Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Singapore River Tour

Last weekend, before going to Boat Quay to celebrate a foreigner friend’s birthday, we went for a stroll along Singapore River. Thought we show my friend around a little before we drink him under. Haha!
Saw a car sale display. I'm not into cars & don't know what model are they. Just thought it will be so cool pretending to be a car show model. Me too short to be a model, but I can pretend can't I? Heh...
Went up to a slick black one & started posing.
My friends took a few shots & before you know it, people nearby started snapping pics of me! Huh? What the...?
Heard a guy commented about wanting a pic of the car show model.
His red-eyes wife stopped him "She's somebody's friend lah! Don't you dare take any pics of her!" Oops... poor guy. =P

Me, a car show model? =P

After the 'photo shoot', we continued on towards Clarke Quay.
The place had changed so much from it's Sunday Flea Market days. There's a fountain in the middle with this huge weird looking multiple umbrellas sculpture above it. Because of it's white lacy floral prints on those 'umbrellas', one of my friends commented that it looked like a up-skirt view... *gasp!*

An up-skirt view...

The area now are full of cafes with fancy theme.
One look like a glass window display, another is Scottish. A place that intrigued me the most is a cafe that deco up like a hospital. They have hospital kinda screens dividing the seating areas.
Seats are like hospital's metal bed frame with silver cushions. They even had a work table that look like a hospital operation table! Wonder if the serve hospital food & drinks. Haha...
Cafe name? Clinic.

A patient at the 'Clinic'

Doctor, doctor! I have this broken heart condition... =P

After the tour, we adjourned over to Boat Quay for a roaring good time.
I seldom club, but this is for a friend's birthday & he's a foreigner alone in a strange land. So we wanna make his stay & birthday here memorable.
At a pub, we joined a group of friendly British tourists. We sang, danced & screamed down the house.
Drink, play pool, sing, dance, drink again, no worry, be happy. Hic!
Sorry, no pic. The only pic of drunken me there is so ugly that I refused to put it up. I may not be pretty, but I'm vain... yep, I'm vain. Which girl is not? No ugly pic of the new me on the web, ever! =P

Boy's Toys

Many guys finds my preferences & hobbies a little bizarre.
Dolls & soft toys, most girls love them, but not for crazy & abnormal me!
Been playing with guns & robots since young. Even though I don't know much about military history or weapons, I've a fascination towards anything military or weaponry.
Most girl love romance movies. I rather watch war or action movies.
In cinema, I'm always frightened by the gunfire & bomb explosions, but eyes will be glued to the big screen, fascinated by the battle.
Knew I can never be a soldier & won't want to be one.
Wars are destructive & in reality, I never like war or want any to start, but still, I like weapons.
Why? What's wrong? Don't look so surprise, guys. Can't a girl like guns?
I love tanks, warplanes, battleships, missiles & guns!
No cutie dolls or soft toys! I will blast them apart with my army!
Keep your opinion to yourself! Bleah! =P

My Arsenal!

Can't own real guns here, so I go for the alternative.
I collected miniature weapons, small scale replica of the real thing. The advantage are, they're small enough to fit into the limited space I have & cheap enough for me to buy many of them.
By now, already lost count of how many I own. Displayed some in plastic cases on my shelves.
Most of them are in storage waiting for the day when I can display them all in their fearsome glory.

Other than weapons, I love DRAGONS!
And some robots or Mecha as they're called in Japanese anime. Told you I'm weird & have strange hobbies for a girl, didn't I?
Already collected a few sets of those McFarlane's Dragons.
They come completed & painted. Beautiful, awesome, ferocious roaring dragons! Just right for a fiery girl like me! =P

My Dragons & Knights!

My failed plastic modeling project. =(

Saw those scale models displayed at some shops. Thought it will be cool to try my hands at this hobby since there're some cute robot kits available.
Bought some Bandai's simple SD (Super Deformed) robots, tools & paint markers. Simple? NOT!!! Damnit! I sux at this! (-___-)"
Wasted quite a few hours crying, swearing & pleading at it don't work!
Grrrrrrr.....!!! You better refrain from making bad comments about my work or I will sandpaper your face!

