Saturday, June 24, 2017

Coney Island aka Serangoon Island

Backdate to Saturday, 20th May 2017 ~ One of our friends, Winston, decided to explore a newly opened park, the Coney Island Park and he invited us (SiaoMouse and me) along. Since this place is new to us, we were eager to do it. And it has been nearly 3 years that we did not go on our regular nature outing due to SiaoMouse's medical conditions. 3 major operations and a few minor ones to remove his brain tumor and gall bladder, left him weak with poor eyesight. So, we took it slow and easy this time round. Fortunately, Winston has a car and we parked at Punggol Settlement, near to Coney Island.

For anyone interested, more info about Coney Island Park:

First, I wanna check out Gallop Stable Punggol to pat or feed the ponies and the donkey. Alas, we were too early and all the animals were still in their stalls. Very disappointed! =(
Regardlessly, we had a look around.

Gallop Stable Punggol.

Pony Stable.

A giant pony plant pulling a carriage.

We utilised their nicely decorated washrooms. I took pics of their lovely orchid displays and we also tested their swings.

CowGirls' and Cowboys' Washrooms.

Singing Orchids.

Swinging Hamster. =P

Swung The SiaoMouse.

What puzzled us was a Karaoke room build inside what looked like a salvaged submarine or a submersible. Very creative, but where did this thing come from?

A Karaoke Submarine!

After our dose of a nearly empty stable, we left and found a bicycle rental shop. Due to SiaoMouse’s weaken condition, we thought it would be a good idea to explore Coney Island by bike.

My Cute Little Bike. =P

SiaoMouse got much needed help from Winston on a double bike.

We cycled along Punggol Promenade Nature Walk and entered by the West Entrance. Immediately, a Butterfly welcomed us.

West Entrance.

Great Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina bolina).

Winston and me at Coney Island Park.

Welcome to Coney Island Park.

The main path is about 2.4km in length. Just follow the signs and you won't get lost. The rustic terrain makes cycling a little bumpy at times, but it was an easy, breezy and enjoyable experience.

The main path and a bird hide.

Exploring Coney Island Park.

Directional Signs.

Useful Signs.

Informative Signs.

The only toilet in the park is at the East side of the island. It's best to empty your bowel using outside toilets before entering the park. If you can't reach the toilets in time and if all else fails, you can always do your business hiding in the bushes or behind a tree. Before you start, remember to tell the jungle spirit to go away and keep apologizing when you are letting go. LOLZ! =P

Unisex toilets at the East side of the island.

Cycling a short distance from the toilets, we reached the East Entrance. After snapping a few pics, we U-turned and navigated our way to the beaches. We found out the itchy way that the beaches at Coney Island have biting Sand Flies. Their bites are really annoying, taking at least a week to heal completely. Angry!

 Me at East Entrance.

View of Outward Bound School at Pulau Ubin and a beach of Coney Island.

A dead Mangrove Jellyfish.

Coney Island!

Exercise makes the body hungry. We returned the bikes and ordered lunch at the White Restaurant. By the standards of our growling stomachs, their famous white beehoon is really yummy! =P

3 hungry explorers at the White Restaurant.

After a sumptuous lunch, Winston brought us to the Marina Country Club. He told us it's a nostalgic place for him as he hung around there very often when he was younger. Within the club compound, is a fishing and a prawning pond. Winston in his younger days, caught many fresh seafood from those ponds. I went looking around and a few anglers let me took pics with their catch.

Fishing pond in Marina Country Club at Punggol.

Look! I caught a fish! =P

Holding on to a Grouper. =D

I love nature outings and enjoy watching people fishing. It was a near perfect day! That day was a very hot day and we tired out fast, but we were happy! We should do this more often. Has to wait for my BB to regain his strength. =D

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