Friday, August 17, 2012


Sunday, 29th July & 12th Aug, 2012 ~ When a former colleague offered me a chance to try wakeboarding for free, I jumped at it. Had not done this sport before & to date, still a noob, having done it only on 2 occasions. Early Sunday morning, we boarded the boat at Marina Country Club located at Ponggol.

WakeBoarding Boats


WakeBoarding Buddies - Me, Mary & Stella

I love going out to sea...

2 Cute? =P

We travelled to a sheltered stretch of water just off Seletar Island. On the way, we passed by a kelong, which is sort of a surprise. I though they don't exist in Singapore anymore.

A Kelong

Am I ready to wakeboard? You bet I am! =P

WakeBoarding Anticipation!

We let Stella takes the first turn.

Stella WakeBoarding

Me Watching Stella

My guy had told me that I wouldn't have much problem with wakeboarding as I'm quite a sporty girl. Well, I did manage to get up & stay up on my first attempt, but hanging on for long is another thing. Little Hamster is weak in arm strength!

Getting Ready

WakeBoarding Hamster! =P

Noob WakeBoarder =P

Managed to hang on longer on the second occasion, but when encountering rough water or another boat passing by, this is what will happen to nooby me...



Watch the videos of my wakeboarding noob actions. =P


Hamster's WakeBoarding Experience

How's My WakeBoarding Skill? =P

Actually, the people in the group whom I am with, are all new to this sport. All had just taken this up recently & still learning. Among us girls on the boat, Mary is the best at this sport.

Mary Riding The Board

Watching Mary

Stella's husband, Rainven, is a new enthusiast of wakeboarding.

Enthusiastic Rainven

And we were clowning around while Stella was filming her husband's wakeboarding actions.

V For VakeBoarding? =P

I love it so much & having so much fun wakeboarding that I think I'm hooked! So, who wanna join me for wakeboarding? Trust me, it's not very difficult. xD

Before anyone ask about wakeboarding in Singapore, please be inform that I'm a noob at this. All I know are:
1: There are a few wakeboard operators in Marina Country Club located at Ponggol 17th Ave.
2: Boat rental rates are about S$100 ~ S$150 per hour. Rental rate includes the driver cum instructor & all necessary equipments, including life vests & wakeboards.
3: Please click the links below to contact them for more info.

Edge Wakeboarding:
Absolute 7 Watersports:

Info & prices listed above are accurate as of 2012. And no, I'm not their staff or promoter & do not collect any commission. The links are just a friendly service from yours truly.