(Switch personality)
*Looking with soft puppy blinking eyes*
I do have a soft girly side of me too, you know?
Other than guns & dragons, I collect figurines of girls... sexy girls. =P
Small figures are called Gashapon or Trading Figures. Bigger scale ones are known as Completed or Display Figures. They are mainly characters from Japanese anime, manga or games.
Mostly, these are collected by guys. Don't believe? Go ChinaSquare Central where the Flea Market is held every Sunday or certain shops in Sunshine Plaza. These 2 locations & Far East Plaza are where a number of shops/stalls selling these figures can be found. You will notice many guys buying these, very few girls.
Been collecting these figures for a few years now & most time, I'm the only girl around that buy them.
Love Rei Ayanami from EVA. Also love the Murata range & Mecha Musume.
Some 'trading figures' are nudes... my favourites! Hey, I'm not a pervert! I treat them as Works of Art!
What? You mean a girl can't appreciate nudes?
Drool, drool, drool...... Haahahahaaa!!!
You should see shop or stall owner's face whenever I buy them. Heehee!

Gashapon & Trading Figures.

My Sexy Completed Figures.

I have peculiar hobbies for a girl.
Not easy to understand me entirely.
Most time it's quite unsettling for guys when they get to know more about me. Never one to care much about other's opinions anyway.
Accept me as what I am or not at all. :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Batty Encounter

A few days ago, while I was chatting with friends, the subject of bats came up. Told them I had been traumatized by a bat before.
A few years ago, a bat wandered into my house.
Was sleeping like a piggy and didn't know what happen till my mummy screamed. Open my eyes in shock to see... it's a... it's a...
It's a bird! It's a plane! Oh shit!
It's a BAT flapping happily above my bed!
Visions of Dracula and blood-thirsty vampires flashed thought my mind from watching too much horror flicks.
I'm just a little girl. Too young to die!
Go away! I'm ugly! I'm unworthy!
Go find a prettier girl!
Pleading while hiding under my blanket.
After a zillion years (well, it seemed that long to me!), bat landed on the curtain rail. I jumped out of bed and fled out of room in record time.
Though I was safe, but NO!!!
That evil bat had to follow me out of my room!
Ran panicky around the house screaming all the way.
Why me? Why me? I ain't no pretty fair-skin maiden!
All this while, my mum was trying to drive the bat out of the house.
Bat chased me, mum chased bat.
Round and merry go round we go.
A scene right out of comedy, but I don't think it's funny at that time! After another zillion years, it landed on our wall clock.
A photo opportunity presented itself and I had always love to take pic.
Despite my fear, I perked up temporary courage to take a photo of it.
It must have hate photography coz it started chasing me again and the merry go round was repeated.
Till today, I can't recalled what really happened at the end of the whole saga. Think I was so frighten out of my wits that I had amnesia about the last part of the incident.
No bats & no more horror movie for me! If Batman is to show up now, think I will freak out and faint right away.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How my nick 'hengbok' comes about.

행복 (Full of Happiness) by H.O.T (disbanded)

Whenever people see my nick, they will ask, what does hengbok mean or why hengbok?
It all began back in 1996 when a Korean pen-pal introduced me to her favorite Korean boy band - H.O.T when they were just releasing their first top hits album.
Initially, she sent me pictures of them, till one day she mailed me their 3rd album - Resurrection.
Was quite surprised, but thought it would be pretty interesting experience listening to some foreign music. After listening, it was like "Hey!!! They sound not bad! Pretty good in fact!"
Love the beat and the rhythms. Hang the lyrics which I don't understand a single word! For a period of time, I kept listening to that particular album every moment of my life, even when sleeping.

Then come internet access. First thing I did was to search for H.O.T and guess what?!? Stupid search engine leaded me to sex sites as I was an internet noob at that time. ("-__-)
I was screaming in frustration, irritated & annoyed!
Really was impatient with enthusiasms to check out my favorite band! *screams*
Later, still a internet virgin, I managed to have a few cyber glimpse of them. Despite the fact that most sites were in Korean back then, which I couldn't understand a tiny weeny bit, I was thrilled.

