Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dunking Girl

Saturday, 23rd Feb. 2008, Palawan Beach@Sentosa.
One of my ex-school mates who now works in an event company as an event organizer, called up last week. Want me to help out in one of her events. Ok... extra income, why not? As what? A dunking girl, she said. A what? She replied "You know those game at funfair? Pretty girl sit on a platform. People throw at target. If hit, you get drop into water." Eh... not throw at me hor? "No... aim at target only." I was thinking about bobo kings. "Be there at 8.30 am." A little too early for me on a weekend! Oh, never mind, let's give it a try. She got her dunking girl. xD

So, I went Sentosa seven early, eight early on Saturday morning. On the way to Palawan Beach, saw a cute squirrel coming out as early as me. Early squirrel gets the nuts, eh? =P

Palawan Beach & early squirrel in da morning

The event which my friend's company organized is a family day fun fair kinda event for a company called Applied Biosystem.

Event Venue ~ Palawan Beach

Much fun & games for the company's employee & their family.

Games & Prizes

Cool Assassin, Remorseless Killer & Bobo King

Many performances on stage. Hip-Hop dancing, acrobats from China doing juggling & balancing acts, magician entertaining children. Off stage, happy kids got balloon figures made by a clown.

Hip-Hop, Balance Acts & a Clown

And of course, the Dunking Tank... with the dunking team. xD

Dunking Partners

Ready to be dunked! ^.^

They came, they tried... with all sorta aiming styles.

Miss! Naninani poopoo... =P

Most missed, but when they're on target...

Bullseye! SPLASH! xD

Lost count of how many times I'd been dunked into the water. One fellow was so flustered that he missed with 2 tries. He cheated on his third try... used a beach ball instead of the given small sand bags! *@&#$!^@%:(*#&!!!* Grrrrrr.... BLOODY CHEATER!

In the afternoon, 2 groups of guys had a beachball match. Losing team get dunk... 6 of them dirty & sweaty guys using our dunking tank! o.O"

One of the members from the losing team

After they're done, the water was so dirty & murky that I ain't going back in! Have to remember that if I'm to be a dunking girl again, better make sure no one is allowed to use the dunking tank until the event is over! Anyway, the event was winding down... ended at 2.30 pm. Went to changed & saw a peacock perched on the tree by the female toilet... wth?!?

Peeping Tom Peacock!

Had a fun-filled day & getting paid for it. Not bad at all. Quite fun getting dunked into the water. Any pretty girl wanna be my dunking partner for the next event? =P

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Botanic Garden

Come walk with me
Into the realm of greenery
Discover a wilderness
Strange plants, weird beasts.
Drop your concrete jungle soul
Fire up your imagination
Mundane tasks on hold
Roam in the forest of fantasy.
Hey, I know it's just the Botanic Garden, but with my high heels, that's enough rough going! xD

Screaming scarlet, blazing yellow
Flowers of psychedelic colors
Oh, my tearing eyes hurts!
Fruits with beak, little fat birds
Pink cranberry say hello
Water the cactus tomorrow

Fanciful Kingdom of Plants

Scare a squirrel out of a tree
Kingfisher laughed, lizard is geek
Bumble bee pixie, dragonflies fairy
Tortoise wobble, swan swim
Panda in the bamboo greens
Don't shoot! It's me!
I do look like a panda if I'd not enough sleep. xD

Playful Kingdom of Animals

Tired legs, weak knees seek welcoming worn-out bench

Bench of Restfulness

Love notes crafted on cactus by naughty hands

Tattoos of Love Cactus

Ugly duckling charming bashful swan

Destiny Swan, New Hope, Wind of Change

Across the enchanted lake

The Swan Princess behold!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Lunar New Year at Chinatown

This year, the Chinese New Year falls on the 7th of Feb. Chinatown is the place to go if you wanna get all those new year goodies. You can get them very cheaply if you're able to wait till the 30th night or after midnight when every stalls will drop their price drastically. You have to be willing to face the crowd too. As usual, Chinatown is 'dress up' to welcome the new year.

Main road of Chinatown

Traditional displays

I dunno what's with all those Disney's characters doing as displays for Lunar New Year. It seems to me that for many years, Disney's cartoon characters has been in use for displays as Chinese New Year characters. More original ideas please? Mickey Mouse... well ok, this is the year of the Mouse or rather Rat anyway, but what's with Donald Duck, Goofy & Pooh Bear?

Modern Chinese New Year displays?

Chinatown, image of mostly traditional Chinese art & craft stalls, old folks who stay there all their life, drinking Chinese tea while playing Chinese chess or enjoying wayang(Chinese opera), normally a place for tourists to soak in the traditional Chinese atmosphere.

Images of Chinatown

When Chinese New Year draws near, the place receives a sudden spurt of brilliant red & gold decorations. More stalls lines the roads. Many streets are closed to traffic. Then the invasion begin! Local Chinese swamp the area, like salmons returning to their birth place or lemmings migration cycle.

Red Lanterns hanging in the air

Streets closed, crowded everywhere

Almost every stalls sell Chinese New Year goodies. Red for Prosperity!

Lucky deco to bring fortune

It's the year of the Mouse... eh... Rat!

What's Chinese New Year without firecrackers?!? Oh well... they're banned long ago, so substituted with...


