Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

31st Oct, Saturday ~ On the evening of Saturday, a She-devil whispered to my friend Felicia, "Lets be naughty. Go Halloween!" With cheeky eyes lighted up, she grabbed the She-devil & off we went to Halloween! xD

Felicia with She-devil

With some pretty companions, we went down to terrorize or spread sweet temptation at Clarke Quay, whichever works. xD

Halloween @Clarke Quay

Before we can do any mischief, we were arrested by the Bacardi team. Oh well, the more girls, the merrier! =P

Halloween Bacardi Girls! xD

After our release, we hit right off with many horrors or fancies of the night. Moo moo cows, screaming box-man, hunk of Viking & Hercules, angels, devils, ghouls, zombie, witches, belly-dancers, pharaohs, pirates, cowboys, geishas, street-fighters & even Michael Jackson was sighted! The night came creepy alive with burning eyes, terrible fangs, evil laughters, dripping blood & banshee screams... Oh, de HORRORS! xD

Sweet Halloween Characters

Fanciful Horrors

We hit the night spots, terrorizing Le Noir early in the evening.

Revelers @Le Noir

With Friends @Le Noir

The Macabre of Le Noir

Later, we went over to Attica. It was super crowded. Even the VIP room which I managed to get in was no better. It was barely moveable inside with only standing space. Party like sardines! LOL! xD

Party Animals

I left Attica after a while, escaped from Felicia & went to meet my former classmates at SOHO(Social House). =P

Gory former classmates

Less crowded at SOHO, but less costumes. Perhaps due to the much younger crowd there. They might not know what Halloween is anyway. xD
That thought crossed my mind coz earlier, we had a guy with us. He's near 30 of age, timid, never been to a club before & a complete virgin to Halloween. That night, he had sort of a culture shock. Wide-eyes bewilderedly staring at all those costumes around him, especially the girls! Apparently, after a while, he can't take it anymore, gave a lame excuse that he have to work the next day & left in a hurry. When I reached home after 4am, he's still on MSN, not asleep, giving doubt to his claim of needing to work in the morning. When I chatted with him online the next day, he put up an effort to covered up his lost of face/ego on the night of Halloween, acted pompous, trying to sound experience & knowledgeable, imposing his foolish ideals on me. I promptly shut him out of my life. What a wimpy pretentious geek he is! Good riddance to bad rubbish keyboard warrior!

Anyway, back to Halloween night...

Halloween Party @SOHO

With friends @SOHO

Nath came after finishing work & joined us @SOHO.

She-devil & Terror Schoolgirl

About 4 am, tired out, we called it a night. Enjoyed myself thoroughly & cya next Halloween! Btw, how do you like my costume? =P

Note: More and bigger pics in my Flickr album.



At Monday, November 02, 2009 8:56:00 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Wow, I know last time I said "more blog entries soon please", but I wasn't expecting one after only two days. Wahoo! Looks like you've gone all spooky for this one, so I'm keeping all the lights on while I type this.

You ended with "Btw, how do you like my costume?", but you hardly need to prompt me for comments on that, ha ha. It's always the first thing on my mind when I learn of a new Hengbok blog entry: What is she wearing this time? Well for starters she's wearing a whopping big pair of devil horns. No cute little tiddlers for you like a normal girl might wear eh? No way. For you, a full-on kick-ass straight-from-hell pair! Not only that, you've got fingernails to match! Must've been jolly difficult to hold your drinks I imagine.

As for the rest of your outfit, the tartan was unexpected but maybe this particular devil-girl has Scottish ancestry or something. The design was cute though - devilishly cute to be precise - and seemed to be partly based on the look of a suspender belt. Tut tut… always so saucy! Your bat-winged pumpkin was blocking the view a lot of the time and I would've like a few clearer shots, but I did get the overall picture. Maybe you'll have some extra glam shots for Flickr? Oh, and I see that you also have a big ol' pointy tail to go with the horns. Very nice, though it was a pity you had to tuck it through your belt like that. People were stepping on it maybe? Hah, you should've jabbed them with your horns!

We didnt' get a great view of your boots, and some people might mistake them for hiking boots perhaps, but I'm betting they've got stiletto heels really. I mean, you are Nikita Hengbok, right? If I'd had to guess beforehand, I would've expected you to go for some longer boots in glossy black (I know you've got a very nice pair with lots of buckles), but hey, you surprised me with the tartan, and you surprised me with the boot choice too. All in all, a good horny outfit I'd say - so it's easy to see why they'd let you into the VIP area. The odd thing is, Nath turned up in tartan too! Ha ha, what is it with all this tartan? I have no idea.

Felicia has a rather appealing outfit too! Like, some sort of devil-nurse, in a very sexy mini-dress and glossy boots. You should've stolen her boots, they're better than yours! She looks fabulous and I want you to say an appreciative "Hi" to her from me. I'm much too shy to do it myself! She's good in front of the camera as well, and that's a nice shot of her in the right half of your first picture. Oh, and there's some big-horned Scottish devil-girl with her too.

I want to write more but the light have suddenly gone out and I'm getting scared. You made them go out with your devil-girl powers I think, angry that I said her boots were better than yours. Uh-oh, I think I'm in real trouble now. Would it help if I said your hair was nice? You have a lovely tail? No? Help! Devil-girl is out of control! Run for it!


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