I also got to know quite a number of H.O.T fans from Singapore and even Malaysia. Somehow, I got close to a few girls from KC - Andrea, Joey, Peggy & Corrine. Ah... those were the days of the crazy five.
We were so wild over H.O.T that whenever we met up, we imitated H.O.T dance moves. Hehe...
In retrospect, we look pretty dumb although at those time, we thought we are sooooo cool! :P
We went around sharing the stuffs which we have collected (too many to be listed & they're all jumbling around in my head *rolleyes*).
After a while, after the crazes was over, we lost contact. I wonder if they still remember me. :)
Not forgetting my friend (kor kor) from Malaysia.
An ice-hockey player in Malaysia, Team: Inferno Ice if I remember correctly. He too, is a fan of H.O.T & so coincidental that I also love ice-skating. Hah! I got to say... I'm really good at ice-skating... on my butt! Haaaa...

Anyway, that's how my nick happened.
Comes about from my love affair with Kpop songs, especially H.O.T.
There's a song in one of their album titled 'Hengbok' which mean happiness in English. It's one of my favorite & when registering a nick on the internet, I love to use hengbok.
Still do as I'm quite nostalgic for those happy carefree crazy days.
Have yet to get over Korean pop songs.
Am still listening to them and they remain as my favorite songs.
I am hengbok, hengbok is me! Hengbok me Forever!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Female Spider

Pic taken at Pulau Ubin

Lethal huntress, mistress of stealth and cunning.
Among mindless insects, weave her domain.
Invisible sticky threads, she deploys.
Patiently she waits, careless victims will fall.
Unwary preys, blindly following wind currents.
Deadly threat, oblivious to them all.
Blunder into her trap, none will escape.
Slowly she creep, poison fangs stab.
Consume without mercy, satisfy her needs.
Hunger for more, gay colors she displays.
Coy she pretends, horny playboys she attracts.
Trustingly they approach, consummate they want.
Unsuspecting they are, poor flirting males.
Devour their spirits and empty their souls, she will.
Beware of the predator in the web.


Just watched the movie titled '300' last weekend.
It was a stunning, awesome, amazing & incredible experience.
Ok, I knew that the movie wasn't historically accurate even though I'm no history student.
Don't think the director is going for historical accuracy anyway.
History lesson: The Battle of Thermopylae happened at around 480 B.C.
Xerxes's army didn't have calvary (it wasn't invented at that time), or that silly looking rhino nor the elephants.
The Persian Immortals did not wear those evil-looking masks.
C'mon, it's the Bronze Age, you know?
They don't have iron yet & no factory stamping out those identical masks.
Everything at that period were mostly handcrafted.
King Xerxes simply can't equip his 10,000 elite troops with that much metal masks!
Btw, Xerxes doesn't look gayish like in the movie.
It wasn't only the 300 Spartans that sacrificed to delay the Persian army.
King Leonidas also had with him, 700 Thespian volunteers & they too, fought to the death.
I have to mention those brave Thespian as a respect for their valor as these poor guys are being excluded in the movie. End of lesson.
There're many more inaccuracy, but despite that, it is still a great movie.
I was truly inspired by it. Blown away by those Spartans.
Love the way the Spartans are portrayed in the movie.
Not that I admire their biceps or masculine bodies.
But more in awe by their battle formation which incidentally was, at a later age, copied & refined by the Roman army which used this tactic to conquered half of Europe, hence jump start European civilization.
It's their spirit of honor, bravery & fearlessness that I'm overwhelmed by.
Their courage to stand against massive odds thrill my heart.
Their willingness to die for what they believe in, sexicted my soul.
No Mercy! No Pity! No Fear! No Retreat! No Surrender!
They're my heroes! They are magnificent! They are men of men!!!