Flowers for Lunar New Year? Bright red, pink or golden ones! =P

Artificial flowers

Natural flowers

If you're a true blue... erm, golden Chinese, fruits of luck & prosperity in your home for Chinese New Year is a must!

Kumquats, Mandarin Oranges, Pink Pomelos, Golden Pumpkins...

Cakes, sweets & cookies? Yummy! xD

New Year Cakes, Cookies & Sweets

Traditional Chinese tidbits & takeaway Yu Shang(raw fish)

There will be a frenzy of choosing, bargaining, buying & squeezing through the thicken-by-the-minute crowd all the time.

Buy, buy, buy!

And come the 'traditional' long dragon-head-cannot-see-dragon-tail sorta queue at your favorite Bak Kuah(BBQ sweet meat) stall. Sweated at the thought of queuing for so long even though I love to eat Bak Kuah. Asked my mom go queue the dragon! Heehee... xD

Queuing for Bak Kuah

Nightfall at 30th night. Displays are lighted up all over Chinatown. Stages are set up, preparing to welcome the new year.

Lighted displays at Chinatown

Bright lanterns lines the streets

And the buying frenzy got even frenzier, prices are dropping by the hour. The crowd got thicker, louder, crazier! Luckily I didn't get crushed much as my big bad pet monster is good at bashing through crowd. =P But The Noise was unbelievable & how many armpits I smelled?!? I'm drowning in a sea of smelly armpits! Need to grow taller or get higher heels! xD

Price dropped, buy more!

Yellow Wig sing-song his sale pitch

'God-of-Fortune' manning his lucky charm stall

Somehow, managed to get pics of myself with some of the displays & stalls. Think it's easy being a poser cam-whore in that crowd? =P

Bright Red for Prosperity!

Laughing Buddha, Fortune Kumquat & Lucky Lion

Painted Hu Lu(Bottle Gourd/Calabash), Kumquat & Candy!

Lunar New Year Lucky Deco

Squeezing through crowd made me hungry...

German Hotdog & Turkish Ice-Cream... Yummy!

Saw a God of Fortune giving away Hong Bao(Lucky Red Packet).

Benevolent God of Fortune giving Hao Pao

Couldn't get within distance to grab one. I'm too short! Little hamster with short hamster hands! Can't fight the jam of people trying to get those Hong Bao! My big bad pet monster who is not short, in fact taller than most people in the crowd, reached in, grabbed a Hong Bao & grabbed me out of the crowd too! Wheee... Got my Hong Bao! My first Hong Bao of the new year & from the God of Fortune! Lucky, lucky me! xD

Hong Bao from the God of Fortune!

What a night! For many years, I don't dare go to Chinatown on Chinese New Year's eve coz of the crowd. Even though I survived this year's mad-crowd Chinatown, we didn't stay for the countdown as roads were closed off to traffic. MRT was super crowded. Bus services were diverted. So we left at 11 pm. Got away before the crowd disperse after midnight. Don't want to repeat the nightmarish transportation ordeal which happened to me on this year's New Year's countdown at Esplanade's waterfront.

Note: More pics of Lunar New Year at Chinatown in my album.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lunar New Year 2008

Wishing One and All:

Gong Xi Fa Cai Everyone!
May all your dearest wishes come true.
May the new year bring you and yours, good luck, health & fortune.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Lovely Figurines

2nd Feb 2008 - Went to my favorite anime/gashapon shop, Latendo at Leisure Park Kallang to buy some figurines. This is the 2nd time I'd been there since they moved from Sunshine Plaza. It's a little out-of-the-way, but their shop is much more spacious & has better displays now.

Me outside Lantendo

The very 1st item I saw when I stepped into the shop is this big scale figure of Rei Ayanami from EVA. Beautiful sexy Rei, my favorite anime character! Of course I'd to buy her! She's mine, mine, MINE! Hmmm... if there's a cos-play outfit like hers, I want one! =P

Sexy... drool... xD

Other than sexy girl figures, I also collect miniature scale weapons, especially guns. I love BIG guns! So I couldn't resist buying this set of bazookas too...

1/6 scale Big BadaBOOM! xD

After Latendo, I went to China Square Central. Along the way, at South Bridge Road is a small anime shop where I bought a Mashimaro soft toy. Generally, I don't go for soft toys, don't like most of them anyway, but I love this Mashimaro. Now, in addition to my only 2 other soft toys, a panda & a penguin, comes this cuite Mashimaro. xD

Cutie Mashimaro still in its plastic cover

Also bought some other gashapon figures in that shop & some from shops in China Square Central. Since I'm not a fan of any anime, except for Rei, I just buy what fancy me, not coz of the anime. Usually I prefer buying singles instead of the full set coz most times, I only like 1 or 2 in a particular set. Unlike most typical anime fans/collectors, I don't even know what characters I'm had in my collection or from which anime they're from. So my collection is a potpourri of various anime characters mixed up together. =P

2 anime girl gashapons

I love Hentai girls figures! Haha... naughty me! Many local guys will be shocked by my proclamation, but who cares... at least I'm not pretentious. I am what I am & not a hypocrite! Why can't a girl like hentai? Well... maybe I'm not a 'normal' typical local girl. I'd watched a few hentai & have quite a number of hentai figures in my collection. =P

My latest acquires of Hentai figurines xD