Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

Should old acquaintance be forgot

and never brought to mind?

Should old acquaintance be forgot

and auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Again, it's the ending of another year & the beginning of a new one. May all old acquaintances be not forgotten & always brought to mind.
So, Cheers & A Happy New Year to you, my dear friends! My heart-felt thanks to all who had supported me during the years. May all your Wishes & Dreams come true in the upcoming year! Bless You All!

Warmest Regards,
Nikita Hengbok

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sundown Festival Seoul'd Out 2009

12th Dec, 2009 ~ Annyong Hasaeyo! Saranghaeyo!
Haha... that's 'Hello' & 'I love you' in Korean. Hengbok, my online nick, is 'Happiness' in Korean. It all started coz I used to love Kpop, that's Korean pop songs for those not in the loop. Beside, many mistook me for a Korean. Certain people had mistaken certain pics of me for Lee Hyori, a Korean singer. Even my dad, when saw a pic of BoA, thought it was me! xD
Anyway, my Kpop era was of the 90s' & my favorite group was H.O.T. Favorite singer is BoA. I used be fanatic over them, collecting all their albums, MTV & concerts. However, my interest in Korean music had waned as I don't quite like the new changes in Kpop.
Then out of the blue, Jan, one of my FaceBook friend, a German guy working for a company based here, contacted me, asking would I like to attend the Sundown Festival Seoul'd Out 2009 at Fort Canning? I knew about the event from the news, but had no plan for attending as there's an entrance fee. Furthermore, as mentioned, I've not much interest in the current Kpop. But Jan told me he knows the event's main organizer & can get me in for free, as VIP. So I thought, why not? =P

Sundown Festival Seoul'd Out 2009

Met up with Jan whom, beside me, brought along 2 other girls, Jae & Sha. Together, we went up Canning Hill & upon nearing the event venue... Oh my! The queue was nearly a kilometer long from the entrance! No problem, as Jan assured us that we will get in long before them. We went all the way to the front of the queue & waited for Jan's organizer friend at the entrance. Jan's friend brought us to the VIP tent nearby in which we were each given a paper wrist band & thankfully for that, we sort of 'jumped' the queue. Envied by those in the long queue we were! Heehee... =P

VIPs by default xD

Hamster celebrity @Seoul'd Out 2009 =P

I was quite surprise by the huge turnout of thousands of mostly teenage fans. Back then in my time, Kpop had only a tiny following locally compared to the more popular Jpop(Japanese pops). I had much difficulties in getting my favorite Korean music albums. Had to specially ordered from the few specialize Korean product shops. Glad to see that things had changed.

Stage Front

Kpop Fans

We settled down far from the stage, away from the crowd. Why? Because we are not exactly fans & do not want to mess with the tightly packed crowd & chiefly, Sha wanna be near the liquor tent where she intended to get drunk! LOL! =P

Preparation for drunkenness! xD

We were joined briefly by Jayce, an online friend of mine who saw me while she was queuing.

From left to right: Jayce, me, Jan, Jae with Sha in the front.

With some drinks in her, Sha was eager to learn some Korean words & I taught her a few. Only problem is, she kept forgetting. So she wrote the words on her fingers & you know what? Whenever someone who looks vaguely like a Korean passed nearby us, she would takes a quick glance at her written fingers, approach the unfortunate victim & with heavy accented or worse, complete mispronunciations, shouted "Annyong Hasaeyo!" or "Saranghaeyo!" at him/her! You should see the looks of some of those who are Korean! They dunno whether to be angry, puzzle or laugh! LOL! =P
A couple of those who Sha tried her abused Korean language on were 2 little Korean kids. They mistook us for performers of the show & not to disappoint or shatter their illusion, we took a pic with them. =P

Fan's service for Korean kids xD

Sha is such a funny fun-loving gal! She told us her survive kit consist of a toothbrush which she promptly took it out of her handbag & started brushing her teeth on the spot... with vodka! We always knew which cup is hers. The 1 with the toothbrush in it! LOL! xD
She is very mischievous too. Earlier, while waiting for Jan's friend at the entrance, we saw a fan who is holding a big placard with a cellphone number on it. Upon seeing that, Sha immediately called that number & when it was answered, she said "Hello sir, your Indian curry is ready. Please collect it." & "You ordered Indian curry, right?" OMG! We had a good laugh over that! =P

Jan was also having a fun time, drinking & making cheeky passes at a lady. So much so that the poor lady had to bring her boyfriend to show Jan that she is not available & after she caught Jan kissing Jae, game over! I guess all is fair at love & war. Back off, loverboy! xD
Truth to be told, it was all in good clean fun. Jan was just being playful & wasn't serious in making any unruly advance towards that lady.

