Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dunking Girl

Saturday, 23rd Feb. 2008, Palawan Beach@Sentosa.
One of my ex-school mates who now works in an event company as an event organizer, called up last week. Want me to help out in one of her events. Ok... extra income, why not? As what? A dunking girl, she said. A what? She replied "You know those game at funfair? Pretty girl sit on a platform. People throw at target. If hit, you get drop into water." Eh... not throw at me hor? "No... aim at target only." I was thinking about bobo kings. "Be there at 8.30 am." A little too early for me on a weekend! Oh, never mind, let's give it a try. She got her dunking girl. xD

So, I went Sentosa seven early, eight early on Saturday morning. On the way to Palawan Beach, saw a cute squirrel coming out as early as me. Early squirrel gets the nuts, eh? =P

Palawan Beach & early squirrel in da morning

The event which my friend's company organized is a family day fun fair kinda event for a company called Applied Biosystem.

Event Venue ~ Palawan Beach

Much fun & games for the company's employee & their family.

Games & Prizes

Cool Assassin, Remorseless Killer & Bobo King

Many performances on stage. Hip-Hop dancing, acrobats from China doing juggling & balancing acts, magician entertaining children. Off stage, happy kids got balloon figures made by a clown.

Hip-Hop, Balance Acts & a Clown

And of course, the Dunking Tank... with the dunking team. xD

Dunking Partners

Ready to be dunked! ^.^

They came, they tried... with all sorta aiming styles.

Miss! Naninani poopoo... =P

Most missed, but when they're on target...

Bullseye! SPLASH! xD

Lost count of how many times I'd been dunked into the water. One fellow was so flustered that he missed with 2 tries. He cheated on his third try... used a beach ball instead of the given small sand bags! *@&#$!^@%:(*#&!!!* Grrrrrr.... BLOODY CHEATER!

In the afternoon, 2 groups of guys had a beachball match. Losing team get dunk... 6 of them dirty & sweaty guys using our dunking tank! o.O"

One of the members from the losing team

After they're done, the water was so dirty & murky that I ain't going back in! Have to remember that if I'm to be a dunking girl again, better make sure no one is allowed to use the dunking tank until the event is over! Anyway, the event was winding down... ended at 2.30 pm. Went to changed & saw a peacock perched on the tree by the female toilet... wth?!?

Peeping Tom Peacock!

Had a fun-filled day & getting paid for it. Not bad at all. Quite fun getting dunked into the water. Any pretty girl wanna be my dunking partner for the next event? =P


At Thursday, April 03, 2008 10:14:00 PM, Blogger Conn Conagher said...

Looks like it certainly was a fun day...won't be warm enough here for that for a while, but at least folks somewhere are having some fun!

At Thursday, April 22, 2010 12:56:00 PM, Anonymous margie chiquita delagua said...

Love the pics and the blog describing your dunking. You look like you had a lot of fun.I'm into wetlook and dunking activites, myself.Would love to be a dunking girl, Have you worked as a dunking girl lately
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