Monday, February 04, 2013

*AWARENESS* No Artist Will Want Their Work To Be STOLEN


I am the rightful owner of the mushroom picture, which I have uploaded to my Flickr as well as my Instagram.
She stole my picture off my Flickr site, posted it on her DeviantArt & claimed it's her work.
I reported it as theft & also left a comment in her DeviantArt.
She removed the pic so that her contacts will not read my comment & she re-uploaded the stolen pic again.
She also left a few comments which she hid & block me from commenting.
Again I reported it as theft & it was removed, assuming by DeviantArt.
Despite all the evidences, she called me a thief instead. Impudent asshole!

1st link:
2nd link:

Thief's profile:

My flickr link to original image:

Note: It was reported to dA & has been taken down since.
However, thief simply refuses to admit that she stole my work.