Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wishing All a Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year!

31st Dec. 2007 ~ Intended to go to the Esplanade by the sea for the countdown & watch the fireworks display. Heard that the display will be different this year as they have thousands of changing color lighted balls floating on the water. Also, I was supposed to meet up with a friend from FaceBook who is from Sabah, Malaysia. She is here on holiday with her parents & is thrilled that she can get to watch the countdown here in Singapore.

FaceBook friend, Nathalia & me

We were set to meet at City Hall MRT station at 6 pm, but due to a series of mishaps & delays, we didn't get moving towards the Esplanade till quite late. As expected, rivers of human beings were also moving in the same general direction. The whole water front was jam packed. We can't get near to the water & were stuck nearly half a kilometer away from it. Come midnight, we were fated to watch only half the display, but even so, the fireworks this year was gorgeous! Alas, with my lousy handheld camera skill, I only have a few crappy pics to show.


After the crowd cleared, we walked to the hawker center at Victoria Street for some food & drinks. Going home was a nightmare. For Nathalia & her parents were worse. They were staying with relatives in Johore Barhu across the causeway & have to stay awake till the first public transport operates at dawn. For me, there's Night Rider bus service which operate till 4.30 am on eve of public holiday, but this time, they're not on time with their promised of 15 ~ 20 minute per arrival of bus. Waited from 3 am to 4.50 am. Only 4 buses came along & the first 3 didn't stop coz they were packed! Tried getting a cab, but all were filled too. Only managed to get home on the last Night Rider. Me think the bus company management who organizes the Night Rider service had their heads up their arse! Look... if it's on normal weekends, the regular Night Rider service is fine. This is New Year's Eve & there're public countdowns at 3 major locations with hundreds of thousands of people going home afterward. Majority of them don't have own transport. Bearing in mind that Night Rider bus's route is long. How many buses does it take to transport those people home? Use your brain lah! Furthermore, at S$3 per passenger, got money don't want to make meh?!? Stupid bus company management! If I'm the boss, I will fire the whole lots of those brainless idiots! Hahaha! =P

Perhaps, the most disappointing & sad thing is I didn't get to watch those spectacular actions close to the water as we're too far away to see it. Later, I watched some videos on YouTube taken by those lucky enough to see it. It's really awesome! Kudos to the people who organized the fireworks display at Esplanade & crap to Night Rider's management! No more going to countdown after this. Hate to get stuck again. xD

Anyway, I wish this New Year will bring me better luck & prosperity!
Also, I wish the same for all who read my blog. Happy New Year 2008!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


30th Dec. 2007 ~ Came across a new anime by the creators of Appleseed while surfing for new movies. AppleSeed! That does it! Watched & love Appleseed 2004! I wanna watch Vexille! Any action movies with tough stunning heroine whom deal out violent with smooth efficiency get my adrenaline going! I wanna be like them! Hahaha!


When Vexille opened in cinema, I went to watch it at The Cathay Cineplex.

Me at Cathay Cineplex

Got a surprise when I bought the tickets. Vexille is shown at The PictureHouse which is reserve for art films. Didn't know Vexille is some sort of arty farty film festival kinda thingie. This is the first time I'd been to PictureHouse since it's debut. Who cares... I just wanna watch the anime. =P

Tickets comes with a nice classy folder

Vexille's story line is interesting, except for some comical actions at the ending. CGI is very well done & I love those cool mecha designs. Those battle armors/fighter suits & the chopper which transport the SWORD team are so cool. The little egg shaped fighting robots are so cute! xD I'm definitely buying the DVD when it's released. Here's the official site if you wanna know more about Vexille:

Vexille movie poster at PictureHouse