Thursday, August 20, 2009

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009

Sunday, 16th Aug, 2009 ~ Here it comes again, The Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention! This is the second year it was held as a combined event. Last year, it was just toy & comic. Before that, each of the different category was held as an event individually. In any case, I'm going to attend! xD
On Sunday afternoon, arrived at SunTec City where the convention was being held. As it was a Sunday & most locals take that as a family day, it was more crowded than usual, but wasn't as crowded as last year anyway.
Usually, whenever I attend such event, I'm in my normal going out clothes. This time, I went as a Japanese CatSchoolGirl. =P

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009

Without lingering, we went straight into the convention hall. Booths selling toys are everywhere, small operators & big name companies. In between them are designs, comics & games stalls. I didn't paid much attention to those anyway. I'm more interested in the toys than games or comics.

Small toy booths

Big toy companies

And what's a toy show without Bandai?

The Bandai Booth

Then again, what's Bandai without Gundam? xD

Serious Gundam & Cute Gundam =P

Of all the comic booths there, only one caught my attention. Why? Brian Bolland, creator of Wonder Woman, Judge Dredd & TankGirl was there signing autograph! At first, I dunno who Brian Bolland is & I'm not into comic, but I know who is Wonder Woman & Judge Dredd. I didn't have anything for the famous artist to sign. Thought of asking him to sign on my arm just for the fun of it, but the queue was a little too long. xD

Brian Bolland autograph signing session

Even though I have no interest in comics, there are also some other artists at the convention whom caught my attention with their arts.

Artists at work

Now, lets get on with the toys & displays! =P
Some I'm familiar with, but mostly not. So don't ask me what they are coz I'm clueless as well. I just like to admire or play with them. xD

Mr. Monopoly, Ugly Dolls & Pervert Dolls?!? =P

A wonderful display of Big Eyes Dolls

Came across some which intrigued me, but I dunno what's their names.

Some Intriguing Toys

Playmobil's Egyptian & Unknown Heroine

Soft Toys? Did you said 'soft toys' I love only certain soft toys! =P

Pikachu! Tiger & Lion, Unknown & PuffyFish! xD

Then come the super heros, heroines & villains to save or destroy!

Terminator, 1 of my favorite movie & Batman

Too many to name & I dunno many of them! =P

HellBoy, Spartan, Predator & Alien

What? And a Barbarian screaming "Simply Toys!" =P

Aha! At last! I came across something which I'm more familiar with...

Full size helmets of Star Wars characters

X-Wing & Light Sabers

Many of the toys don't fancy me, but I simply love their posters! xD

Good CatGirl or Bad CatGirl? =P

Transformed into a CatGirl! Hahaha... xD

Hot Rocking Pretties!

During my wandering, I got bitten by 2 rabid rabbits! To get my revenge on them, I joined the G-Force & kicked their butts! Take That! xD

Rabid Rabbits & G-Force

And who could help, but not pose with some of the costumers there? I'm a cam-hog, remember? LOL! =P

Game Girls & a baker with fake breads! xD

Some of my favorites are Star Wars characters!

One of the places with lots of awesome costumes were at the Movie Mania's booth. They are the local producer of many fantastic sci-fi movies costumes & props. Movie Mania is also the co-organizer of this convention. Some of their members are my friends & as I'm a member of their online forum, I visited them to show support for their event.

@Movie Mania's booth with 1 of their display, Ironman

Karma Riders! The tallest 1 is Reno, founder of Movie Mania

MM's Wolverine & I love Bumble Bee! xD

Some of those nice people at Movie Mania are Tim & Eugene who posed with me in their costume. Tim as Master Chief exchanged his weapon for my candy & Eugene as Storm Shadow stole my candy! Threatened a chop chop with a katana to make him give it back! LOL! xD

Master Candy Chief & Storm Candy-stealing Shadow =P

At the convention, there was also a cos-play contest going on. An array of cos-players got on stage to do their stunt before the judges. As I'm not much into anime, I dunno many of the characters portrayed. Still, some of those contestants put up quite an impressive performance.

