Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Songs & Magix

18th July, 2009 ~ Was invited to a music event by Smith, a friend who is the marketing executive of PoMo, a newly revamped shopping mall at Selegie Road once known as Paradiz. It is a fortnightly event organized by YouthBox. Hamster me who couldn't sing even to save my life, dragged my friend, Nath to the event. Nath's hobby is singing & she is quite competitive in it. She had participated in many singing contests & won quite a few prizes. So, with full confidence, we went to this event. xD

On Stage!

The event was held at the basement of the mall. The stage was quite small due to space constrain.

Event Location

It was more like an open karaoke than a music event. Nath was the first singer & she belted out a lovely Mandarin song which in my opinion, the best effort of the whole event. Well... in a sense, at the event, compared to those kid singers there, Nath can be considered as quite the pro. xD

Singing Star, Nathalia

At the event, we were introduced to Derek, owner of Secret Skills Enterprise, an up-market magic school which provides exclusive course in the art of magic. It also claimed to be the first magic school in Singapore to have their own magic apparels & accessories.

Schooled in Secret Skills! xD

We were shown around the place, introduced to some aspiring magicians & Derek, the Chief Magician illusional-ed us with his magic skills. Magic had always interest & intrigues me, but poor bimbo hamster me just couldn't get the drift of it! Always got bluff! =P

Bluffed by Magix! xD

Inspiring to be a magician? Are you good enough to join the rank of magicians? Find out @ Secret Skills!
Secret Skills is at: #02-05, PoMo, Selegie Road. Contact: 6337 3977.

We have Secret Skills! =P

After all those magical moments, what's more appropriate than to go watch Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince? xD

Harry Potter Movie Poster

The movie isn't any good in my opinion. Plot falls flat, without logic & reason. Very childish storylines with so obvious outcomes. I think this is the worst installation of the whole series so far. I watched it coz I wanna finish the whole thing since watching the first Harry Potter movie so long ago. Maybe I'd outgrown it. Lets hope the final ending wouldn't be a disappointment or anticlimax. Won't be crossing my fingers over that! Well... what to expect of a children story written by a woman? LOL! xD



At Thursday, July 23, 2009 1:36:00 AM, Blogger letes77 said...

wow ... I want those black cards ...........

At Thursday, July 23, 2009 1:38:00 AM, Blogger Hengbok la femme Nikita said...

They look really nice, isn't it. ;D

At Thursday, July 23, 2009 10:13:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Yes! Nikita the magician's assistant! I can just imagine it - you'd be great! You've already got the exotic good looks and you're a world leader in sexy outfits too - just look at that fabulous spicy black number you're modelling! Also you're an expert at standing around posing attractively, and your smile can melt hearts at fifty paces. And as if all that wasn't enough, look how well you hold a pack of cards in your last shot. So enticing, and they even match with your outfit! Any sensible magician ought to hire you immediately and his bookings would quickly double, I'm sure of it. I've got my fingers crossed for you. Please keep us posted when your magical new career takes off!

Hey, there's Nath again; quite a regular on your blog, and she's looking good! But has she been butt-skating again by any chance? I can't help but notice the medical dressing on her arm - unless it's some sort of stylish glove. Oh, but I can see a yellow plaster too, so yeah, I reckon she's been having trouble on the ice again. Needs the guidance of Polar Hamster I think!

As for yourself standing next to her in the first shot, wow what an outfit! Never seen that one before. Yummy boots. I almost didn't spot your shoulder bag, it's so tiny and slim! And not content with having your skirt only about 10 inches long, you also had to have cut-outs on the side huh? So naughty. Excellent! For some reason I wanted more side shots in your report, hee hee! :) Oh, there's sort of one in the arial 'Event Location' shot (yep, Hengbok spotted at far left!), but that doesn't really count as you're too far away. Darn! Where's a good telephoto lens when you need one?

As for your line "but poor bimbo hamster me just couldn't get the drift of it! Always got bluff! =P", that's so cute and lovable! But I'm sure you're smarter than you let on. Anyway, thanks for another entertaining report Nikita; it's always so good to join you on your fun-filled outings. And now, Abracadabra!… I'm gone in a puff of internet smoke (cough cough).

At Wednesday, July 29, 2009 11:43:00 PM, Blogger Hengbok la femme Nikita said...

No Keith, Nath's yellow plastered injury was caused by herself during her Sports Day. We haven't been to ice-skate for some time already. Planning to go some time next week thou, but Nath's not available, so with some others. Hehehe... ;D

At Thursday, July 30, 2009 7:10:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Ah, she says she's not available, but maybe she just doesn't want to risk another close encounter with that nasty hard ice! Hee hee… I really should stop teasing though. If you put me on the ice I'm pretty sure I'd be butt-skating in no time! No such worries for magnificent Polar Hamster though. Whoosh! Look at her go! So smooth and balanced, you'd think she grew up on an iceberg. Have fun!


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