Thursday, September 24, 2009

GCA - Games Convention Asia

20th Sept, Sunday ~ GCA - Games Convention Asia is here again & I went for a visit. How could I resist it anyway. =P
The event was held at the same location as last year, Convention Hall at Suntec City.


What will you find at GCA? Games, of course, silly! xD

Gamer Girl! =P

As I am in a Formula One Racing outfit, surely I will look for racing games to pose for pics & I'm a fast pace girl, right? xD

My Need For Speed!

Oh... there are lots of other games around too.

Lets Play!

Am I a good gamer? Answer: Even though I had played online FPS games such as Unreal Tournament or Battlefield 1942 & used to be a member of a local gaming clan, honestly speaking, I'm not very good with computer games. The acceptance my former clanmates graced me was due to my soulmate who is quite a good gamer & was one of their War Captain in matches against other clans. My forte is more towards posing for pics, a camhog & I might be a champion in this sort of thingie! LOL! xD

Champion Camhog! =P

Well... action speaks louder than words cos whenever I'm at such events, I was stopped countless times by photographers who want shots of me. When one start shooting, a swarm will inevitable formed in a semi-circle around me, cameras clicking, flashes firing till I was always nearly blinded!
At GCA, a booth owner spotted me & asked me to pose in front of his booth. A crowd soon gathered. What a dirty trick to draw crowd to his booth! I have to charge for such thing in future! LOL! xD

Crowd-drawer Me! =P

This year's event was much smaller & visitors were lesser than last year. Perhaps that was why that booth owner resort to such trickery. =P

Not so crowded

What I really love about such events are not the games, but the dress-up cosplaying characters who are always around on such occasions. Not withstanding a few lame, unfriendly, prideful, humorless & unsporting ones, wanting attention yet unwilling to interact with the public, sticking to themselves at corners unnoticed by most, there are always many who are the complete opposite from those emo kids. These friendlies are the ones who are such fun to pose with. And obviously, they will be the ones who get the most attention & achieved greater popularity.

Beauties & Beasties

Usually, I preferred to pose with lovelies like the Army Girl from a game, 2 sexy Ghostbusters, 2 gorgeous footballers from a virtual soccer game & I dunno what game character is the last one from, but it's a cutie! =P

Cuties! xD

Well... there are some cool dudes who I love to pose with too. xD
My favorites are the ever present Star Wars Stormtrooper & tough Ironman with 2 unidentified characters.

Cool Dudes!

Among the lovelies & cool dudes were quarrelsome pairs. I had to coaxed Make Love, Not War to a growling Alien & a snarling predator, pacified a fiery couple to Kiss & Make-up and negotiated a peace treaty between the Empire & the rebellious Jedi. Ok, it's just an imaginary storyline! =P

PeaceMaker Hengbok! xD

Also visited MovieMania booth & took some pics of their fabulous displays.

MovieMania booth displays

Guns? Did anyone mentioned guns? Oh-ho, I love guns! And light saber of course! xD

Shooter Girl of the Jedi! =P

Note: The weapons used for my above poses were borrowed with permission from their respective owners.
I would like to thanks MovieMania for the loan of those finely crafted display guns & also my thanks to the Jedi who lend me his light saber.

Then came cosplay contest time!

Cosplay contestants on stage

Contestants of the individual category

Team category

Now to wait for the results after the show & dance.

The complete line-up of cosplay contestants

And the 1st prize winner is...


Congratulations to Reno, the guy inside the Ironman suit!
Here's a pic of the rest of the winners. From left to right, winners of the team category & the 1st prize winner, Ironman. The 2 other prizes went to the characters, Armstrong & Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.


That concluded my visit to GCA.
When passing by the Wealth Fountain at Suntec City, I noticed there's a dance competition going on. So I stayed & watched.

Suntec Dance 2009

The junior category contestants are so cute & full of spirit too! xD

Dancing Kids

The open category performances pulled off a few surprising moves.

Contestants showing off their moves

What I enjoyed most is the team category which contestants really hyped fore some spectacular dancing & costumes.

Dance for Fame!

Dance Spectacular!

I didn't watch the end of the contest cos I'm feeling hungry & we went for dinner, hence, I dunno the full results of the dance contest. However, as much as I dunno about dancing, but I predicted the winner for the team category after watching their performance & I'm right. It was the 'If You Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands' team that walked away with the 1st prize. I got this news from a friend who was watching from the VIP stand.

The 'If You Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands' team

My oh my... I'm so happy. It's been such an enjoyable day! From games to cosplay to dancing! Cya at the next event! xD

Note: More & bigger photos will be uploaded to my Flickr.



At Friday, September 25, 2009 2:29:00 AM, Anonymous Aiko Katherine said...

hey Niki! it was great to see ur comment on my tagbox. You are amazing. I love all ur outfits! <3

At Sunday, September 27, 2009 2:34:00 PM, Blogger Buzz said...

I have never been to a convention like that. Worked the Microsoft Extreem Conference at Walt Disney World Dolphin. Used to play Command & Conquer but, years ago. Do love how u ware an fun to sip wine with you. Happy Trails....

PS never been to Singapore. Need to check it out. Many of my new ICP'S are from there. Nice girls.

At Friday, October 02, 2009 5:05:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Excuse me if I'm a little late in commenting Nikita, but my RSS reader completely failed to notify me of your update! I've given him a very stern telling off and threatened to use another reader if he doesn't get his act together. I want to know of any Hengbok updates immediately in future! Oh, and talking of computer games, it also didn't help that Halo 3 ODST just came out. As you know, I'm a bit of a Halo fan so it was necessary to check it out. I won't say it's a great game though (for the campaign), and certainly nothing's going to beat the original for me.

Now let's get down to business. That's quite a spectacular racing outfit you're wearing - complete with foxy logo - and I fully approve. All that checkerboard patterning is making me a little bit dizzy in the head I think, but it's a good sort of dizziness. I can't make out that yellow sticker on your left hip though, not even on your larger Flickr shots. What does it say? It's a mystery. You don't seem to have it in your first shot, so I'm guessing it's something you picked up at the convention.

Nice to see you with all those cuties - and I'm not talking about Iron Man. Those Ghost-busting cuties had shiny boots even longer than yours. Again, I approve! You beat them for buckle-count hands down though eh? And hey, now maybe I can understand why you're wearing sunglasses so often nowadays. Helps stop you getting blinded by camera flash when a crowd of feverish snappers forms around you! And yes, you should definitely charge for standing in front of somebody's stall!

Never mind if you're not so hot with computer games. You're plenty hot in other respects - especially in outfits like that - and I hereby award you the title of Unreal Cam-Hog Champion 2009. Me, I couldn't cam-hog worth a damn - nowhere near pretty enough - but if you want to see if I'm at least any good at blasting aliens, you can because I've just started adding movies to my Halo site! My first movie is BCM1 if you fancy a peek. So, you do the cam-hogging, I'll take care of the alien invasion, fair enough? Then again, you do look pretty fearsome with that assault rifle in your Shooter Girl pics. One look at you and the aliens would probably run for it! Or get out their cameras…

The dancing competition looked like fun too. I've seen street dancing competitions on the TV a few times and the moves are great to watch. In your pictures here I like the girl in the red tunic and black leggings. It's only a tiny shot but she looks cute!

Anyway, thanks for the report and pics on everything. You're looking as eye-catchingly stylish as ever. I guess I'd better get along to Flickr next to leave some comments on individual pics. Darn, I'm going to be late for that too!


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