Us with Jan's target, her boyfriend at present. =P

Later, a friend of Sha, Philip came & have a few drinks with us. He's a Serb working at a local Italian restaurant. Told us he was lured to this country by a local girl. They had broke up & he was now stuck here. Anyway, we formed quite an international group with a quiet Hamster, a spunky Indian, a cheerful Chinese, a heart-broken Serb & a rowdy German. With us gathering at a Kpop concert which almost all of us do not understand the language, making us quite the crazy bunch! xD
*If the people mentioned above were reading this entry, a personal message from me: It's a pleasure meeting you! You guys ROX!

Victory to the Crazy International Bunch! =P

And now, let the real show begin! The concert started off with some Korean cultural performances.

Korean Culture Show

Followed by a musical art performance which artists do amazing paintings in conjunction with high energy music.

The Drawing Show

Next on the list is the acclaimed JinJo Crew - B*Boy Dancers doing their highly intricate style of dancing.

Complex & gravity defying performance

After which, came on Mario& singing duet with Park Si Nae.

Singing Duo

More Kpop hits followed, sang by T-Max, an all-male trio. Guess they are very popular by the calls of encore which they obliged.

Maxing to the T

And it's the turn of the band known as F.T Island to belt it out.

Korean Rock & Roll?

Finally came what I'd been waiting for! A group which I have a little idea about regarding the current Korean pop music scene, the immensely popular Brown Eyed Girls! They consist of a quartet of pretty girls singing hybrid Hip-Hop music. Even though I might not have much interest in the current Kpop, I definitely loves seeing pretty girls performing on stage! =P

The Brown Eyed Girls

Seoul'd Out? Judging by the crowd, the concert was a sold out. It was quite an refreshing experience for me as well, a nostalgic link to my early teen years when Kpop rulz! xD

Fort Canning sang to the sound of Kpop

I didn't stay for the ending of the concert. Jan, Jae & Sha had left before the last performance. And I do not want to rush out with the crowd, so I left after watching some part of the Brown Eyed Girls' performance.
Before that evening, I'd planned to meet up with Nath at the SupperClub which is quite near to Fort Canning. We took a stroll as the night was cool & the X'mas street displays is nice to look at too.

X'mas Lights

Turned out that Nath had went to a friend's birthday party & will only be back after midnight. To my disappointment, SupperClub is smallish, with a tiny dance floor & very smoky. Only thing of interest was an amateurish fire bottles juggling performance at the bar counter with some beginner jugglers burning their hands when catching the bottles at the wrong fiery end. Ouch... =P

Playing with Fire

Went outside to wait for Nath & she showed up after 1am with some friends. Together we went back inside Supper Club, this time into VIP rooms Not much happening, not my kind of music. We split soon after. What an anti-climax to the earlier sexcitement of the evening.

High & Low Cuts xD


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry X'mas 2009

Wishing all my readers A Merry X'mas & A Happy New Year!

Love came down at Christmas;
Love all lovely, love divine;
Love was born at Christmas,
Stars and angels gave the sign.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

5th Dec. 2009 ~ One of the national hobbies of Singapore is eating. Many locals love to eat. All over the country, food courts, hawker centers, restaurants & cafes are almost always crowded with diners. Inevitably, food will always be 1 of the main topics in conversations & I hate it! Eat, eat, eat makes more & more fat, overweight people. Fatso lumbering around with walking pace like snail, blocking doorways or escalators & occupying 2 seats in public transports. In clubs, I'd seen herd of dancing elephants on rise-up dance area. What a horrible eyesore it was! And horror of horrors, there were these 3 pigs squeezed into a small dance cage meant for 2 slim girls! Monstrosity! Some of those fatso love to eat & yet keeps complaining about getting fat! They don't even want to do anything about their condition or have the determination of trying to lose weight. Worse are those who consoled themselves or telling each other that it's ok to be fat & fat is cute or hot/sexy even! OMFG! Talking about taking self-denial or delusion to the highest point! Sorry, I just have to say that. Now that I got that out of my system, lets go back to food. LOL! =P

First of all, I'm NOT a 'food person'. Secondly, I rarely blog about food & this entry is NOT a review of food, just my personal experience. With food, once in a blue moon, I like to indulge myself. Of all the food, my favorite are Japanese cuisine. Sashimi being my top favorite & I love beef too! xD

My favorite - Sashimi & beef!

