Monday, August 03, 2009

My Special Flickr Friend, Tata!

Friday, 30th July 2009 ~ Last Wednesday, I received a surprising, but delightful text message on my cellphone. It was from Tata saying that she's in Singapore. WooooHoo! Finally! She's here! My Special Flickr Friend is finally here & for the first time since we became friends in Flickr, we can meet up in real! Oh Yes, Goodie! xD

Who is Tata? Tata aka Ting Hay is a very lovely Indonesian Chinese girl. We met as contact in Flickr, the online album which we are members of. Tata's hobby is photography which is also one of my hobby too. But there's a difference. My photography skills are mediocre, a machine-gun without precision shoot-any-damn-thing kinda photographer where else Tata is a born artist, very talented in this field. With no training or guidance & not very much technical knowledge of the working of a camera, in a very short period of time, she managed to produce fabulous works of art in photographs. I have 8 years of photography as a hobby in me & Tata completely outclassed me in this aspect. She's at it for only 2 years! I seriously admire her raw artistic talent! That's my Special Tata! xD
Go take a look at her fantastic photostream to see what I meant:

In Flickr, Tata & me became good friends. We are also co-admins in a Flickr photography group known as 'Focused In on Photography', which founder is another good friend of ours. We have a lasting friendship which is something special coz most online friends are mostly made in forums or social networking sites. Not only that. Often, most of these friendships are just on & off types. Here today & gone tomorrow kind of thingie. Tata & me had managed to stay in contact for quite some time now. We had also planned to meet since we are so near to each other & finally the day came!
Arranging our meet-up wasn't easy coz the timing was a bit off for both of us. Tata was here not on holiday, but was accompanying a seriously ill relative for medical treatment at a local hospital. Her stay here was quite hectic, relatives visits, hospital visits & arrangements... not much time to herself. Me, on the other hand had a very very busy scheduled work week. Nevertheless, we managed to arranged a meet up on the late evening of last Friday, one night before she leaves Singapore.
Accompanied by my bodyguard/soulmate, at 10.30pm, I arrived at the lobby of St. Regis Hotel where Tata was staying. We met for the first time! xD

Finally, Special Friends met for the first time! xD

I was quite nervous in meeting new online friends. To begin with, I'm quite a shy person, not good at speaking to people. Usually, it takes me a while to be able to speak coherently. And from my many experiences on the internet, I know many people have quite different personality online & offline. I'm very glad, very happy to find that Tata's in real is the same as online. Kind, warm-hearted, cheerful, friendly, overall jovial kind of person. Intelligent & very pretty too! And she's tall! If I'm not in heels, she will topple me by a head! I'm like a little hamster beside her! LOL! =P
And the most embarrass thing was... she bought me a gift & with my stupid tight busy schedules, I didn't get her one! Arrrrrrr...!!! *Fainted... -_-"

A gift from Tata

Cute Kittie Cup Cap! I love it very much! xD

After taking a few pics at the lobby, we went to sit & chatted at the coffee lounge in the hotel. Drank hot chocolate, exchanging info/news & fine points of photography. Tata is such fine company, doing most of the talking with me dumbly doing one or two syllable speech. Haha... silly me! xD

Friendly Tata & Silly Hamster Me! =P

Then Tata took out the tool of her art, her constant companion, a Nikon DSLR. She wanted to do portrait of me in the elegant surrounding.

Photography Session!

It was late, we had to go & Tata needs her beauty sleep. Before we left, Tata took some more pics of me at the front of the hotel. She said that she had very few chance to have a model for her to practice portrait photography, one aspect of photography she claimed she is weak at. Of course I will do my best to pose for my special friend!

Tata photographer, me model. xD

Exchanging fine views of photography

Tata is the second Flickr friend I had met & the 1st one from oversea. Apart from that, she is someone special to me. Meeting her will be a significant part of my life. Even though, it had been a short meeting, I truly enjoyed, very very happy in meeting my Special Friend for the first time! xD

Tata, my dear lovely Special Friend, you're such a wonderful person, a great friend! I sincerely hope we can meet again & soon! No matter what, we will try our best to maintain this friendship, to take it to a greater height, to stay Friends Forever! =)

Friends Forever!


At Monday, August 03, 2009 11:39:00 PM, Anonymous Dian Wahyusari said...

Dearest Nikita,

I am very glad that you've finally met your Flickr best friends and had a great time. :-)

You two look fabulous! :-) Who took the pictures of both of you?

Dear Tata,

My best vibes for your relative that is not feeling well at the moment. May God take care of your relative.

Wish you a splendid week ahead, ladies! :-)

With blessings,

At Tuesday, August 04, 2009 3:28:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

How nice for you Nikita. In the photo at the base of the staircase, I like the way you're standing on a stair to raise you up a bit higher next to your friend, yet you're still shorter, hee hee! I think it's cute.

I notice also that you were wearing a special N necklace. Perhaps to help her identify you? After all, there's no telling how many gorgeous girls may have been standing around in the hotel lobby wearing a sexy mini-dress and stiletto-heeled boots. Could've been lots, making plenty of room for confusion! How would she know which one was you? You helped her out with your big N though and saved her a lot of trouble huh? :P

Hey, that "kittie cup cap" thing; what is it exactly? Is it really a cap for a cup? Maybe to stop a drink cooling down too quickly? I've never heard of a cup cap; perhaps it's an Asian thing? But that's certainly a cute kitty, and also very reminiscent of your Gigi of course. Oh hey, I've just spotted a little picture on the far side of the box, which indeed seems to show a cap on a cup. Hmmm… maybe the cap is also to keep flies away? Wouldn't want any buzzy little critters drowning in your drink!

Oh, and never mind that you forgot to bring her a pressie. I bet you were really kicking yourself about that, but it was only a little oversight. It's not like you're a completely thoughtless airhead-bimbo hamster or anything is it? Hee hee… Besides, I'm sure just the pleasure of seeing you was all Tata needed.

Anyway, I'm glad you had such a happy meeting. And maybe Tata will put up some of her pictures of you on her Flickr? Fingers crossed! You're looking fabulous and elegant in a very sexy outfit I must say, and I especially like all the seductive criss-crossing on the back of the dress. Gorgeous!

At Tuesday, August 04, 2009 9:47:00 AM, Anonymous japandemic superfly said...

that's the best: the internet can bring people together in the real world! you 2 are sweet together.

Nikita--thanks for sharing Tata's work. very generous of you! just added her as a contact. you are right--she's great!

At Tuesday, August 04, 2009 2:09:00 PM, Blogger Bob said...

Nikita, I am so glad to read about your special friend Tata and to see your lovely photos with her!


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