Tuesday, June 05, 2007

From Street Fest to Beauty Pageant

Last Sunday I had a blast of a time going to a cos-play event in the afternoon & a beauty pageant in the evening. This is the first time I've been to any of these events & I enjoyed it tremendously.

Heard many criticism especially from internet forumers about how local cos-players are shitty or something to the effect or how they can't be compared to those in Japan. Ok, I admit. I know very little about cos-playing, but from what I knew & seen from photo of Japanese cos-players, almost all don't have the look for it too. Why then they still do it?

Let me point out that cos-play is a hobby, not a profession. As a profession, a model have to look good. It's a must coz it's a job like any other job, you need to be qualify for it. Not cos-playing. It's just a fun thing that people do. A personal passion. A hobby guided by desire. Not a job which you need qualification. When you see a model & comment that he/she look suxy... fine. It's just mean he/she may not be qualify for the job. With a cos-player, he/she does not need to be qualify for the hobby. If he/she is not born with the look, what can they do when they have the passion for their hobby or the anime/game/movie character whom they love to emulate the most? Just do it... who give a damn about others opinion! Our local cos-play culture may be in it's infant compare to Japan, but everyone got to start somewhere what! From what I've seen last Sunday, those cos-players may or may not look good, but they have one thing that many don't... passion. Whether they look good or not does not matter to me. They tried their best. They take pride in their hobby. It's that spirit that count most. What I can appreciate is their passion, the time & effort they devoted to their hobby. At least these cos-players have a life or a passion in the real world which they dare to show. They appear in public, happily, w/o asking for anything, letting you take their pic w/o complaining. They're tangible, not ghosts in cyber space. These cos-players have something to be proud of, in real. To me, they are mostly quite impressive. What they don't need is nasty non-constructive criticism, but encouragement.

To those who lurk in cyber space, detach from the real world, gutless idiots hiding anonymously behind monitor, mocking others. You want to ridicule these cos-players? Pui! You can't hold a candle to them in my opinion. I have utterly no respect for cowards who don't dare appear in real & yet wanna laugh at those who do. In my mind, you are just a childish, shallow & narrow-minded person. A Zip, Zap & a big fat Zero! So don't come tell me that others sux! It's you who are the total loser!

I'm not a cos-player. Dunno much about cos-play. Not affiliated to any particular group. Just giving respect when respect is due. Something I've to say to cos-players. You guys need to stand together in this. Stop petty nitpicking. Instead, guide those who are less fortunate. Listen to each other without bias. Stand strong together in your hobby. Respect is gain & cannot be demand.

You will notice I'm in most of the following pic. Called me attention or photo whore if you want. I don't give a damn. I just wanna be in the pic with them, to stand proud with them as they're deservingly proud of themselves. Don't ask me what characters these cos-players are coz I dunno. =P

The place of event

The cos-play event was at Youth Park, the Singapore Street Fest 07. It was a blazing hot afternoon. Rock bands were blasting away on stage & there were some stalls selling merchandise. Cos-play accessories?

J-rocking away

For sale

From what I seen & heard, it was quite a good turnout. At least I wasn't disappointed going to my first cos-play event.

Cos-players helping each other getting into character

Nice gathering of cos-players & fashion dressers

I can't help wondering how those cos-players & fashion dressers stand the heat with all their fancy costumes. They look so cool & I'm sweating rivers!

Me with cool cos-players & fashion dressers

More cool cos-players
& fashion dressers

I'm quite impressed by that 'Cloud' character in the top right pic above. He have the look & the posture for it. Pity he didn't bring his weapon. When I asked the guy with the raincoat/red scarf(in pic below), what character he play... Answer came back in rasping voice "Weapon seller, Resident Evil 4. You wanna upgrade your weapon?" Oh my! He really do have a lot of weapons concealed in that trench coat of his! Cool Dude!

Masked Girl & Weapon Seller

Cute Girls & Cool Guys

Wings & Gun

During my wandering around the place, was mistaken by some photographers as a cos-player. Was asked to pose for photo. Ok, I don't mind. Some of my friends overheard people asking one another what character I was cos-playing. I wasn't! I'm just another onlooker. This is just one of my normal outfit! Haha... I just dress like that coz I like it, that's all. I met a friend who used to cos-play, but had given up. She was there with an outfit which I mistaken as cos-playing. See how much I knew about cos-play? =P

Photographers snapping away at a cos-player

My friend with her $400 outfit

Two guys friends & me... posing =P

Guess some people tend to get into the mood when there are such fun atmosphere created by those cos-players & fashion dressers with rock bands blasting away. Encountered some ball-joint dolls. Really realistic! Was told they cost over a thousand dollars each. Wow! Speechless...

Ball-jointed Friends

I truly enjoyed last Sunday cos-play event. Lots of enthusiasm around. Looking forward to the next one. Was told it would be somewhere in July. Hope to see or meet more of you guys there! If you want to take pic of or with me, just ask nicely. I don't bite. xD

Note: I just discovered that not all who dress up at cos-play events are cos-players. Some are fashion dressers. Apologizes to those whom I wrongly categorized in my pics.

After the cos-play event, we went to Singapore Poly where a beauty pageant was held in their auditorium. Final event of Miss, Mrs & Senior Sweetheart were held concurrently. Quite good turnout of supporters. Lots of noise made, especially for one of the contestant. She must had brought a bus load of supporters! We, audience get to vote too. Happy that one of them whom I voted for, won. Yeah... =P

Contestants going through their routine

Five finalists from each of their respective category

Winners, runner-ups & winners of sub-categories

The Three New Queens


At Tuesday, June 05, 2007 5:13:00 PM, Anonymous xrysx said...

glad you had fun! ^^

At Wednesday, June 06, 2007 7:22:00 AM, Anonymous ruizou said...

hihi! ^^

thanks for your lovely words of encouragement on your blog :D It was really heartwarming to read it ^^

I was one of the cosplayers taken, the one in the purple/pink/black one. could you upload it/send it to me? much appreciate it. my email: atomic_lily@hotmail.com. or my blog add down there. :D

just erm.. smthing you might want to know... Cosplayers and fashiondressers do not like to get mixed up with each other. Some of the captions with cosplayers on them are mostly just punk/lolita/cyber goths.

anyway, i am glad you had fun this year!


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