My favorite food is also my soulmate's choice. We had heard quite a lot about the Japanese restaurant called 'Sun With Moon' & thought we give it a try. Went to the 1 at Wheelock Place. He be my Bright Shining Sun & I'll be his Cool Darling Moon. LOL! xD
From the menu, we ordered:

Sashimi Mori

Foie Gras Lettuce (Teriyaki Foie Gras canape).

Kaki Bacon Yaki (Teppan grilled oysters with spinach & bacon).

Wagyu Karubi Aburiyaki (Grilled sliced Australian Wagyu Kalbi beef).

and for dessert, Pumpkin Tiramisu.

Had some apprehension regarding the Foie Gras. I dislike eating offal. Even the thought of eating them gives me the creeps. Was once 'forced' to eat a piece of goose liver at a business dinner in China & OMG! I nearly vomited! This time, I was persuaded by my soulmate to try the Foie Gras at Sun With Moon. Was told it would be different. When the Foie Gras came, I looked at it with utter suspicion. Seems fine. Doesn't look like the 1 I nearly vomited out. Crispy fried on top of a piece of bread & lettuce. Alright, here goes nothing...

Eating Foie Gras With Apprehension xD

Gathering my courage, I bite into Foie Gras & bravely, I managed to swallow it all even though I had to drown it with lots of ocha. Didn't really taste as bad as I had expected. LOL! =P
My soulmate told me I ought to try the French version. According to him, it taste like nothing in the world. We shall see about that. xD
Foie Gras, I might be wary about, but Tiramisu is another story. I love Tiramisu & the one at Sun With Moon didn't disappoint.

Keep away from my Yummy Tiramisu! =P

All in all, Sun With Moon was a delightful experience with great ambience & wonderful food. However, I have 1 complaint. The delicious sashimi for 2 pax is too little for the price! Only 2 slices for each of us! Simply NOT enough! I want more! LOL! xD
If it's not for the place being a little too pricey, I would like to dine there more often. xD

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Lecher & The Troll

This is a joint entry by my soulmate & me in reply to what a lying scheming troll had posted in it's blog accusing us of spreading rumors. Yes, we referred to her as 'it' or 'troll' cos she has no respect for even herself. She had lost her dignity as a human being, thus cannot be treated like one. In the beginning, we have no wish to said anything about all that had happened. However, we were forced to retaliated to protect our reputation when the guy, a lecher who was involved in the whole episode, started lying about the whole thing to a friend of mine, Felicia. I'd blocked the lecher from all my sites, so he contacted Felicia & thinking that she dunno about the whole thing, started lying to her, telling her that we were out to cheat his money. He is so stupid in not knowing that Felicia is in contact with me. My soulmate put up a pic & a write-up in his FaceBook as proof that the guy was lying.
This is the pic posted:

From left to right: Me, Felicia, the lecher, Nath & the troll.

The guy in the center of the pic is the lecher I mentioned. His name is Stavros Nicholas & this is his Flickr page:
This is his FaceBook:

After the pic & write-up was put up, the lecher stopped bothering Felicia. We let it passed as a bad experience. Now come the troll's turn, with insults in its blog. We use screen caps in case the troll delete its own entry, start denying & lie as it habitually does. It had deleted 3 blogs as far as we know cos too many people hated the troll too much due to its bad habits & characters. This is the entry that was put up. It's in 2 parts as the original pic is too big:

Please click for larger view.

Please click for larger view.

The troll name is Chua Ying Ling, the large one on the far right of the pic above. This is its blog:
If you bother to read the entries, you will notice that what's being stated, claimed, proclaimed were so contradictory. The troll is a seasoned bare-face liar, a backstabber & a schemer just to state the least of all its worst personality.

This is the whole story. The lecher, Stavros, is from San Francisco, USA. He was one of my Flickr contacts, a causal online friend. A couple of months ago, he came here to meet me. Before that, he messaged me saying he will be staying from the evening of 30th Sept & flying off on 6th Oct. He also told me he will pay for all expenses for my trouble & time for guiding/showing him around the place. He also mentioned that he loves clubbing & so I roped in 1 of my female friend, Nath, to help out coz I'm not exactly a clubber myself.
On the evening of his arrival, my soulmate & me met him at his hotel lobby. Upon seeing us, Stavros again reassured us that he will be paying for everything whenever we are with him, showing him around. He did not want to impose on us cos we are really just strangers. He also told the same thing to Nath too.
On his first night here, we brought Stavros to a club where Nath had arranged to meet us. We went in to party & the troll(Chua) was there too. Nath introduced troll to us & from there onward, troll attached to our group like a leech. Soon after, I learned from Nath that troll loves ONS(One Night Stands), especially with Caucasian. Not rumor. The troll even proudly proclaimed it in its blog.
Here's a screen cap from troll's blog:

Please click for larger view.