Many here consider this movie as too violent, too bloody & gory.
In the cinema, when the fighting started, I heard whinings & gasps from guys!!! If you are a girl, I won't blame you. It's acceptable for girls to be soft, but GUYS?!?!
In our new age sensitive mentality, we have too many wimpy softies mother-pet guys. Products of a deteriorating society & over-protective mothers who think it's right for their boys to be soft & toughness is a sin, is barbaric.
Nowadays, I'd heard many tales of NS guys die during 2.4 km run or some toughness tests. Even with the cut-down semi-tough training in our NS now, you wimps still can't take it?
What we have here are mostly no-substance behind-the-monitor internet heroes. Too many people here live in illusion in this frog-in-the-well fairy tale pampered condition.
Where's the 'Men don't cry tears, only breed blood' thingie?
Girls now prefer sensitive, cutie, softie crying guys...
Am not interested in these type of guys!
Wimps! Stand aside please! I have no use of you!
Sorry, respect cannot be demanded. It has to be earned & I'm not your pampering mother!
People may think I'm weird or mentally deranged.
I don't have to respect their opinions & will stand by my point of view regardlessly.
We are Spartans.... NOT!!!

Cute Bikes!

Came across 2 cutie bikes while walking around town.
I don't normally admire bikes or cars for that matter.
Knew guys love to impress girls with their cars, but I won't give a damn.
Bikes, I'd been pillion by people a couple of occasion.
Not that I scorn on bike, but don't really like the exposed feeling.
Worse is, my hair kept flying untidily!
And I can't wear my micro-mini skirts... will really be exposed like crazy! Then I'll be fine by traffic police for being a traffic hazard! Heeheehee...
Nevertheless I have this thing for small cute bikes.
Wish I could ride one, but me too short & small size to pass the licence for it. Then again, even if I have a bike licence, think I will be scare shitless on the road! Not to mention my mom & dad will go nutz over my seemly ruthless act.
Ok... but that doesn't stop me from going shining eyes over small cute bikes.
My favourite is the old Honda Monkey... oh never mind about that.
These 2 I saw are cute enough.
This one look so retro! Think it's a Vespa.
With leather seats & wait a minute... is that a spare tire in front?
What really caught my eyes is there's a wicket basket attached behind!
The owner is so innovative.
Whoever will think of attaching a wicket basket on a bike?!?
Wonder what will happen when it rains... The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Along the same stretch of road is this mini chopper.
Most choppers will be too high for me.
I will topple off when stop at traffic junction!
This sexy red mini chopper will be just nice for me.
My feet will be able to reach the ground. Yeah! The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Sigh... alright, no motorbike for me. How about bicycle then?
Used to love cycling when I was younger & tomboyish.
Had 2 bikes at home, but now are as out of shape as owner me.
Some time last year, went for a rent-a-bicycle ride at East Coast Park.
My rusty biking skill cause me to fall off at... what... 5 kph?!?
Handle bar was twisted around 180º by the fall.
I was more embarrassed than hurt!
Think I'm going to cycle more to get back in shape!
Gonna use sunblock as my tender fair skin can't take the sun anymore.
Hmmm... getting more soft & girlish the older you get, girl?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Lonely Soft Toys

Being not really a typical girl, I've never like soft toys.
Even in my younger days, I prefer to play with boy toys.
Still, I accumulated a few soft toys in my life. None bought by me.
All given to me by my parents, relatives or friends who deem that a girl must like them.
Whenever I received one, I will carefully keep it away cover with plastic.
Remember queuing at McDonald's for Hello Kitty toys?
Among my girl friends, I'm the only one whom didn't went crazy over them.
What I have were bought by my mom or friends who crazily queued over night.
All of my soft toys are still in storage, like lonely souls in the closet.
Poor soft toys. No one play with them or loving them.
Anyone wanna buy them off me? Adopt them into a loving home?
Lelong! Lelong! Soft toys for sale! Cheap, cheap only! Heeheehee...

Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

The only soft toy that I keep around me is this penguin.
It came with the mini water dispenser that I bought recently.
I'm quite taken by it's cute tubby look with it's black, white & yellow colors.
Love to squash it out of shape. Took a few pix of it when it's squashed to made this cute little animated gif for my handphone wallpaper.
My dancing Penguin! The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Yummy! Yummy!

Salmon sashimi with wasabi is my favourite food!
These are bought by my mommy for my dinner this evening.
Whenever I ate at Japanese restaurant, often will order salmon.
Then again, wish it wasn't so expensive here.
Been to Japanese restaurants in Malaysia & Thailand.
So much cheaper! Can eat to my heart content. Heh...

