Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Announcement: Winner of Online Contest

Not so long ago, there was an online contest featured in my blog, in my entry of Bloggers in Big Shoes ~ Project Baby Love. The prize is a digital camera, a Canon Ixus 300HS.

Canon Ixus 300HS

The contest ended on 31th Aug, 2010. Now, the winner has been selected & the winner is:

Vincent Wong

CONGRATULATION to Vincent Wong! Thank you for participating in our online contest! Incidentally, the winning picture which got the most votes is mine.

Photo D

My sincere thanks to those who have voted for me.

Note: This entry is link to Bloggers in Big Shoes ~ Project Baby Love & Bloggers in Big Shoes 2010 Recap


Monday, September 20, 2010

Bloggers in Big Shoes 2010 Recap

Full entry here.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nath's Birthday Party @Boiler Room St James

9th Sept, 2010 ~ Went to Boiler Room St James last Thursday evening as my good friend, Nath was celebrating her birthday there.

@Entrance of Boiler Room

Joining her in the celebration was Nath's mom who had flown from Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia. Mrs. Luter looks more like Nath's older sister than her mom. She's gorgeous! I'm not kidding coz some of Nath's friends mistaken her mom for her elder sister! xD

Nath with gorgeous mommy & me

And of course lots of Nath's friends were there too.

Friends @Nath's Birthday

Hmmm... I just realized that all those pics of Nath's friends consisted of girls only. I think my personal photographer had forgotten to take pic of the guys there or I suspect that he had deliberately forgot or his camera was being selectively bias! LOL! xD

Of all the clubs I'd been to, Boiler Room St James remains one of my favorite. I love the live band, the performers with their colorful, sexy costumes, their music & their dance. They are really cool!

Live Performance @Boiler Room

And of course, I simply love their famous resident diva, Gino who is seriously funny. I'm always amused by his acts. xD

Gino The Diva

Have never being disappointed at Boiler Room yet, always having over-the-top-fun every time I was there. No different this time. Predictably, Nath & a few other people who were celebrating their birthday on the same day were called up on stage by Gino. Well... it's a tradition to make fun of them on their birthday. xD

Nath with other birthday girls/guys on stage

Nath, being quite a regular @Boiler Room knew what's in stall for her at her birthday party as she has friends among the performers & staffs. That evening, she wore her bikini under her jacket in preparation & had also requested a number of her female friends, including me, to do so in support. She was ready when Gino asked the birthday people on stage to strip their clothes & do erotic dancing.

Bikini Dancing On Stage

The girls put up quite a daring sensual act to the cheering of the crowd. However, when it comes to the guys' turn, it was very disappointing. They are more shy than the girls! They got no mojo! =P

Shy Guys

Despite being taunted by Gino who even showed them how, they simply just can't make it. They were thoroughly booed!

Taunting & Showing by Gino

Gino was so fed-up with them. Doubting they are guys, he checked their manhood which apparently, he declared they don't have. =P

No Mojo! xD

Anyway, all those are just in good fun. Quite common at birthday party in clubs. No serious insult or offense intended.

A Toast To The Birthday People!

We partied the night away with a number of us girls in bikini in full support of Nath's bikini birthday party theme. I know many of you guys were anxiously waiting for pics of party girls in bikini, right? xD

Bikini Party Girls

As usual, really enjoyed it @Boiler Room. Was a great party & everyone had a really good time! Happy Birthday, Nath!

BikiNiki @Boiler Room! xD