Cos-play Contest

Individual category contestants on stage

Some gorgeous costumes & even a Pikachu! xD

Team category's effort

Finally, it's time to judge the winners. It's not easy as many of the contestants really had very elaborate costume & some with outstanding performance.

A line-up of cos-play contestants & the judges

And the winners were...
Freedom Gundam took the the 1st prize.
Queen character from Blood Trinity walks away with the 2nd prize.
Dragonball bounced off with the 3rd prize.

Freedom Gundam, Queen from Blood Trinity & Dragonball

In my opinion, Freedom Gundam deserved the win. That remarkable costume must had weighs a ton & cost the owner a bomb! He couldn't even walk it up onto the stage! The Freedom Gundam was immensely popular with the crowd. You could hear the roar of approval even he was below the stage. The attention he got was amazing!
Speaking of which, the event organizers had set up an area with either black or white backdrop for photoshoot of cosplayers. I think it's a great idea! Attention seekers can pose to their heart content. I had my fair share too. =P

Photoshoots & me too! LOL! xD

And I was also filmed by, the official coverage of the convention.

My 2 seconds of fame @ 2:42 by =P

After all those sexcitement, I'm feeling hungry & we went for a Japanese dinner. My favorite food to complete a fabulous day!

CatGirl Loves Japanese Food! xD


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pocky Advert By Hengbok

Lets take a break from reading, folks! Here's some light entertainments for your enjoyment. Pleasant viewing!

'Pocky is Nice!' by Hengbok the Hamster! xD

And following closely behind the main release is the Special Features...

The Making of 'Pocky is Nice!' =P

Disclamation: Nikita Hengbok the Hamster will NOT be responsible for any discomfort, injuries or fatality incurred from watching the above videos.

Friday, August 14, 2009

From Bikes to Ice-Skate to G.I. Joe!

Saturday, 8th Aug, 2009 ~ Ice-skating day! Happy, happy! I love to ice-skate & with that, I dragged my ice-hockey boots down to Kallang Ice World at Leisure Park Kallang. Supposed to meet up with a few friends, but only 1 of them turned up. Joshua & Melissa was delayed at Botanic Garden which they visited after I recommended them to last evening. Zleipnir showed up & he was supposed to bring his girlfriend along, but she overslept. I can skate alone if it comes to that, but it's more fun with friends. Oh well...
Upon arriving at Leisure Park Kallang, I noticed there's a bike show going on. Being a cam-hog & love posing with vehicles, resistance is futile! xD

Yamaha Bike Show

Went around sexcitedly posing with some of those cool looking bikes. =P

Bike Show Girls? xD

Want a ride? =P

And what's a bike show without hot girls? xD

Bike Show Girls Lineup

After satisfying myself with fondling of all those terrific bikes, we went to Kallang Ice World for 2 hours of ice-skating. That day was the first time I fell after years of ice-skating. The incident happened when a little girl in front of me did a sudden stop & reverse direction without looking out for skaters around her! I tried to avoid her, but she was too near & we collided. I slipped when trying to prevent her from falling & got a bruise on my poor knee for my trouble. Not a big deal anyway as I'd got much more bruised when learning to ice-skate those many years ago. xD

Zleipnir & me @ Kallang Ice World

After ice-skating, Zleipnir & me parted company. He had to meet his girlfriend & I'm going to watch G.I. Joe, the movie.

G.I. Jane? =P

I'm not a fan of G.I. Joe, but the movie was fantastic! An adrenaline rush of blasting actions with hi-tech machineries all the way! Pure exhilaration! I love it! Surprise that a girl like me love action movies? To tell the truth, my preference of movies runs more towards actions, war or sci-fi ones. When the boom boom starts in a movie, little Hamster me who is afraid of loud thunder, cringed a lot & sometimes, jumped completely out of my skin... eh... furs, but it was Pure SEXCITEMENT! Hahaha...!!! xD

The next movie I wanna watch might either be...




or both! You were warned! Heeheehee... xD

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Magical Botanic Garden - Gifts of Friendship, part 3

Friday, 7th Aug 2009 ~ Took a day off from my stressful work. I had a replacement leave coming to me anyway. What's the best way to relax if not among greenery? So I went to Botanic Garden. I love Botanic Garden! It's such a lovely place & I wanna visit the new Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, a part of Botanic Garden. Moreover, my pet CatBus was dying for a walk. So off we went to the Botanic Garden in the afternoon.