Captain La Femme Nikita!

Forgotten I had this pic. Now then post up. Hee...
Visited Vivo City last year, Dec. 31, 2006.
It was quite late in the evening on New Year Eve.
Saw this grand old sailing ship park by the wharf.
She's the Götheborg from Sweden on a trade & diplomatic visit.
Try to get onboard, but no visitors allowed.
By the look of it, they're holding a private New Year party onboard.
There's a huge sign hanging from it's center mast with the words 'Happy New Year'.

What a disappointment!!!
I wanna see what's onboard a real sailing ship.
Very few of them left in the world.
Love the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.
Wanna feel what its like to be Captain Jack Sparrow on the Black Pearl raiding the Spanish Main!
Hoist the Jolly Roger! Ready the cannons!
Prepare boarding party, me hearties!!!
Think I'll look cool as a female pirate! Le Femme Captain Nikita! Hahaha...
Oh well, at least I get to see a real sailing ship.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I feel the earth move under my feet.

Tremors felt
Earth moved
Building sway
Giddy I felt
Momentum panic
Hormones reacted
Sexcited I get

It was the first time I've ever felt an earthquake!
Was just after lunch time. Got rather excited.
Told my colleagues, but none would believe.
Said that it was cause by the renovation upstairs.
They are convinced only when news spread like wild fire.
What a sensational feeling! My world wobbled for 2 seconds!
Whee~ The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Redforum Outting

We came from a galaxy far, far away(another forum) looking for a lost civilization of mankind. A place where men are still monkeys & women are sex goddesses. We founded Redforum. On this day, was one of the 1st outtings we ever had in Redforum.

2004.02.02, we had our 1st loh hei at some kopitiam.

2004.04.03, we had another gathering at Marina South having steamboat.

2005.05.18, it's our Mister Hard-2-Get AhDot叔叔’s Birthday.

2005.06.16, sharky had a lucky strike and we got a treat at Yan's Palace.

2006.02.08, we had our 2nd loh hei at Mouth's Restaurant.

(oh my! Look at how scrawny I was.)

2007.03.03, we held our 3rd loh hei at Mouth's Restaurant again.

Through the years, Redforum outtings has been improving from a kopitaim & gradually to restaurants. What's next? A first class hotel ballroom Dinner & Dance? The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

At the restaurant, after our chattering & laughter were causing distress to both staffs & patrons alike, we got out before we were thrown out.
Wandered around seeking for a reasonable place for both smokers & non-smokers' butts to rest on, to have some drinks, start erratic topics which jump from one to another - never ending, causing happy tears & hysterical laughters.
In our continual travelling at ChinaTown, we came across this lion dance troupe. A strange sight indeed. What would be your immediate reaction when you see an AngMo Lion Dance Troupe that came complete with a dog? A Golden Retriever... we wondered what it's role will be? To retrieve stray Ang Baos?

After which, we moved on to Wu Bar to chill out with some new addition, but also missing a few.

Ha! I looked rather tipsy there with 2 reddish ang ku kuah cheeks! Am I cute?

1 of the songs sang at Wu Bar: 1 million (一百万)

Oh! Before I forget, let me introduce you to our beloved Mrs. Moi San!

Although Chinese New Year is over, but still...


Location: Cecil Street, Singapore.
Time: A lovely windy Sunday morning.
Spotted this giant spidy on the my way back to office.
It's had build a huge web stretching from a lamp pole to a palm tree.
Had a hard time trying to get a good shot of the spidy as the web was swaying in the strong wind.
After I downloaded the pix, I noticed there's a smaller spider at it's side.
Searched the internet for info on this spidy.
Yeah! It is a female Golden Orb Web Spider!
The smaller one is the male.
Those markings on her body are real cool!

I am a Spider, Spidy I am
Long tortured journey made
Stranger in a strange city land
Building wavy tricky web
Trapping weak & wimpy men
Snag them for the sun to bake
Lost souls I will hang
No remorse non hate
I am a Spider, Spidy I am