Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tweeeeet! Tweeeeet! Tweeeeet!

Since Chinese New Year, have been woken up every morning by a monogamous pair of Olive-backed Sunbirds. They were collecting materials for their nest. Kept plucking & tearing to shreds red strings tied to some plants. Caught glimpses of them always going back to a giant tree opposite my block, but can't see the nest. I really wanna see their work. Their nest must be the most prosperous among all with so much redness.

Dance of the Sunbirds

My wish came partly true last weekend. While walking through a small downtown lane late in the afternoon, I heard some chirping above me. Looked up & was pleasantly surprised to see a nest with two nestling sticking their heads out calling hungrily. Their nest was just 3 meters up, suspended on a branch near to a window of a double story shophouse.

Chirping nestling

Woot! Never expect to see a Sunbird nest in busy town center! Quickly grabbed my camera & took some pics. Then suddenly, mommy bird appeared and in my sexcitement, I stupidly missed the shot! Completely missed it! Fumbling bloody clumsy bobo-shooter inept photographer, I cursed myself! In frustration, I waited for it to come back. Waiting, praying & hoping, motionlessly in the hot humid small back lane. My patient was rewarded in half an hour when mommy bird returned again. This time, I am prepared...

Return of the Female Sunbird

Feed me! Me first! Me, me, me!

There're 2 birds, male & female, coming back regularly, feeding those hungry babies. Very cautiously at first, hoping around on the rooftop & tree branches, flying in circle checking the surrounding & me. They got bolder with each return as I proved to be harmless. I got such a thrill watching them late into the afternoon. Blessed them with good luck, me godmother of 2 cute baby Sunbirds. Heeheehee...

Papa Sunbird also took a hand in feeding

So happy & feeling hungry after watching the feeding. Had a nice dinner of delicious chicken kebab roll at a small cafe called Sultan Kebab run by handsome Turkish guys.

Delicious Turkish Delight

Three Handsome Turkeys & Me =P

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Gathering of Keyboard Warriors

Went to a forum outing last weekend. This made it my 2nd outing with members of this forum. The 1st time was last month.
As with many forum outings, we went to some place to have dinner.
This time is fish head steam boat at a coffee shop. We met, chatted & tried to get to know one another. Be real instead of a virtual entity. The usual stuff people do at many forum outings I'd attended, but what surprise me is, many guys from this particular forum are very reluctant to have their photo taken.
At other forum outings, everyone (girls & guys) will happily let me take their photo & even let me post those pix on forum where all can be viewed publicly.
My outings with these people were totally different. Many of these guys refused to let me snap pics of them! If they are girls, I may understand their shyness. I was pleasantly pleased that the 2 other girls there didn't object, but guys shy of camera?!? Felt quite stunned when asked whether I can take pix of them & the answer that came back was a forceful "NO!"
Been to many places in the world & no guy ever turn me down whenever I asked to take their pics. What's there to be afraid of, when a girl take your photo? And there I was, quite embarrassed, taking pix of many guys whom cover their face!

See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil.

Oh my... what happen to guys in Singapore? Turn girlish? Scare to have photo taken? Why the fear? It's not scandalous pix or what. These guys offended too many people on the internet?
Do no evil & you have nothing to fear, guys. You guys behaved like those superstitious jungle natives whom believe photo taken of them took away their soul! What can you do to a photo? Make black magic or voodoo? Draw some funny marks on the face? Make into dart board? C'mon... big fat zero effect in real life! It's not as if I'm going to paste their pix all over the place.
Chey! Me a girl, private & shy, don't even mind people taking my photo. If anyone wanna take pic of me or with me, they just have to ask politely. No need to sneak shots at me, you know?

Three courageous keyboard warriors who posed for me. =P

Was quite disappointed there isn't any post-dinner activities coz the organizer disappeared right after dinner! Without coordination, some wanna roam a shopping mall while others wanna do something else. The group split. I was too disheartened by the photo taking incident to join any of them. Went to Sunshine Plaza instead. Got some gashapons for my collections & to brighten up my day.

Some addition for my collection.

At least these little figurines let me take their pix happily, without objection & make me smile. Don't know whether to go out with those forumers again. Maybe 3rd time lucky? =P

Monday, April 02, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

Went clubbing on Saturday with a bunch of friends & my Thai colleague. During the previous weekend, as an unofficial tour guide, I brought my Thai colleague to some scenic spots & later celebrated his birthday at Boat Quay. That's when he expressed his wish to go dancing. Promised to take him next weekend.
As I'm not into clubbing, I asked a few of my friends for suggestions & we settled on Momo or Mdm Wong 2.
Never been to either of them, I got lost looking for the place. Fault also due to my friend's misdirection!
My Thai colleague teased me about not being a Singaporean... Bleah!
Wandered around Clark Quay & got distracted by a group flying sort of RC kites with neon lights. So cool to watch them gliding around in the darken sky.

Went to the agreed meeting spot much later after my friends gave proper direction.
Wanna go to Mdm Wong, but found out that it was only for private party.
Ok, Mdm Wong II then. Not much people around. Live soccer match was on big screen which held no interest to me. Asked a waiter whether can we take our drinks over to Momo.
Friendly guy told us that most of the action will be over at Momo & the live band at Mdm Wong II will be on only after 11 pm.
So we skipped over to Momo. Don't quite like the music there. Played a little pool, danced some.

The night is still young, innocent & decent.

Later, another of my friend joined us. She was with a group who were not sociable. They stuck to themselves & she went with them. Can't blame her as she just met a guy whom she like. Awww... nevermind.
Since we didn’t like the music at Momo, we skipped back to Mdm Wing II where the live band had started playing. Woooo, Retro! Just my type of music!
This is when I came alive. Swing, swing like a drunken monkey! Heehee...Hic!

Fantastic Four Monkeys? =P


Our guys went at one another with funny gayish moves. Hahahaaa... their kissing, hugging & grabbing at one another had me in stitches!

Slurp... Eeeek!

Love your boobies! =P

A 'gay' unfazed by our sexiness. Haha... Look what his hands are covering.

Think we are the most crazy group in Mdm Wong II. Had quite a blast. Came back damn tired & slept till 3 pm on Sunday.
Next outting will be at St. James Power House... Yeah!