Wednesday, September 10, 2003

there were many a time i would really want to share my burden with.

but seems like i can't really do that, not to even the one i love.

i haven't got any choice, i have to turn to someone else instead,

or probably cry to myself, to relieve myself.

i would seek for help, not always to the one i love,

because he won't probably help me out.

i would have to reach out for others again.

sometimes i really do wonder how much this can ever go.

i'll shut up, because i am always asked to "shut up".

to whom can i talk to? to whom who cares about me?

or even bother to hear me out, or to even understand the little troubles,

or problems that may seem to you just a piece of cake.

seems to you i mutter and babble frustrate = babble+mumble + throw tantrum

i wouldn't want to add on anything further. you have never seem to understand.

i am worried. i am just a lost lamb whom no one would like to retrieve.

i'm afterall a "nobody's child".

when i decided to be someone else, i hope for the best for everyone.

i will be leaving. Sunday, August 25, 2002 3:14 AM