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Movie Mania Exhibition @Iluma

3rd & 10th April 2010 ~ From 1st to 11th of April, Movie Mania had a exhibition at Iluma Shopping Mall, a shopping mall located opposite Bugis Junction. The exhibits were movie characters costumes which were displayed at the foyer of Iluma. Members of Movie Mania were also encouraged to make an appearance in costume to promote the event. I made brief appearances there for 2 consecutive Saturdays in 2 unorthodox soldier 'costumes' of mine. No military organization in the world will accept my vision of what a female soldier should look like! The only authentic military item in my 2 outfits is a US Marine Corp digital camo cap which was a gift from a good friend in the United States. The top brass will faint at what I wore! You guys can be as tactical or technical as you wish, but I'm going the artistic license show-biz way! Who cares, it's just for fun anyway. xD

Soldier Me @Movie Mania Exhibition

Patrolling the exhibits

And I'm a cam-hogging warrior! =P

Ironmen & IronHamster! xD

My policy as a cam-hogging soldier is: If it doesn't move, shoot it. If it move, shoot it too! =P

Just Shoot It!

While I was shooting with the exhibits & got shot back at by the crowd, Reno & Tim had a demonstration going on. They were showing the public the process of making movie props using silicon, plaster, resin, fiberglass & other materials. Very interesting!

Movie Props Making Demonstration

When I got restless prowling among the displays, high command gave me a mission. Objective: Draw in the enemy & confuse them! How? By pretending to be a display mannequin! xD
So, I got inside an exhibit area & stay very still, breathing shallowly. Did it for 2 sessions. 40 minutes for the 1st & an hour the 2nd time.

I am a mannequin! =P

That really drew the crowd. I was at the center of a firefight, camera flashes continuously exploding all around me. At the battle, many were confused, couldn't make out whether I'm a real person or a mannequin. You should hear some of the arguments going on... "She's real lah!" "No, she's not!" "She is! I can see her breathing!" "Don't be ridiculous! She can't be real coz no one can hold that heavy M203 up for so long!" or "She is a mannequin lah! Look how fair it is! All the mannequins have the same fair tone what!" xD
And the amusing remarks of a guy: "OMG! That's the most realistic display I've ever seen! Just look at the realism, the tight shorts squeezing into the flesh & look at the veins! And the skin tone is perfect! It looks so real, so life-like! This is remarkable!" His friends spotted my rifle muzzle moved a little & told him that I am a real person. What an embarrassment it was for him. =P
Some knew I'm real & wondered how could I stay still for so long without moving. One girl gave her guy this explanation: "I think they injected her with some chemical to make her freeze." LOL!
A few guys tried to befriend me, asking silly questions & for my phone numbers. I was a dummy with no response & they gave up. I don't think any guy wants a dummy for a g/f, do they? =P
Fortunately, except for a little girl, no one dares touches me. Once a little toddler came charging straight at me, but his dad stopped him by saying: "No boy, you are not touching that fierce lady warrior. It's much safer to go touch Freddy Krueger(at the next display) over there." And off he went to pester Friendly Freddy which can't do anything to him. I would have pinch his chubby cheek! =P
A group of guys dared each other to touch me: "You go touch her & see if she's real." "Are you crazy? Look at the crowd & (pointing to MM costumers) the soldiers there!" If she turns out to be a real girl, I will be instantly arrested for molesting or gets beaten up by her soldiers!" LOL!

Me drawing the crowd as an exhibit

During my mannequin stunt, there were many times I nearly burst out laughing from overhearing all those silly chatters going on around me. Luckily, I've got good self-control. To stay absolutely still for a long period isn't as easy as it sounds especially on my boots with 5" heels & holding at high-port, a M16/M203 even though it is just a mock-up! During my 2nd session as a mannequin, Tim, a member of Movie Mania bet I wouldn't last an hour. My fingers, elbow & legs cramped after the hour. I collapsed & had to be carried out from the exhibit area, but I did it! I am a dummy for an hour! Mission Accomplished! xD
Note: Tim! If you're reading this, you still owe me a dinner! xD

Had fun both times at the exhibition with friends from Movie Mania. Many thanks, guys! And my thanks to Reno for the loan of the M16/M203 & Rocky for the Uzi. My outfit wouldn't be complete without those mock-up weapons.

Movie Mania Costumers @Iluma

Note: After Iluma, some of the exhibits were moved to Leisure Park Kallang. They will be on display there till 25th of April, 2010. Costumers will be there on weekends only. I might be attending too. xD



At Saturday, April 17, 2010 11:40:00 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Most entertaining. The section about when you posed as a mannequin was hilarious and great to imagine. I wish I'd seen you - not least because you look absolutely gorgeous (of course). You must have been really still for people to be wondering if you were real, because I know it wouldn't be as easy as some people might think. Like, in the movies when somebody poses as a dummy in a department store so the pursuing baddies won't notice them, I'm thinking "Not gonna work! Bad idea! Baddies will just laugh and shoot you!".

Ah, but not if you're Nikita Hengbok, holding her saucy pose statue-like with barely any sign of breathing, and with skin complexion any mannequin would envy. "Look how fair it is! All the mannequins have the same fair tone what!". Silly people - they don't know who they're dealing with. Hengbok can be simultaneously drop-dead gorgeous and motionless for a whole hour! Phew, I don't know how you managed it. But if I'd been there, I'd happily have watched for the whole sixty minutes (maybe have a sandwich part way through), and given you a round of applause when they carried you off in a stretcher.

You're an inspiration, and seem to be developing quite a skill as a performance artist. First the Chinese opera and the stilts, now your mannequin trick. Once more I'm impressed. And did I mention how you looked absolutely gorgeous? Yes, I did, but another time wouldn't hurt would it? Fabulous outfits, and somehow you seem to look extra spicy with a whopping great big gun. Just one of your many talents. *sigh* I'm a trekkie in love… :P

I also enjoyed the way you painted things as a battle, saying "I was at the center of a firefight, camera flashes continuously exploding all around me". I like your playful imaginative writing. And hey, why the heck won't the military accept your magnificent style sense? Or maybe they could at least form some sort of elite squad of top-notch lady troopers and make you captain. That's fair, right? I mean, you've got the shiniest high-heeled boots in all of Singapore, so they should obviously put you in charge. I'd turn out to watch all the parades, no problem!

Anyway, I could ramble on for quite some time about more of your report Nikita, but if I don't watch it this comment will be longer than your blog post soon and you might take a shot at me with the M16. I think you get the general idea. It was fun and I think you're quite something. And did I mention you look absolutely gorgeous? Ok, I'd better head off to Flickr now to see if you've posted any of these pics bigger. Yes, must have bigger pics. Big pics for big guns!

At Monday, April 19, 2010 4:25:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw u at the exhibition at kallang leisure park.. :P

At Monday, April 19, 2010 5:15:00 PM, Blogger Nikita Hengbok said...

Replying to Anonymous (Monday, April 19, 2010 4:25:00 AM):

Which anonymous are you, as I've seen so many anoymous taking pics of me & with me.

Hehe. ;P

At Monday, April 19, 2010 5:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i did not take any pictures as i did not have my camera with me.. :(
u look real cute in person though.. :)

At Sunday, April 25, 2010 1:26:00 PM, Anonymous Lloyd said...

haha - funny story :)


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