Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sounds@*Scape - Media Fiesta 2010

Saturday, 27th March ~ Was invited by the people at Movie Mania to make an appearance at Scape Mall (a newly opened shopping mall located near Orchard Road) for the mall's soft launch event.

Media Fiesta 2010 - Sounds @ *Scape

All of us will be in costume to welcome & usher in the guest-of-honor of the occasion, Mr. Sam Tan, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communications & the Arts.

Costumers Line-up

I went as a Kitty Cat Schoolgirl, Japanese version. xD
While waiting for the guest-of-honor, I went around taking some pics with the costumed volunteers of Movie Mania.

Kitty Cat Schoolgirl with Cos-players

The guest-of-honor made a timely appearance. With a team of Capoeira dancers paving the way & us cos-players lining the aisle, he made a grand entrance.

Grand Welcome

We processed to the auditorium where the guest-of-honor made his opening speech for the official launch of Media Fiesta 2010.

Cos-players & audience in the auditorium

We filed out after the speech & went off-duty. I took the opportunity to take some pics with Movie Mania's fabulous displays at the foyer.

Live Predator & Stiff Darth Vader =P

Kitty Cat stars in Star Trek & Star Wars xD

After some rest & refreshments, we went for a walkabout around the mall attracting the attention of curious shoppers & passerby, all caroming to take pic of & with us. Reno, founder of Movie Mania, in a cute Gingerbread Man suit was of course the most in demand, especially by girls! That should boosted his ego alot! LOL! xD

Posing for the public

We were also invited to be film for a promotion video for the mall with Reno making some sort of a public relation speech. The mic was handed to me too, but I was too shy to speak. =P

All in all, it had being quite a fun time, with free food & drinks... buffer dinner & oh, yeah... lots of delicious hot dogs which someone couldn't help wanting more, making him even fatter! LOL! =P

Me with the team from Movie Mania

People in the above pic are, from left to right, back row: Reno with Edwin making 'V' signs above me! Front row: Sharon, Tim, Kitty Cat Meow Me & a good-nature cos-player from a local cos-play forum.

Note: Movie Mania (founded by Reno) is a local organization, more like a club which gathered people who love to dress up or cos-play as their favorite movie/game/comic characters. They had co-organized or had participated in a number of events and exhibitions including oversea ones. Those events are mostly related to online gaming, comics, toys or movies. Members of MovieMania had also participated in local parades or at movie launches.



At Thursday, April 08, 2010 6:16:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Cute kitty cat schoolgirl! I don't think I can see a tail this time though - I hope you haven't lost it. That's a great looking Master Chief you're in a few pictures with. I'm not sure he was too happy about swapping his assault rifle for Gigi, but he was hardly going to say no to kitty cat schoolgirl was he? No way. But hey what's this in the next pic? You're taking a bite out of Mr Gingerbread Man? I don't care how cute you are, that's mean! Get your teeth off him. Bad kitty cat. Also, is it a good idea to be waving Gigi at Darth Vader? I mean, he doesn't seem like the sort of fellow who'd find that amusing, and he can stop you breathing just by thinking about it - so better be careful! I see you're also messing with Darth Maul, a Predator, and the Borg. You really like to live dangerously huh? Still, they say a cat has nine lives. You're going to need all yours at this rate!

At Saturday, April 10, 2010 2:01:00 PM, Blogger Bob said...

Wow, what a neat story and fun assortment of pics, glad they wanted you there and that you had fun! Lot of talent in those costumes too!
shiroi (Bob)

At Monday, April 12, 2010 1:42:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I am pleased for you my friend - I went to something like that and it was fun too.

So you had a film made eh? Any chance of it being shown?

Well thanks for sharing us these wonderful events in your life.

Cheers - keep having fun!



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