Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Siloso Beach Party ~ Countdown to 2011

31st Dec, 2010 - 1st Jan, 2011 ~ Where were you when it's time to send off the old & welcome a new year? Not alone at home, I hope. Me was partying all night long at Asia's grooviest New Year celebration @Siloso Beach Party where the 1.2 km Sentosa beach stretch was transformed into the ultimate countdown party & entertainment arena.

Siloso Beach Party

Asia's Grooviest!

We arrived at about 8pm, together with our security details & my usual entourage, party girls with cat ears ~ We Are Beach Kitties! xD

Beach Party Time!

Siloso Beach Kitties

Girls, I couldn't stress less on the importance of having some tough guys along with you whenever you wanna attend such a party. With the recent influx of immigrants, many from rural villages, most of them have never seen such occasion or dressings. They, especially the Indians, Ahneh or bangalas as the locals called them, love to flock to such party ogling at bikini girls. When they are tipsy, they get bold & touchy as illustrated in a well-known molest case at the 2009/2010 countdown party. 4 Ahneh boldly molested a female openly in full public view. From what I saw, the security is much better this year. Even then, our guys had to chase off ahneh 3 times when they got rowdy & started edging too close to us girls. And at the foam party pool, we saw an ahneh being escorted off by security officers.

Anyway, back to the fun. With 5 resident clubs joining in, the party area was much bigger & wasn't as crowded as ZoukOut. The fringe entertainments were much much better.

Main arena with stage

We had a time of our life drumming it up...

Banging on make-shift drums & butt =P

Nath had a go at the mechanical bull rodeo ride. The rest of us girls gave it a pass. To show how tough they are, 2 of our guys fought it out at the Gladiator Arena. Their actions were quite comical & I laughed till I went voiceless. Pity we didn't video them, but we did video Nath trying very hard to bash up a guy friend, telling him it was a penalty for showing up late. =P

Rodeo Nath & Gladiators

Killing Me Softly xD

We also tried the Meteorite, a ride in a spinning & tilting wheel, equivalent to being inside of a washing machine. xD

Centrifugal Force Warning

Round & Round We Went

Oh yes, foam party here we come! xD

Foam Party!

Before & After Foaming =P

Wet & Wild!

When tired, we chilled, relaxed, grabbed some food & drinks.

Relaxing Swan Beauties

Replenishing Our Energy

Resuming when we got our energy back... party crazy again. =P

Party Girls

And camhogging with friends & strangers...

Party Animals

Friends & Strangers

Party Pretties


Then the countdown begin & when the clock strike 12... everyone screamed: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lovely 2011

Firework Cheers

May 2011 be a better tomorrow for all!

Greetings From The Beach Kitties!