Friday, March 23, 2007

Batty Encounter

A few days ago, while I was chatting with friends, the subject of bats came up. Told them I had been traumatized by a bat before.
A few years ago, a bat wandered into my house.
Was sleeping like a piggy and didn't know what happen till my mummy screamed. Open my eyes in shock to see... it's a... it's a...
It's a bird! It's a plane! Oh shit!
It's a BAT flapping happily above my bed!
Visions of Dracula and blood-thirsty vampires flashed thought my mind from watching too much horror flicks.
I'm just a little girl. Too young to die!
Go away! I'm ugly! I'm unworthy!
Go find a prettier girl!
Pleading while hiding under my blanket.
After a zillion years (well, it seemed that long to me!), bat landed on the curtain rail. I jumped out of bed and fled out of room in record time.
Though I was safe, but NO!!!
That evil bat had to follow me out of my room!
Ran panicky around the house screaming all the way.
Why me? Why me? I ain't no pretty fair-skin maiden!
All this while, my mum was trying to drive the bat out of the house.
Bat chased me, mum chased bat.
Round and merry go round we go.
A scene right out of comedy, but I don't think it's funny at that time! After another zillion years, it landed on our wall clock.
A photo opportunity presented itself and I had always love to take pic.
Despite my fear, I perked up temporary courage to take a photo of it.
It must have hate photography coz it started chasing me again and the merry go round was repeated.
Till today, I can't recalled what really happened at the end of the whole saga. Think I was so frighten out of my wits that I had amnesia about the last part of the incident.
No bats & no more horror movie for me! If Batman is to show up now, think I will freak out and faint right away.


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