's debut. Who cares... I just wanna watch the anime. =P

Tickets comes with a nice classy folder

Vexille's story line is interesting, except for some comical actions at the ending. CGI is very well done & I love those cool mecha designs. Those battle armors/fighter suits & the chopper which transport the SWORD team are so cool. The little egg shaped fighting robots are so cute! xD I'm definitely buying the DVD when it's released. Here's the official site if you wanna know more about Vexille: http://www.vexille.jp/

Vexille movie poster at PictureHouse


At Monday, January 07, 2008 4:15:00 PM, Anonymous Andrew Toh said...

Hey I watched Vexille too (it was also the "Appleseed" creators tagline that appealed) You're right about the ending, some of it was dumb especially the "limping" scene at the end that got everyone giggling... :D In the end the "bad guys" didn't turn out so impressive and it was a letdown. But hard to fault graphics-wise.

At Wednesday, January 16, 2008 4:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Vexille!!!
Did you use the image of the movie ""Vexille"" and know AMV which VJ and others made?
AMVJ-remix sessions
very cool site☆

At Tuesday, March 18, 2008 10:59:00 PM, Anonymous kianyang said...

I just caught Vexille on DVD recently. Liked it but I'm more excited for Appleseed's sequel: Ex Machina now. Its a pity they don't screen animes in Malaysian cinemas like they do in Singapore though, coz they would definitely rock on big screen.

At Sunday, December 21, 2008 9:46:00 PM, Anonymous lancelot said...

I'm edu from jakarta. I've just watched vexille, and I'm very throughly impressed. This is the best anime I've seen. I think better than appleseed. I think appleseed is too vague, it has some "unreal" feeling too it.
But vexille totally rocks!, fyi beside vexille I'm also a fan of manga GANTZ. I think it has the same quality.

At Monday, May 11, 2009 3:48:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Hi Nikita. I was googling for information on Vexille a few days ago and got a link to this old blog post of yours. I knew nothing of any Nikita Hengbok before that time, but that's happily fixed now!

After reading some of your blog, I figured that if you enjoyed Vexille I should definitely give it a go. I'm not really a follower of anime as I'm not keen on the usual character style, but I'd seen some shots of the film and the characters looked more realistic - maybe because it was based on 3D models. I liked the cute little egg-shaped robots near the start, same as you. They were funny and it's a pity we didn't see them again after that. I liked the mean-looking big bad robots they were up against too. Also loved the look of that SWORD chopper you remarked on, with the bird-like wing edges.

As for the title character, Vexille is a really odd name for a woman so I'm not sure how they came up with that! Sounds more like something you'd buy at a pharmacy for a sore throat. I didn't think she had a lot of character and I don't remember her kicking much ass even with her suit on, so I found that disappointing. I'm sure you would've kicked a lot more ass than her - and I would've paid double to see it! Hey, don't lose hope, maybe you'll get your own robot suit one day. Special Hengbok model, extra foxy. I'm picturing it now, and it's looking real good. :)

Thanks for the report!


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