Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sentosa Flowers 2009

28th Jan 2009 ~ Naturally, flowers will attract bees & at Sentosa resort island, there are plenty of flowers on display at the annual flower exhibits. So little bumble bee me buzzed to the flowers... actually, more like floating across by the Sky Train from VivoCity to Beach Station. xD

Sky Train

Arrived at Palawan Beach at 3pm & it's FREAKING HOT!!! Blazing sun without any breeze on a beach!?! Anyway, the bright light brings out vibrant colors of the displays. Flowers everywhere, giant flower windmills, a little rock garden & some nice displays of art created by using recycled materials.

Sentosa Flowers 2009

The Recycled Art of Biking

Went round capturing the vivd flora sight as many photographers did...

Flamboyant Glory

And of course as a photohog bumble bee... eh... Hamster! xD

Mischievous Hamster in Technicolor =P

The gorgeous displays have no trouble arresting everyone's attention.

Brilliant Pyrotechnical Blossoms

Explosive Celebration of Colors

And where there are nectar, come the busy honey bees...

Flight of the Bumble Bees

Within less than half an hour in the open, I'm drenched in sweat & the heat is killing me! Hide inside the 7-11 store to cool off for a while. It was near there that I discovered Segway for rental. S$10(US$6.60) for a 15 minute ride in an enclosed area or S$35(US$23) for a guided tour. No chance to try it as we are running out of time. Maybe next time then.

Segway Ride

We proceeded towards Imbiah Station where there are more flora displays. Up we went on a zigzag climb. Earlier, we noticed rain clouds approaching & halfway up, it started to rain! Well, at least it's cooling... =P

A zigzag uphill climb

Above the zigzag stairway is a garden with pools of fanciful color mosaic of tiles & stones. Those pools are so lovely, dazzling colors, intriguing patterns & I couldn't resist a few pics despite the drizzle. =P

Cool Motifs

Multicolor Delights

And since I'm already drenched in perspire & the rain, playful hamster me had some fun at a water fountain... =P

Flow Disruption! xD

Then it started to pour, real heavy! We ran for cover under a sheltered escalator which leaded us up to a lookout point above Imbiah Station. It rained for about an hour. When it stopped, we wandered around the place. The light were fading fast & gloomy which is lousy for flora photography. How about some pics of a different kind of flower? LOL! =P

Wild Flower Mafia Girl looking for trouble! xD

It's getting late. So we headed down to Imbiah Station for the Sky Train back to mainland. On the way, I managed to squeezed in some shots.

Red Indian Hamster with Lucky Ox Family! xD

Floral Swans, Costumed Butterfly & SunFlower

After alighting at VivoCity, we went for a dinner of my favorite food, sushi & sashimi at Sushi Tei, which completed my day wonderfully! =D

Note: More & bigger pics in my Flickr album.


At Thursday, February 05, 2009 1:01:00 AM, Blogger Texasblues said...

I love your blogs, keep it up. The fact that you tell a story with your photos is fantastic. I seem to mention many times that your pictures are so colorful but after reading your blog you add to the color of your photographs with your story. Thanks for giving so much of your self to the many fan's of yours...LOL well I am a fan at least can't speak for others.

At Wednesday, May 13, 2009 1:49:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Nikita, I've just been using Google Maps to see the places you mentioned. Someone had made a handy guide to Sentosa Island, letting me start to find my way around. Tracing your journey, I found VivoCity (apparently Singapore's largest mall - I wonder if you go there much), and the monorail to Beach Station. But I needed help after that to get my bearings. Luckily I found the Sentosa Flowers website which had a copy of the map you were posing against in photo 4. Using that, I could guess some of the display areas shown in your pics. The red bicycles were in the 'Giant Sculpture Display' I expect. Hey, nobody had better do that to my bicycle or I'd be pretty mad! I also spotted the 'Happy Cow Family' marked on the map. They must be who you described as 'Lucky Ox Family'. Ha ha. Lucky to see you passing by I think; that's why they were smiling, yes? Pleased to see that different kind of flower, as you put it. Very rare type!

Anyway it was fun trying to trace your route, and I'm glad you had such a lovely day out and shared it with us. I learnt a little and I think your blog is going to teach me a few things about Singapore as I continue to follow it. Aside from the nature shots, I very much enjoyed the smiley "Mischievous Hamster in Technicolor" of course. Couldn't find all those shots larger on Flickr, but I found plenty and I'm grateful. Such a gorgeous outfit Nikita - you look stunning. I love how the colours and patterns go together and I think it's one of your best. Perhaps you wished you'd worn something lighter to reflect more sunlight though, as you did mention it being "FREAKING HOT!!!". We don't get a lot of that in the UK. Don't think it would suit you here; you might have to cover up a lot more to stay warm, and that would never do!

PS: Hope you don't mind my comments coming so late, but I only found your blog a few days ago and really wanted to do a bit of catching up, and to show some support and appreciation. Looking forward to your next outing too!


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