Friday, August 14, 2009

From Bikes to Ice-Skate to G.I. Joe!

Saturday, 8th Aug, 2009 ~ Ice-skating day! Happy, happy! I love to ice-skate & with that, I dragged my ice-hockey boots down to Kallang Ice World at Leisure Park Kallang. Supposed to meet up with a few friends, but only 1 of them turned up. Joshua & Melissa was delayed at Botanic Garden which they visited after I recommended them to last evening. Zleipnir showed up & he was supposed to bring his girlfriend along, but she overslept. I can skate alone if it comes to that, but it's more fun with friends. Oh well...
Upon arriving at Leisure Park Kallang, I noticed there's a bike show going on. Being a cam-hog & love posing with vehicles, resistance is futile! xD

Yamaha Bike Show

Went around sexcitedly posing with some of those cool looking bikes. =P

Bike Show Girls? xD

Want a ride? =P

And what's a bike show without hot girls? xD

Bike Show Girls Lineup

After satisfying myself with fondling of all those terrific bikes, we went to Kallang Ice World for 2 hours of ice-skating. That day was the first time I fell after years of ice-skating. The incident happened when a little girl in front of me did a sudden stop & reverse direction without looking out for skaters around her! I tried to avoid her, but she was too near & we collided. I slipped when trying to prevent her from falling & got a bruise on my poor knee for my trouble. Not a big deal anyway as I'd got much more bruised when learning to ice-skate those many years ago. xD

Zleipnir & me @ Kallang Ice World

After ice-skating, Zleipnir & me parted company. He had to meet his girlfriend & I'm going to watch G.I. Joe, the movie.

G.I. Jane? =P

I'm not a fan of G.I. Joe, but the movie was fantastic! An adrenaline rush of blasting actions with hi-tech machineries all the way! Pure exhilaration! I love it! Surprise that a girl like me love action movies? To tell the truth, my preference of movies runs more towards actions, war or sci-fi ones. When the boom boom starts in a movie, little Hamster me who is afraid of loud thunder, cringed a lot & sometimes, jumped completely out of my skin... eh... furs, but it was Pure SEXCITEMENT! Hahaha...!!! xD

The next movie I wanna watch might either be...




or both! You were warned! Heeheehee... xD


At Saturday, August 15, 2009 3:07:00 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Two blog entries in two days! Wahoo! Did I mention that your blog is my favourite site? Always great to see another entry, especially when there are lots of pictures of you in it.

What a marvellously sexciting time you had at that bike show, which you so amusingly homed in on like a guided cam-hog missile. You must have had a great time bike-fondling. It may have been quite sexciting for a few bystanders also, if they got a sight of you. POW! You look fantastic. Ok maybe I'm lukewarm on those giant goggle-glasses of yours, but if you insist on wearing them to do your cool biker chick thing, I'm not gonna argue, no ma'am! You're looking especially good sitting on that big fella with the oversized exhausts, and I'd say you've got just the right attitude-filled boots for the show, so cutely worn with those socks. I bet the organizers were feeling pretty foolish paying for all those girls in red to pose around the bikes, when they could've just had you fondling the machinery for free! Like, "Ok all you girlies in red, go home, everybody fired! We got Hengbok now." Oh, only joking of course, and I'm not going to object to having nine extra sweeties in your blog am I? The showgirl second from from left is kinda cute I think, with an attractive raised hairstyle, and the third is doing a sexy pose with lovely smile so I'm giving her five stars too. Also the girl in the middle has lovely hair I think.

Moving on to your ice adventure (yes, stop thinking about the sexciting bike show now - time to cool down!), what a pity you got a bump on the knee. Not your fault as you explained. Sure-footed Polar Hamster can do no wrong, everyone knows that. Sounds like that little girl owes you a favour now. Hmmm… maybe she can be your passport into that children's botanical garden they wouldn't let you into!

Next, G.I. Jane! Er, I mean Joe. What a gorgeous pose you're striking in front of the poster. Dreamy! And judging from the sexily dressed women on it, you look like you're all ready to join them for a cameo appearance. Secret operative G.I. Hengbok, special liason from the Singapore military! You'd be the most fabulous kick-ass action heroine ever, I'm sure of it. Probably steal the whole movie. You've already got the outfit, all you need is a bit of hardware and you'd be ready for action. Yes, I absolutely demand a remake!

Oh, but it looks like you've already got your action movie career off to a start with a surprise appearance in G-Force. Yes, I see that cute Hamster on the end, ha ha! Don't let go, it's a long way down! As for the 2012 poster, I'm not sure that one was supposed to make me laugh, but it did, the way chunks of that city are breaking off like icing on a cake. I want another byline though: "2012 - Better pack your Wellingtons". Hee hee…


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