Friday, August 17, 2007

CosPlay Matsuri

It really does seem like my blog is becoming a cos-playing blog. Heehee...
Bear with me, ok? New found hobby & all that, you know? =P Went to another cos-play event last Saturday(11th July). A small event held at Cineleisure. Small, but with good turn-out of cos-players & I like to express my heartfelt thanks to all who posed for or with me.

Me at CosPlay Matsuri

The event location

And of course at these type of events, plenty of pretty girls all around. Good thing I like to ogle at pretty girls. Well... many guys around there too. What do you expect when there're honey? =P

Yummy Beauties

And among the beauties, surely will have beasts =P


Choose your suffering! Black magic, knifes or the needle?

Inevitably, when there're pretty girls around, guys will definitely be asking for trouble, jumping in without knowing the consequence.

"Will you be my love?"

"And you'll be my puppet!"

There're some performance on stage, some sort of dance performed by cos-players, but I'm more interested in what's happening on the floor.

Cos-play dance?

What do you get when you put people with weapons together? Swords flashed & crashed to settle differences in opinions. Have you ever see a Coke bottle stop a blow from a sword? Really pure magic, I tell you! =P

The Fights

Not a bad thing as I got myself a trophy out of the fighting... =P

A fox head for my wall!

And now back to the stage to settle another kind of issue... choosing the winner of the event.

And the winner goes to...

No, not me. The winner is the pretty girl on my right. =P

Not many understand why people do cos-play. On Earth, there're many walks of life in human. In my opinion, it's best to learn as much as possible about others, whether interested or not. Knowledge is endless & armed with more knowledge, there will be much more understanding & tolerance among humans. Ignorant is not bliss. It's a crime against others. Too many people don't understand this & that's why our world is so fuck-up. Many condemned others without having knowledge of certain matters. Just do it coz others do so? Fools & idiots! How did the saying goes? "The most common elements in this universe are hydrogen & human stupidity!"

What will you think if a girl walks around with a mask at the back of her head or a guy keep showing you his bunny?

Take a look at the shock or puzzled face of a passerby. =P

Anyway, this is also the day which I get to meet up & have a long chat with an old friend of mine. An ex-school mate who went aboard to study & she's now back. Oh, my dear love, I miss you so much! Now that we're back together, I'm not letting you go, my lovely deer. You are mine forever! =P

My lovely dear & me

Ain't she pretty? =P

We went shopping the next day & something happened that pull us closer together. Something very important, but I'm not going to put down those juicy details here. It's for me to know & for you to guess. Nope, and don't anyhow assume, you dirty-minded people! LOL! =P


At Tuesday, August 28, 2007 8:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Niki, your friend is also very pretty - especially her eyes. Welcome home! friend of Niki's. :) And whatever you two are cooking up, I'm sure it's hot. ;) (Yes, of course I mean food - what else?) ;)


At Friday, November 02, 2007 3:36:00 AM, Anonymous シラス said...


melly is very pretty... nikita is very lucky to have her...


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