Monday, March 29, 2010

Space Message - Ikaros & LightSail

22nd March, 2010 ~ I dunno why, but all my life, I have always been intrigued by space. Love to look at the night sky, Milky Way, stars, planets & lucky enough to have seen a number of colorful shooting stars, blue, orange & even green. Also been to meteor showers watching, braving the cold & mosquitoes. Fascinated by pictures of the stars, galaxies & nebulas. Had NASA space pictures gallery bookmarked in my browser. I would really love to go out to space & now my my dream came true. I'm a space-faring Hamster! xD
Haha... not really. It's only my name & message is going out to space. Last week, I signed up at the Planetary Society web page for my name & message to be digitally encoded on 2 solar sails which will be use to propel the spacecraft, Ikaros & LightSail-1 through the cosmos.

My Ikaros numbered certificate with my name & message.

(Click on pic to see bigger image)

My LightSail numbered certificate with my name & message
(Click on pic to see bigger image)

The 1st mission, the Ikaros spacecraft is due to launch on 18th May 2010. LightSail-1 will hopefully be ready by the end of 2010. To find out more about what's Ikaros, LightSail, solar sail or the technical/scientific aspect of this space mission/experiment, please go to the Planetary Society web site:

Nikita Hengbok is spaceward bound or at least, my name & message is. Well, it's a start isn't it? Who knows, I might get lucky & make it to space some day. Imagine this. What if I'm a lost princess of a space-faring race marooned on Earth by galactic civil war. When my space navy found Earth's solar sail with my name on it, my royal space yacht will land to pick me up one day. Maybe this might explain why I don't feel that I belong to this world at all or why I am so interested in space & yearning space travel for no reason at all. I can hope & dream can't I? LOL! xD


At Wednesday, March 31, 2010 8:14:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Hah! No sooner do I suggest that you sign up to the space programme than you go and arrange for a personal message of sexcitement to be boosted into the heavens! It's definitely a start, and I'm sure the cosmos will be a richer place for it. But just in case you're not a marooned Space Princess whose royal space yacht is on the way to pick her up even as we speak, step two is to get yourself up there. If you have bad luck and they won't take you on the space programme, maybe all your friends could chip in a bit of cash and we could stick a rocket booster on your back. You're only small and light, so I'm pretty sure we could get you into orbit. Getting hold of a suitably sexy spacesuit might be a bit of a problem however. Obviously a normal spacesuit wouldn't do for a girl like yourself - that would be way too unappealing and bulky. Besides, if you're going into space I think it's good to look your best in case you bump into any aliens. I mean, we want to make a good impression, right? Possibly we might have to give you a laser gun just in case they get any funny ideas, but try not to shoot anything unless absolutely necessary, ok? It's bad for public relations. Anyway, I'm scanning the internet right now for rocket boosters and foxy spacesuits. No luck yet - nothing on eBay - but I'll let you know!


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