Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Boy's Toys

Many guys finds my preferences & hobbies a little bizarre.
Dolls & soft toys, most girls love them, but not for crazy & abnormal me!
Been playing with guns & robots since young. Even though I don't know much about military history or weapons, I've a fascination towards anything military or weaponry.
Most girl love romance movies. I rather watch war or action movies.
In cinema, I'm always frightened by the gunfire & bomb explosions, but eyes will be glued to the big screen, fascinated by the battle.
Knew I can never be a soldier & won't want to be one.
Wars are destructive & in reality, I never like war or want any to start, but still, I like weapons.
Why? What's wrong? Don't look so surprise, guys. Can't a girl like guns?
I love tanks, warplanes, battleships, missiles & guns!
No cutie dolls or soft toys! I will blast them apart with my army!
Keep your opinion to yourself! Bleah! =P

My Arsenal!

Can't own real guns here, so I go for the alternative.
I collected miniature weapons, small scale replica of the real thing. The advantage are, they're small enough to fit into the limited space I have & cheap enough for me to buy many of them.
By now, already lost count of how many I own. Displayed some in plastic cases on my shelves.
Most of them are in storage waiting for the day when I can display them all in their fearsome glory.

Other than weapons, I love DRAGONS!
And some robots or Mecha as they're called in Japanese anime. Told you I'm weird & have strange hobbies for a girl, didn't I?
Already collected a few sets of those McFarlane's Dragons.
They come completed & painted. Beautiful, awesome, ferocious roaring dragons! Just right for a fiery girl like me! =P

My Dragons & Knights!

My failed plastic modeling project. =(

Saw those scale models displayed at some shops. Thought it will be cool to try my hands at this hobby since there're some cute robot kits available.
Bought some Bandai's simple SD (Super Deformed) robots, tools & paint markers. Simple? NOT!!! Damnit! I sux at this! (-___-)"
Wasted quite a few hours crying, swearing & pleading at it don't work!
Grrrrrrr.....!!! You better refrain from making bad comments about my work or I will sandpaper your face!

(Switch personality)
*Looking with soft puppy blinking eyes*
I do have a soft girly side of me too, you know?
Other than guns & dragons, I collect figurines of girls... sexy girls. =P
Small figures are called Gashapon or Trading Figures. Bigger scale ones are known as Completed or Display Figures. They are mainly characters from Japanese anime, manga or games.
Mostly, these are collected by guys. Don't believe? Go ChinaSquare Central where the Flea Market is held every Sunday or certain shops in Sunshine Plaza. These 2 locations & Far East Plaza are where a number of shops/stalls selling these figures can be found. You will notice many guys buying these, very few girls.
Been collecting these figures for a few years now & most time, I'm the only girl around that buy them.
Love Rei Ayanami from EVA. Also love the Murata range & Mecha Musume.
Some 'trading figures' are nudes... my favourites! Hey, I'm not a pervert! I treat them as Works of Art!
What? You mean a girl can't appreciate nudes?
Drool, drool, drool...... Haahahahaaa!!!
You should see shop or stall owner's face whenever I buy them. Heehee!

Gashapon & Trading Figures.

My Sexy Completed Figures.

I have peculiar hobbies for a girl.
Not easy to understand me entirely.
Most time it's quite unsettling for guys when they get to know more about me. Never one to care much about other's opinions anyway.
Accept me as what I am or not at all. :)


At Wednesday, March 28, 2007 4:27:00 AM, Blogger quirK said...

Wa, in the miniature rifle rack... is that a Steyr SSG69 on the right?

At Wednesday, May 27, 2009 9:01:00 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Nikita, I love the fact that you're a beautiful girl and yet also have a photo here enthusiastically titled 'My Arsenal!'. Fabulous - and quite comical. You're one of a kind alright, and I like it. As usual I'm also loving the way you write, with such things as "Most of them are in storage waiting for the day when I can display them all in their fearsome glory." Ha ha. You may be weird for a girl, but it's a magnificent weirdness.

I wasn't sure of the size of those guns though. Maybe next time you can put a small stuffed animal in for scale? A poor little fella worried about being blasted apart later, as you threaten. Actually I think you must have softened a little over the last few years (my comment coming very late), as I've seen plenty of pics of you with cute little stuffed toys. Looks like you embrace both worlds now. You're hard and soft, all rolled into one.

Your first pic caught my eye right away because I used to be really into model-making when younger. Mainly World War 2 tanks, and I especially liked the look of the German ones, such as at the top of your first pic. That one only has a relatively tiddly gun though; I'm surprised at you! I never built any dragons (they were very little used in World War 2), but you sort of make me interested. The one at the bottom left looks the most appealing to me, for the colours and the way he's coming out of the sea. Or at least, I think that's sea. Has he just sunk a boat? Bad dragon!

I'm not sure why you considered your modelling project failed, as you seem to've ended up with something that looks decently assembled at least. Ok the blue plastic finish isn't ideal, so maybe he needs a spot of metallic paint or something? I'm not sure what he was supposed to look like though. Please don't sandpaper my face - it was constructive criticism only! :P

Moving to your "soft girly side", your enthusiasm for sexy girl figurines is again fascinating and delightful. I would indeed like to see the shop owner's face when you buy them. What's he thinking I wonder. "Huh? Babe want to buy babe? What gives? Cannot be happening!". Poor fella, you're too much for him. But hey, your last photo - 'My Sexy Completed Figures' - seems to be missing! Please could you fix that so I can see it? I hope it wasn't so naughty that you had to remove it!

At Thursday, March 25, 2010 11:36:00 AM, Blogger Rhetorical Wolf said...

Hey Niki, I'll give the gashapon figures a miss although they are sometimes very delicate pieces of art BUT have you ever noticed guys caught even looking at these figurines are afforded weird stares :p

I love weaponery! Lol in fact my job involves a certain amount of work with them ( and no i am NOT a terrorist ) Have you been to Ceasar's? you can get blades and antique guns there legally but... it's unfortunately quite pricely. I just bought a samurai blade letter opener LOL. Dragon figurines are awesome too! Check out the Leonopteryx one from Avatar! I know it's not really a dragon but still.. it's cool!

Hope to hear from you!


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