Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Memory of Nancy Pribonic

A tragedy occurred in the Flickr community yesterday. Flickr member, Nancy Pribonic had passed away, knocked down by a drunken driver. I learned of the sad news when my Thai sister, Namtip, a Flickr member, informed me after she was told by her Flickr friend, Ed_X. Namtip was shocked upon learning of the tragic accident because she was putting comments in Nancy's pics when it happened. I wrote to Ed & he confirmed Nancy's sad fate, writing back to me half an hour before his flight to attend Nancy's funeral. Nancy was a special friend to Ed in Flickr. He was on the phone with her 15 ~ 20 minutes before the accident happened. The police called Ed to check for Nancy's info as his was her last received call.

A few years ago, I joined Flickr & it's a wonderful community. I'd made a number of good friends & even acquired a sister. We had lots of fun exchanging comments in each other pics & even running photo groups. In Flickr, we always try to help & support each other. Isn't that what friends are for? I am not exactly a photographer, only using a little point & shoot. Nevertheless, my Flickr friends always have nice comments and/or encouragements for my works. Bless their soul! I really appreciated their kind words. Here are some of my closest friends & sister in Flickr:

Namtip(My Thai sister)
Tata aka Ting Hay

My apologies if I didn't list some of you guys coz it's simply not possible to as currently, I've nearly 900 contacts in Flickr.

Even though Nancy is not in my contact list, I can relate to her as she's a fellow member of the Flickr community. By looking at her works & comments in pics by others, including Namtip's, she is a nice, decent & talented person. She is so young, so lovely with so much potentials in life. Before her untimely death, Nancy had a bright future, attending law school & modeled to pay for her education. It's such a pity I didn't get to know her earlier. Wish I did. =(

This needless lost reflected the fact that accidents do not happen, stupidity does! I had hesitation in putting this up, but I'm so angry at that idiotic irresponsible driver & so sadden by the lost of an innocent. Why is it that it's almost always that the innocents suffer & those stupid showoff jerks behind a vehicle, a deadly weapon, get away harmless? How can people be so irresponsible & how many times must they be reminded not to drink & drive! If you harm yourself when you're irresponsible, I don't give a damn, but please please do not harm others!
Please pardon my rant, but life is so unfair sometimes! But there's only so much one can do... to stop the tide of darkness & stupidity. This also reminded us how life is so previous. The light seems to be dimmer without Nancy's bright presence. It's a sad day for me in Flickr. She will be dearly missed. =(

This pic is specially dedicated to Nancy Pribonic in remembrance.

My deepest sympathies & sincerest condolences go to her family & all those who know her.
May her soul rest in peace. 27th April 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Gratitude

In my previous entry, I put up an appeal for help for a dear Thai friend of mine, Namtip, who was in serious trouble. She is still having some problems, but complete disaster had been avoided with the help of many generous people. At least, for the moment, she has some hope & able to smile a little now. This 'A Cry for Help' was also done up as a pic in my Flickr album.

A Cry for Help

I'm very gratified that many of my friends answered this call for help. This entry, as my sincere heartfelt appreciation, is dedicated to those wonderful kind-heart souls who had so generously contributed & those who had pledged their continual/future support. Many thanks for putting back the smile on my friend's face! =D

From Flickr(by alphabetical order):
Andrew Morris, LaBlueEyes - England, UK

Andrea Raviglione, aikidude - Italy

Boris Mitendorfer, Sharky_MB - Slovenia

Colin Restall, 神酒 Coal - Japan

Fabian Blandford, fabianfred - UK/Thailand

Frank Keffel, mank0702 - Germany

Gonzalo Mayo Awad, GonzaloHM - Spain

Ken Liljegren, aklilje - Denmark

Lloyd Barnes, Kalamankia - Canada

Paul Proctor, Vanpaul2 - USA

Robert Davis, Shiroi - USA

Teban Simmons, Asian Infatuation - USA

William Johnson, Apex Fine Art - USA

From online forums which I had posted:
Ler Gary - Singapore
Dennis C. - Singapore
S. K. Heng - Singapore

Some of these warmhearted people did not just stop at donating cash or helpful items, but had done more by spreading the words around. They had done so by using my pic/texts from Flickr. My sincerest thanks goes out to these outstanding friends for their wonderful support!

From Flickr:
Oddess, Oddess - Italy/Philippines

Ling Ling, LyLyn - Italy/Philippines

Teban Simmons, Asian Infatuation - USA

Frank Keffel, mank0702 - Germany

There are some whom under certain circumstances couldn't contribute in material sense, but still, their well wishes & thoughts are also greatly appreciated. Here's to a marvelous quote: "To have great friends, you have to be a great friend to others first." All those people mentioned here, without exception, are Fantastic Friends with remarkable soul!
Therefore, on behalf of Namtip & me, THANK YOU!
Wishing all of you Great Karma for the rest of your life & beyond!

In Gratitude

Note: I hope I did not leave out anyone who had contributed. If I did, please accept my sincere apologies & kindly contact me so I can rectify my mistake.
Any contributions after this entry will be updated in the list above.