Despite troll's promises to itself as in its blog, it continued with its old shitty lifestyles. It claimed that was all in the past & had changed, but it's still happening in the present. Back to the story...

Upon seeing Stavros, troll commented to us that he is not cute nor handsome. Upon hearing that, I was thinking to myself, "What a cheek. She was so FAT & UGLY and yet commented so badly on Stavros who is not exactly that bad looking." Ok, never mind. I mind my own business. Over the next 4 days, Stavros paid for everything & troll stuck to us. We did not invite her, but since Stavros seem fine with her coming along, so we left that issue alone. During those time, Stavros was trying to hit on me, but I rejected his advances cos I'm not interested. He kept trying & I kept rejecting. He also tried his luck on Nath, but she too has no interest in him. Now, all this time, troll was trying to hit on Stavros despite her proclamation of him not handsome. We saw troll hugging him, kissing him, really throwing itself on him. At one occasion, the troll was using her fat body to rub against him, front to front & grabbing his head with both hands, forcefully kissing him on the lips. Troll was desperate, lusted for him. As Stavros was more interested in me or Nath, he ignored her advances at first. Who could blame him... troll is really FAT & really UGLY! On the 4th evening, after trying for 4 days which Stavros couldn't get me or Nath, he succumbed to the troll. They had sex that night. On the 5th day, we noticed Stavros reluctance to pay for many things whenever troll was around. Before this, my soulmate had paid for certain things voluntarily. We both took days off from work to show Stavros around not to mention the cab fare that costed us double returning home after midnight every night cos Stavros loves clubbing so much. When Stavros bluntly stopped paying & with troll backing him, wanting my soulmate who is the only other guy in the group to pay, we walked off. The next day, Stavros text me a lie, claiming that he is flying off now. I text back that he's lying. He tried calling me, but I refused to answer his calls. We knew it was a lie cos Stavros' schedule was fixed, not changeable. We believe troll had a hand in creating the lie. This lie was exposed when troll boasted to Nath about having dinner with Stavros on that evening at a classy restaurant. This very dinner which troll is so boastful of, is suppose to be my birthday dinner with Stavros & everyone.
The whole issue was not about troll having sex with Stavros. I couldn't care less about that. I wasn't interested in Stavros anyway. Beside, I've my soulmate already & am not a flirt. Troll apparently thought I was jealous of her. LOL! What a joke! It has no chance, like a snowflake in hell, if I am interested in Stavros!

What pissed us off is the despicable actions of the troll for its selfish greed of wanting Stavros all to itself & cut the rest of us off. The troll isn't Stavros' friend in the first place. It's an intruder who schemed from the day it met Stavros to get him for its own selfish lust without any consideration for anyone. The troll influenced Stavros not to honor our arrangement in regards to paying for all expenses so that he will use all his money on it. And Stavros was stupid enough to go along with troll's scheme. Troll's selfish motives cost me a friend, a friend not worth having anyway, but still 5 days of time, effort & money wasted! All because that FAT & UGLY BITCHY TROLL wanted to FUCK him every minute of the day & did despiteful things just to get it! Such a desperate fat slut! We wanted to put all that behind us, but the troll won't let it go by putting up an insulting entry in its blog, thus this entry comes into being with my soulmate's direct answer to the lecher & the troll:

This is Mouse writing now, same as the SiaoMouse troll mentioned in its recent blog entry.

To Stavros:
Know why I tagged you as lecher? Think I dunno what's going on during those few days? Didn't you even read Niki's Flickr profile? You're a bigger fool than I thought so. Niki & me, we're soulmate & have no secret between us. Whatever you said or did to her, she told me. Yep, she told me you wanna bring her back to San Francisco with you. She also told me you sneaked up behind her & kissed her the night the group of us were walking along the river. Oh... I saw that myself too. And the time on the dance floor, you were rubbing your groin at Niki's back & she had to begged Nath to change place with her. The way you secretly tries to hug Niki? Think I'm blind or stupid? Anyone tries to do any funny business with Niki, I can feel it. Forgotten what I'd told you in your hotel room? Think I'm lying or boasting?
At that time, Niki did not want to make a fuss cos she's a nice girl & you are supposed to be her friend, but that does not mean you can impose yourself on her, you lecher! Niki might be a little playful once in a while, but she won't go far in teasing a guy & won't even do it without me around. Remember the night when she got tipsy? When she is in that condition, she won't let any guy to come near her, except me. Niki's not the type of girl you & many people thought of as. She's no flirt. You should have paid more attention to her write-up in her Flickr profile. I'm not the jealous type. Am telling you that you did not behave like a gentleman, lying about what happened, after we had shown you courtesy. In return, you abused our trust & yet you dare lied to Felicia? No surprise you have no girlfriend at your age. And no wonder you succumbed to the troll's sexual advance. What a disgusting thought that is! You are an undignified piece of shitty scum!