Entrance to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Unfortunately, I couldn't get in as I was informed by the staffs that adult have to be accompanied by a child or children to gain entry. Haha... this is weird! Most time is the other way round! But, but, but... I'm a little cute Hamster! No pet allowed? CatBus was disappointed too.

Don't I look young enough to be a kid? =P

Never mind then, we shall go to the main part of the garden where there are more to see.

Among the fruits & flowers

So we took a stroll among fragrant flowers, lovely fruits & in the midst of them, many insects flying or crawling around.

Exotic flowers that we came across

Fruits: Breadfruit & Chempedak

Insects we met

Dragonflies! My favorite insect! xD

And among the bushes, we found a couple doing the birds & the bees!

Sex in the wild! xD

With all these beauty around us, my little CatBus wanna to be unleashed. He wanna roam, to explore, to be free.

Unleashed the CatBus!

CatBus happily leaped among the plants & his curiosity took him everywhere, bringing to him many wonders of the garden.

CatBus leaping happily around

And he tends to find odd things to bring back to me whenever he roams. Once he brought back a DVD titled. 'Restoration', an introduction to a sort of practice of Christianity. Odd...

Restore Me? xD

Next, CatBus brought back a Chilean flag keychain. It's very lovely!

CatBus found a keychain & I love it! xD

Off went CatBus again! After some time, he bounced back in a hurry & insisted that I follow him. What had he found this time that excited him so much? He just gave me his big silly Cheshire Cat grin...

What had CatBus found?

CatBus leaded me to a bush. Within the bush, among the beautiful flowers was a pair of dancing FAIRIES! One dressed in white & the other in pink. They look like twins & they are so CUTE! xD

Dancing Fairies!

Later, I discovered that they are in fact twin sisters.

Fairy Sisters Love!

What are they doing in the bush? Those cute fairies replied that they are lonely & quite vulnerable in the wild. They are waiting for someone nice to bring them home & take care of them. How could I resist them?

Love my Magical Dancing Fairies!

I introduced them to CatBus & they quickly became firm friends. A fairy tale happy ending in the making, I hope.

Fairy Tale Friends!

It was getting dark & we left Botanic Garden bringing with us the items that CatBus found & of course, the cute dancing fairies.

Later in the evening, we met up with a couple of friends for dinner. This guy friend of mine, Joshua, has a new girlfriend. Her name is Melissa, a very nice girl of mixed parentage, Malaysian Peranakan mother & Swiss father. She was here for study & after visiting relatives in Malaysia, is returning to Switzerland soon. After dining at Han's, we chatted at a cafe till nearly midnight.

Joshua, Melissa & me

It was a very happy day for me & the next day, I'm going ice-skating! Yippee! I will be updating on that soon. xD

Note: The above tale is just a story I created for this entry. Only the last part where we met our friends for dinner is real. I did went to Botanic Garden on that day. The flowers, fruits & insects were pics taken by my soulmate & me while we were there.
In reality, CatBus is a soft toy produced by Studio Ghibil which I bought. It's a character featured in the famous anime, 'Totoro' by the great Hayao Miyazaki of the renowned Studio Ghibil.
Those items that BusCat supposedly brought to me are actually gifts from oversea friends. The 'leash' of CatBus is actually a lanyard. The lanyard, the DVD & the keychain are gifts from a good friend of mine, Carlos Gonzalez of Chile, South America.
The pair of dancing fairies is actually a musical box given to me by my dearest Thai sister, Namtip Phasang, whom I love very much. We met on Flickr & had became sister.
Wonderful gifts & I love them all! xD