Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Cry for Help!

Dear Friends, this entry is put up as an appeal, a cry for help.
A dear friend of mine is in her greatest moment of need in Thailand, Land of Smiles as it is known. However, my friend by the name of Namtip, a member in Flickr, is not smiling lately due to a series of unfortunate events that befallen her. The most recent of those sad experiences occurred just a few days ago. Her father had a serious illness & was hospitalized. They are a very poor family which can't afford much, definitely not the hospital bill which will incur with long-term treatment & hospitalization. Due to his illness, her father had lost his job. Her mother is partially blind, helpless. There's no social welfare in Thailand. Now, in order to lower their cost of living, to survive, her parents had given up their home in the city & moving back to the village where they were born. Poor fragile Namtip, now as her family sole bread winner, will be left alone in the city to cope by her own. She can't go back to the village as there's no job, no future there. She is currently working as a assistant photographer in a studio. Her pay is very low & within this year, she has to pay back in monthly installments, her educational loans which is not a small sum. All those recent ordeals had left her with very little money even for food. And now, without a house of her own, she has to bear an additional burden of monthly rental. Her situation is actually more grave than what she is willing to tell as she does not want people to pity her. This brave girl has a dream, a dream which she shares with another friend who is also an assistant photographer. Their dream is to operate a studio of their own & now, that dream together with her life, was completely shattered.

Read about Namtip's trouble in her blog:

One of my motto in life is always try to spread-the-joy. Help those who are less fortunate & who are worthy of help. When I see a good friend in trouble or in sadness, I cannot help but feel their pains. There are already too much sadness in our world. Help spread the happiness! Help someone worthy to realize their dreams. Help them overcome their predicaments. I do it not for any benefit nor reward, but for the satisfactory of seeing more happiness occurring in our world. To bring light when there is darkness. The greatest achievement for anyone should be, to be a better human being. The world will have much lesser trouble.
There is this famous quote: "To have great friends, you have to be a great friend to others first." and this is what I strongly believe in. You can call me naive, idealist or tell me I will be easily cheated, but I assure you, I'm no fool either.
Namtip is a very nice decent girl with a beautiful soul. Do not judge her by her pics. That would be very misleading. I had already done whatever I could to help, but I fear it wouldn't be enough as I'm not well off either. I truly hope that there are more understanding & kind-hearted people out there who are willing to help.

So kind ladies & gallant gentlemen, if you are able to, please, I beg you, on behalf of Namtip, I implore you to help her in her greatest moment of need.
What she needs most now is money which can be donated at her site:

The site is put up with the help of another good friend.
Click on the 'Donate' button & key in whatever amount you're comfortable with.
You'll need a PayPal account for this.
Any amount will do. Even if it's just a dollar, we will be very grateful!
May you have great Karma & Blessings in return for doing this kind-hearted act!

THIS IS NOT A SCAM! This is a genuine plead for help. I am NOT doing this for myself. I asked for nothing in return. The PayPal account which the money will be transferred to is not mine. Rather, it belongs to another of Namtip's friend who is kind enough to give it to her. If anyone needs assurance, please contact me. I'm willing to answer any reasonable question(s) you might have regarding this issue.

Many heartfelt thanks in advance!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Zombie Nation!

Greetings! I'm a Confused Platypus & this is my story...

Little Confuse Platypus

I'm confused coz I dunno what to make of myself. Am I a duck, a reptile or a mammal? Other than being confuse, I'm quite harmless, a free & cheerful soul. Love to roam the wilderness, smell the flowers, eat fruits, have fun & above all, be free.

Born Free

Problem is, there are lots of zombies at where I live. Brainless, unimaginative, shallow & narrow-minded froggies-in-da-well who just love to poke their smelly noses into others' business, condemning those who would not conform to their ways. Always imposing their crappy ideals & perspectives on those who don't need nor want them. Them zombies don't understand what's called free choice, will or spirit. Therefore, anything which they don't understand, are not familiar with or outside their limited world will be treated with suspicion, criticize at, frown upon & make unfounded assumptions of. No facts or logics nor common sense here. Just blind leading the blind, where stupidity & cowardice are admired. With so much info on the web, these zombies persisted in remaining clueless, refusing to evolute, always thinking their ways are the best for all. They wouldn't leave me alone, labeling me as a freak, trying to confine me & my lifestyle. Even with ample proof, they can't even get my gender right! I'm being disliked, outcasted coz they can never understand me. This is a world of idiocy known as Zombie Nation, where I'm a weirdo instead of them.

Stranded in Zombie Nation

They of the brand of wussy clones, with their cowardly ways of hiding behind anonymity, bravery in numbers, they captured & caged me. However, as with their body, mind & soul, their cage is weak. I escaped.

Captive Escape

There's no stopping me! I ran till I reached the sea, the sea of no mercy. The sea of tears of frustration. The angry ocean which separate the free world from this horrible land of pathetic losers.

No stopping me!

This land is an unfriendly place, a lonely place for me. I'm alone in a place haunted by zombies with a complete lack of leadership quality. A land full of idiocy, ignorance, humorless, loveless & unhappiness.

In search of love & freedom

Somehow, I'm afraid of water. Throwing caution to the uncaring wind, in despair & desperation, I jumped into the sea. Trying to cross it, swimming to a land of joy & freedom.
Suddenly, a strong current grabbed me, sweeping me under. I'm weakening, drowning. Black out, dying, welcoming death, it would be a relieve. But fate decided otherwise.... I awoke on dry land. I'm still alive!


By breaking the rules of engagement

Saved by a kindly soul, a strong-will girl, a fierce spirit as unorthodox as me. We are of matching mindset with the same kind of problems & best of all, we met on Valentine's Day! We clicked instantly. When she promised me care, love & happiness, I pledged my loyalty & companionship.

With Love & Happiness

She made a place for me in her tender heart, getting me back in the friendly sun, renewing my life with happiness, hopes & wonderful dreams.

All are Bright & Sunny!

Although we are still in Zombie Nation, I'm no longer afraid, no longer alone, no more unhappiness. We go everywhere, do everything together & takes on the world. We shall prevail & together, escape from this zombie's land.

The world is ours to take!

We as companions, will travel the free world, the real free world, not this stale & mundane one. We'll visit strange places, make friends with nice people, experience wonderful miracles & really enjoy life.

Freedom of Choice!

Together, we will fight for our dreams & desires. She is tough & I'm toxic. In combination, we are strong! We are formidable!

Handle with Caution!

And I'm no longer afraid of water coz now I've a float that fits me & I can go swimming with my friends. Swim across the ocean in search of happiness & freedom. Two concepts which zombies will never fully understand.

Floating with Bliss in Friendship

I love my companion so much! My new life will be devoted to our friendship, our hopes & dreams. Together, we shall thrive & survive!

Love & Happiness

The Happy Gang!

We are not alone. There are more of us. Who do you think took our photos? That monster behind the camera is much more terrible than you can imagine. Beware, you wussy zombies! You'll never know what's not-so-pleasant surprise might hit you. Welcome to the Real World! xD