To the FAT & UGLY troll:
That pic in my FaceBook was posted in response to Stavros' lies. If you had stayed silent, all these wouldn't surface. But no, you have a big ego with huge inferiority complex. Since you wanna declare war, then lets begin.
To refresh your lousy memory, lets view a few entries from your blog:

Please click for larger view.

Holy Moly, I am FAT!

Now, what did you said in your entries? You called yourself FAT & UGLY & is disgusted with yourself. Can you blame anyone who called you what you had labeled yourself? You accused us of spreading rumors? What rumor? There's no rumors, only facts! You wanna change what had happened by lying? You forgotten that we were there & there are witnesses? Do your stupid pea of a brain know what's called 'rumor'? We were stating facts! Prove it otherwise, you stupid fat troll!
You called me a tiko pek dirty photographer. Now, that's spreading rumor, unfounded allegation of me, slandering my person. What proof do you have that I'm a tiko? Did I touch you? Other than Niki, did I anyhow touch any girl? You are the one spreading rumors, troll!
Oh, you're full of shit too. You stated that you couldn't be bother about the pic I put up in my FaceBook. Why then bother to write that entry in your blog referring to that pic? It bothered you a lot, doesn't it?
You stated that FAT is HOT. Haha! Look at what you posted above? If fat is hot, why did you bother to try slim down by stating "wait for the day i become slim okay?" You should try to be as fat as possible, like a hot air balloon! Well, that's really an unfair comparison, an insult to the balloon. At least the balloon is light for its size, can float, travel silently & gracefully while you are a big heavy lump of ugly fat, loud & ungainly. Guys told you that you are hot? ROFL! What a joke! You are giving away freebies & there are many desperate guys out there. Free sex freebies? Why not? What you picked up are actually the losers, guys who were rejected by all the girls. That means you are just a trash collector. It fits your image, you know? Those guys who are willing to bed you are desperadoes. And of course any guy will tell any girl that she is hot just hoping to have sex with her. What's new? And what kind of girl goes to sleazy Thai disco regularly anyway? Only trolls who wanna get laid any which way by whatever. You are having a BIG delusion of grandeur matchable to your size & ego.
You think I am one of those little kids that you hang out with? Easily fooled & lord over? Think I didn't see through all your shallow lies? You visualized yourself as boss, but to me, you're nothing. Just an ugly kiddish troll out to do evil mischief. Think I can be blinded by your schemes? When one keep silent doesn't means one is a fool, you know? Tell you something. I dislike you the first time I saw you at Nath's birthday when you were doing the BBQ. I can read you already without even knowing you. I felt the evil in you. Wear a mask you said. Of course I did! It's for Niki's sake I did or I won't even tolerate your presence. Niki is a kind-hearted soul, always giving people benefit of the doubt & chances. She told me to back down. You will never be in the group with Stavros if I had my way & all this won't happened. And yes, the rest of the girls in that pic are angels compared to you. It's not about looks nor size, but about personality. You are a disgrace, a curse to your family, especially to your grandfather. After you told me, I'd seen pics of him. If he knew what you are up to outside your home, he will definitely gets a heart attack! Not that I wanna curse him or your family. It's you at fault. Remember my words to you in Stavros' hotel room? What I told you are not advices, but in actual fact, a warning. You blame everyone for what had befallen you, but did you remember what your brother told you? You wanna laugh at others? Take a good look at your own countless flaws first. You have more to be laugh at, loser.

Your brother's wise words to you.

You swore upon your family's name not to post up my pic. You can try post it if you dare. I'd been trying for more than 10 years proving & testing myself wrong, but it never happened. Wanna prove me wrong? Post my pic & see? I don't care if you want to accelerate the process of your inevitable downfall. Perhaps you should ask your grandpa about what I am. You dunno anything about me, nothing at all cos you have never encountered anything the likes of me. You will regret having me as your enemy, troll. C'mon, bring it on, make my day, punk!