Friday, October 30, 2009

French Cuisine

27th October, Tuesday ~ Fancy eating authentic french cuisine at a kopitiam(local slang for coffee shop) & at a reasonable price? That's what French chef, Xavier Le Henaff, owner of The French Stall aims to provide. Since opening it's first stall in a food court at Victoria Street, now moved to Little India, Serangoon Road, it has remain very popular with the locals, so popular that on 27th October 2009, The French Stall opened its second branch at 83 MacPherson Lane #01-263.

The French Stall @MacPherson Lane

A week before, when searching the web for the exact location of the stall at Serangoon Road, I was surprised to find that The French Stall has a branch at MacPherson Lane which is much closer to where I'm staying. It's a beautiful decorated bistro in the midst of a housing estate. Quite a strange experience eating French cuisine surrounded by HDB flats. xD
While dining there, we were invited to it's official opening with free food from 6pm to 8pm. Free French food... why not? =P
On the day, Felicia, Nath & me arrived at 6.30pm. It was full house!

Full House on Official Opening

Girls @The French Stall

Such an overwhelming response that the food disappeared within minutes coming out of the kitchen & we couldn't find seats!

Free French Food!

Luckily, 2 of my friends were there earlier & had grabbed some seats. So we tuck in & the food were yummy! xD

French Food Party! xD

Then came the Lion Dance to launch the opening...

Lion Dance

Lions @The French Stall

Lions Blessings for the boss, his wife & the staffs

When the lions were throwing oranges at random, one landed on my lap. Suppose to bring good luck. Time for my change of luck, eh? xD

Lion with Me & Lucky Orange

The official opening was also a charity event with Xavier, auctioning off some crates of beers for charity. Quite a generous fellow he is!

Charitable Boss

After stuffing ourselves with delicious French food, we ordered some desserts. Since it's already after 8pm, we paid for them, but they were worth it, especially the Tiramisu. It's heavenly! =P

Yummy Desserts!

Despite mixed reviews from the online community about price & quality of it's food, The French Stall gets my 2 thumbs up! xD

French Boss, Xavier & us girls


At Friday, October 30, 2009 7:19:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Hi Nikita, good to have another blog post from you; I've been waiting quite a while! And what's it about? Yes, food! We can always trust you to root out more delicious food experiences eh? Nikita the foodie - that's you, ha ha. Your posts often leave me feeling peckish by the end, and this one is no exception with its aerial shot of Yummy Desserts. I could really do with a nibble of that chocolatey slice on the left.

Talking of yummy, you're looking so lovely in that picture with the lion and your lucky orange. The boots I've seen before - they're practically old friends by now - but I think most of the rest of that outfit is new to me. I definitely haven't seen that top, and I'm quite sure I would've remembered that miniskirt if I'd seen it before! The saucy criss-cross side opening is more obvious in your final picture. I really like your arm bracelet; an eye-catching design in what looks like sleek metal, which I suspect you had to be a bit careful with as it has a lot of pointy ends!

Oh, you have some beautiful friends too! And no, I'm not talking about your new French chef toy-boy Xavier! I mean the girls in your last picture and in the picture with five of you at a 'French Food Party'. Nath has quite a spicy outfit too, with shorts and a cute little jacket over a stripy top, and white boots visible in one picture where she's sitting down. Very nice!

Anyway, glad you had a good time. Go and have some more yummy desserts, I'm sure you deserve them. And hey, more blog entries soon please! :)

At Friday, October 30, 2009 10:11:00 AM, Blogger Lyn said...

Looks good... i've heard alot abt The French Stall and i just haven't got the chance to try them out. Serangoon has got a branch? Hmm... shall get my Oppa to go check it out with me! =p Thx for sharing!


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